Miss Korea: episodes 1-6 (re-watch first impressions)

ingenueI’ve started re-watching Miss Korea with the husband (a slow watch — we’ve been at for a couple of weeks now) and it’s been interesting to revisit how the drama began. I loved it the first go around, but watching it with someone else I have to admit… the beginning is a bit shaky.

[Mild spoilers through episode 6. I do try and keep this to first impressions, but… reader beware.] Continue reading


Weekly Drama Check-in Post (I learned something!)

knows what boys wantSecret Love Affair is still on-going, so I am still clutched tight in its over-heated grip and loving every minute of it. (I am so thrilled for Yoo Ah-in, by the way. That his last drama before Military Duty is such a gooder, and that his acting is being so well remarked on. It makes me a very happy fan-girl.)

But! Other dramas do exist and I shall babble on about a couple of them now. Continue reading

Weekly Drama Check-in Post (making choices)

unhappy WanLate again! I officially declare Monday a part of the weekend — problem solved. We shall speak of this no more!

On to more interesting stuff. So I finished watching both Miss Korea and I Need Romance 3 this week. (Which means my to-be-reviewed list has exploded and I need to get right on that before it gets daunting.) But it also got me thinking. Because one of those dramas tackled a thought-provoking subject with intelligence and grace and humor. And the other one revealed just how skinny Sung Joon actually is. Continue reading

Drama Reaction: Miss Korea

FierceI want to watch it again! Okay, the pacing fell off a bit in the last three episodes. But it erred on the side of meandering, rather than falling into chaos, so I easily forgive it. It never lost sight of its main storyline and that storyline was awesome. I cannot think of another k-drama love story that so celebrated the power and autonomy and worth of the female lead like Miss Korea celebrated Oh Ji-young.  (Lee Yeon-hee completely won me over. Her Gu Family Book outing is forgotten. I can’t wait to see what she does next.)

[edited to add: Spoilers! I spoil a whole heck of a lot below…]

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Weekly Drama Check-in Post (happy watching)

waffles!Hurray for marathons! My drama-viewing this week was very staid and healthy. I watched all of Aftermath. (A drama with really short episodes — about 8 minutes or so — and maybe ninety minutes long, total. Especially when you take out all the closing credits.) And I managed to keep up with I Need Romance 3. But, then! Yesterday, I was able to dive back into Miss Korea — which had been languishing in “I need to get back to you” land — and watched all the way up the halfway point! It was delicious. Continue reading