Officially declaring my “Creating Volumes” hiatus…

So obviously I’ve been a long time gone. I kept expecting to come back, to start watching k-dramas again, to start blogging again, to get back to normal. Thing is, “normal” is not going to happen. Not my previous definition of it, anyhow. (This should have been obvious but for some reason it took a while to sink in for me.)

It’s a good realization to have — that I’m seeking a new normal, I mean. It gets me moving, gives me permission to move in a completely new direction. There’s some excitement to it. An expectation of some sort of progress. But it also made me realize that I’m still a ways away from the sort of writing I’ve done here on this blog. I still expect to get back into k-dramas, again! Just, right now, for reasons I’ll admit I haven’t examined too closely, it’s not going to happen. Someday (I’m calling this a “hiatus” not a “goodbye”), but not today.

I want to thank all of you — fellow bloggers, loyal commenters, fly-by commenters, new commenters, lurkers — for the incredibly fun conversations and insights and just awesome, awesome support you’ve given me here. It’s meant a great deal. And the outflowing of care and kindness you gave me in my previous post… I was really, really touched. Thank you, guys. Seriously, thank you.

And I want to let you all know, I’ve started up another blog. It’s quieter, more personal. I’m doing a massive reorganization of my home — following the method in the book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” by Marie Kondo — and blogging about it. The blog is called A Tidy Little Journey and if it sounds like something you might enjoy, please do come join me there. (For about half a minute I considered repurposing “Creating Volumes” and doing it here. But it’s such a completely different subject and such a different tone… I’d have to destroy what I’ve built here, which I definitely do not want to do. I love “Creating Volumes” — I want it to remain the happy, shiny place it is. I want it waiting patiently for me to come back.)

So this isn’t goodbye or so long or farewell. This is see you… maybe not soon, or even next year, but someday. Someday.


Not dead, yet!

Please Stand By...Oh my gosh, it’s been far, far too long since I’ve last posted. And… it’s actually going to be a little more yet before I seriously post again. Under the heading of, “when it rains, it pours,” a family issue came up on top of all the work shenanigans. I won’t bore with details (mainly because the details are really not that exciting — nothing dramatic, just time consuming), but the key detail is this: I’m back in Kentucky.

I think the husband and I will be here, with his family, for the rest of the month. I know I won’t have any time for drama-watching, I seriously doubt I’ll have any time for posting. So the blog is on hold for the time being.

The good news is, it’s not me getting bored with either blogging or drama-watching. So once my routine goes back to normal I expect to be back with bells on — filled up full of opinions and ready to share. Until then, I’ll miss you all!

Weekly Drama Check-in Post (no dramas!)

argh!There has been a serious gap between posts around here. Almost a full week, people! And within that time period, zero dramas have been watched by me. Insane, right? I’ve honestly been that busy. Fortunately, not in a Sisyphus at his rock kind of way; every push at the boulder brings some progress. But it’s all been very mind-sapping and I just haven’t had the attention-span necessary for even the most frivolous of dramas.

I can’t think of a time I’ve gone this long without blogging or drama-watching. Not while still at home and in possession of a working internet. So it’s been a bit strange and I’ve made a couple of observations. Continue reading

Weekly Drama Check-in Post (widgets are done! ish!)

WelcomeWidgetI meant to get this out yesterday but then got into a Liebster mood and decide to let that particular bull run while it had its wind. So a day late with my big, huge (alright, alright — more technical and boring) news! I have completed the widgets lining up my sidebar! (Well… mostly. They are the kind of things that beg to be tinkered with, and I do like to tinker.) Continue reading

Even more Liebster!

Liebster AwardWhen the Liebster rains, apparently it pours! A pass-it-forward way of spreading blogging love, I was thrilled to receive one last month (you’ll find all the rules and such in that post). But I am completely touched and overwhelmed by the further nominations I’ve since  received!

It took me time to get all the questions answered, but it was so much fun doing it. I highly encourage you all to click through the links to the nominators’ blogs — because these are awesome bloggers asking me questions. If you don’t already know them, you should definitely check them out.

To the questions! Continue reading

Weekly Drama Check-in Post (busy,busy,busy)

Seriously. So busy. Not in a bad way — things are getting done. But the past month has been stuffed full and this month hasn’t been much better… It’s kind of amazing I’ve posted at all, honestly.

I say “amazing,” but in a weird way, having my off-line life so filled to the gills has made me more efficient in cranking out posts. I started this blog partially to prove to myself I had the discipline to write regularly. And I don’t want to prove myself wrong, darn it! So the postings have continued.

But there has been a price. Continue reading

Weekly Drama Check-in Post (I’m pleased!)

I feel so darn productive! It’s strange — like I’m back in that excited-doing stage that hit me when I first started the blog and all my “down-time” was devoted to tweaking and creating. I don’t know if it’s the new year, or the blog-birthday, or what — but here’s hoping the wave lasts long enough for me to get everything done!

Continue reading

Oh dear Lord, I’ve done it…

freakoutAnd the new headers are a go! And I’m kind of panicking. (There’s a reason I made one header and stuck with it for a full year.)

I’m… not sure how I like the change? I like the headers themselves. At least, I’m pretty sure I like the headers themselves? But now I’m not sure how I like them in the overall layout. This is like getting a new chair isn’t it? Suddenly you realize you need to re-do the whole room…

Ah well. I’m going to live with this for a while. See if it sticks or if more changes elbow their way into my blog layout. Apologies in advance for the visual whiplash that may occur!

First Year… and beyond!

circle flowerExactly one year and, erm… three days ago (I’m bad about anniversaries) I started this blog with pretty much zero experience and only the vaguest sense of what blogging was all about. But the discipline of posting every day was an attractive challenge. And I had a ton of opinions (and a backlog of 2012 reviews I’d written as a sort of test-run), so I took the leap.

And I’m so glad I did! Continue reading