A Year of K-Drama: 2013 in Review

2013 collage 2013… the year of unfulfilled expectations. But! It wasn’t as depressing a look back as I feared. Sure, the writers I expected to shine had a tendency to fall on their face, but there were some lovely little gems hidden behind the bigger names. And even those dramas that stumbled a bit in execution had a certain charm to them. Continue reading


Alice in Cheongdam-dong: the Review

acidd2 photo sdfs_zps7d73dd23.jpgAlice in Cheongdam-dong
(aka: Cheongdam-dong Alice)
air date: 12.01.2012 through 1.27.2013
number of eps: 16
I watched it: live

In a nutshell: This is not a rom-com. There is romance; there is comedy. But if you go in expecting a romantic-comedy of the usual order, you’ll soon find yourself lost in strange plot turns and never-before-seen character decisions. Instead, this drama dives deeply into standard rom-com myths and blows them apart. At the same time it takes a sharp, almost cynical, look at the current economic state of S.Korea and the vast, seemingly uncrossable, gulf between the haves and the have-nots. (Though, like any good story, the economic truths carry out past Korea, I would say.) I adored both the depth of what the drama was saying and also the style in which it was said. My advice? Follow the white rabbit.

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The Weekly Drama Check-in Post

As I wait for the final episodes of Alice in Cheongdam-dong to arrive (with subs, of course …and while I’m speaking parentheticallyccdav photo 39734_zpsb1326b22.jpg — I’ve reached a point where I can write Cheongdam-dong without the usual long pause and google check to make sure I’ve spelled it right, which I find kind of cool…) Where was I? Oh yeah. So here’s what’s up in my current drama-watching life.

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Apparently the “Wonderland” schtick wasn’t just a schtick…

…and I am loving it!  At least, I feel like the symbolism of Alice in Wonderland (of which there is so, so much to choose from) is being played with beautifully. Which I’ll admit I was not expecting.aliceincdd photo 28006_418362561567875_902652033_n_zpsdc35adfd.jpg

The obvious ones were there and pretty easily identified.  For example, Han Se-kyung is our innocent and pragmatic Alice who sees through the silliness and illogic of Wonderland. [Spoilers through ep. 14 under cut]

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Oh my darling dramas, I’ve missed you…

Back to watching at last! These past few weeks got a little crazy with after-holiday holidays and shows not airing (because of award shows? I think?) and I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve seen a new drama episode. I’m way behind on I Miss You and I think Can We Get Married has already finished already.  (I’ve been slow-marathoning Shut Up Flower Boy Band with the husband but, as it’s around the 3rd or 4th viewing for me, it doesn’t quite count.)

But today the fasting ends! I caught up on Alice in Cheongdam-dong.  A good choice for breaking the fast as it’s got enough humor to feel fluffy and light, but breaks enough clichés (and has a deeper social commentary, for that matter) to provide the meat.

CDAlice 10-1


Spoilers through Episode 10 below the cut

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