Weekly Drama Check-in Post (dropping dramas)

eeewwww!!!There are two ways, I’ve realized, that I drop a drama. One is very dramatic and impossible to miss. The story has managed to make me mad, it’s not worth the emotional toil involved, I declare, “I am done with you!” and there you have it. The drama is dropped. Level 7 Civil Servant was felled by that sword. So was You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin.

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A Year of K-Drama: 2013 in Review

2013 collage 2013… the year of unfulfilled expectations. But! It wasn’t as depressing a look back as I feared. Sure, the writers I expected to shine had a tendency to fall on their face, but there were some lovely little gems hidden behind the bigger names. And even those dramas that stumbled a bit in execution had a certain charm to them. Continue reading

Aaaaaand done.

l7cscredits photo ScreenShot2013-02-09at42102PM_zps61bb8c30.pngI am officially throwing in the towel with Level 7 Civil Servant. Which makes me sad on one hand — because it’s Joo Won and the premise was promising and I did laugh at times — but mostly I’m relieved. Because oh my God, the sexism!!!

Seriously, I thought I could skate  by it. It’s not like the drama was a screaming ball of misogyny or anything. But as the show has gone along it seems that more and more of its humor relies on “Oh, women… you know how they are” for the punchline. And with everything else that was going wrong (pacing, plotting, horrifically bad spy-craft that went past funny and into just plain stupid) the sexist jokes became the final grating piece of straw that finally made me bolt.

So, so long Level 7 Civil Servant. Let me know if you ever get remade. With a different writer.

Weekly Drama Check In Post

roi'smutt&jeff photo ScreenShot2013-02-18at50420PM_zpsf94b51ae.pngI’m still taking a lovely, leisurely stroll through the world of The Return of Iljimae. Watching it again, not being breathlessly pushed on by the plot, is a lot of fun. More than I’d expected it to be.

(Spoilers for Return of IljimaeFlower Boy Ramyun Shop, and Level 7 Civil Servant ep. 10 below)

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Weekly Drama Check in Post

In which I prattle on about shows I’ve been watching but haven’t felt an urge to devote an entire post too. (Those would be: Flower Boy Ramyun ShopFlower Boy Next Door, and Level 7 Civil Servant.)

First up, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop which continues to be fun and about which I’ve had an epiphany. Continue reading

Weekly Drama Check-in Post

Aaaand… it’s a routine.
fbrsafter photo ScreenShot2013-02-09at43059PM_zps6dce0e61.png

A whole lot of life stuff kept me from my drama-watching. (Really life, why you got to be like that?) So I didn’t get much viewing in. Flower Boy Next Door continues to be awesome. We’re three episodes into Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and so far the husband likes it. And Level 7 Civil Servant has managed to keep me amused.

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Weekly Drama Check In Post

(…a third such post will make this a routine…)

roikiss photo ScreenShot2013-02-02at21147PM_zps655cfcfa.png

As I wait the long, long wait for the next episode of Flower Boy Next Door (made even longer with no more Alice in Cheongdam-dong loveliness to fill in the weekend) I’m once more surprised by The Return of Iljimae‘s break from K-Drama norms.

Mild spoilers for Return of Iljimae through ep. 8 below cut

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The Weekly Drama Check-in Post

As I wait for the final episodes of Alice in Cheongdam-dong to arrive (with subs, of course …and while I’m speaking parentheticallyccdav photo 39734_zpsb1326b22.jpg — I’ve reached a point where I can write Cheongdam-dong without the usual long pause and google check to make sure I’ve spelled it right, which I find kind of cool…) Where was I? Oh yeah. So here’s what’s up in my current drama-watching life.

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