Secret Love Affair: episodes 11 and 12

piano manThese episodes put my poor, poor heart through the wringer. (Who knew you could sob to Billy Joel?) But I learned some things. And… I think I have some valid reasons to hope for a happy ending. I mean, I’ve had reasons; I want a happy ending for Sun-jae and Hye-won and I will grab at any straw that promises me such, no matter how frail and flimsy. But I think I’ve got some valid reasons now.

But let’s save that for the end. First to the learning! Continue reading


Weekly Drama Check-in Post (no dramas!)

argh!There has been a serious gap between posts around here. Almost a full week, people! And within that time period, zero dramas have been watched by me. Insane, right? I’ve honestly been that busy. Fortunately, not in a Sisyphus at his rock kind of way; every push at the boulder brings some progress. But it’s all been very mind-sapping and I just haven’t had the attention-span necessary for even the most frivolous of dramas.

I can’t think of a time I’ve gone this long without blogging or drama-watching. Not while still at home and in possession of a working internet. So it’s been a bit strange and I’ve made a couple of observations. Continue reading

Secret Love Affair: Episodes 9 and 10

curtains photo curtains_zps7d9b9d65.jpgWell! The board has changed completely! Some motivations have become gloriously clear, while others have sunk deeper into murky. And that’s just the view from Hye-won’s head! We’re heading into the second half of the drama with the plot nicely thickened and I have no idea where we’re going to go from here. Pretty sure I’m going to love it, though. Even if it hurts. Spoilers for eps 9 & 10 below… Continue reading

Weekly Drama Check-in Post (that’s all about SLA, because seriously)

to dream...My drama-watching has been hi-jacked by Secret Love Affair and I love it! I’m constantly thinking about the episodes I’ve just seen, anticipating the episodes to come, haunting the places where people share my obsession… So. Much. Fun! I adore being this all-in on something. [No spoilers!] Continue reading

Secret Love Affair : Episodes 1-2 (ooh, this is good!)

so good!This is one of those dramas that if I weren’t live watching I’d watch it all in one go. Screw obligations and sleep and the ever-present to-do list. Just sink deep into this world and stay there until it’s done with me. If it comes anywhere close to living up to these first two episodes this drama will own me body and soul.

[Spoilers for episodes 1 and 2. Also, it’s really long] Continue reading

Weekly Drama Check-in Post (making choices)

unhappy WanLate again! I officially declare Monday a part of the weekend — problem solved. We shall speak of this no more!

On to more interesting stuff. So I finished watching both Miss Korea and I Need Romance 3 this week. (Which means my to-be-reviewed list has exploded and I need to get right on that before it gets daunting.) But it also got me thinking. Because one of those dramas tackled a thought-provoking subject with intelligence and grace and humor. And the other one revealed just how skinny Sung Joon actually is. Continue reading