I Need Romance 3: (Fake it ’til you make it)

JooYeon and WanThe plot thickens! Plus, we learn some things. At least… I’m pretty sure we learn some things and it’s not just me taking a little thing and blowing it into a big thing. Which, I’ve been known to do. But, even if it is just my imagination, I feel like I’ve gotten new insight into the characters, which always makes me happy.

Spoilers for episodes 9 and 10 below…

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Drama Reaction: A Wife’s Credentials

Seo-raeGood Lord, that was a good story. Now I see why those who’ve seen it love it so strongly and urge others to give it a go. I’ll be joining that chorus. If you haven’t seen A Wife’s Credentials — hunt it down. I had to watch via dark sources. The picture was bad (small and grainy), the subbing got lazy (using, “I’m so busy,” when I could tell the character was actually listing out all the things keeping them busy), but it still managed to hit me in the heart and the gut and the head. (Spoilers through ep. 16 below.)

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Even more Liebster!

Liebster AwardWhen the Liebster rains, apparently it pours! A pass-it-forward way of spreading blogging love, I was thrilled to receive one last month (you’ll find all the rules and such in that post). But I am completely touched and overwhelmed by the further nominations I’ve since  received!

It took me time to get all the questions answered, but it was so much fun doing it. I highly encourage you all to click through the links to the nominators’ blogs — because these are awesome bloggers asking me questions. If you don’t already know them, you should definitely check them out.

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Weekly Drama Check-in Post (busy,busy,busy)

Seriously. So busy. Not in a bad way — things are getting done. But the past month has been stuffed full and this month hasn’t been much better… It’s kind of amazing I’ve posted at all, honestly.

I say “amazing,” but in a weird way, having my off-line life so filled to the gills has made me more efficient in cranking out posts. I started this blog partially to prove to myself I had the discipline to write regularly. And I don’t want to prove myself wrong, darn it! So the postings have continued.

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Answer Me: 1994 (the review)

AnswerMe1994 PosterAnswer Me: 1994 (aka: Reply: 1994)
air date: 10.18.2013 through 12.28.2013
network: tvN
number of episodes: 21
I watched it: marathon sliding into a live-watch

In a nutshell: I did not like this drama. I should have. It had everything going for it. Richly drawn characters — a fully realized world with note-perfect costuming, set-design, and music — an ensemble cast of devoted, talented actors — all anchored by a deeply compelling and quietly tender coming-of-age tale. Unfortunately, there was a schtick. Dependent on fooling the viewers, the schtick sucked up all the air in the room, undermining the overarching story and turning a touching side-story into an offensive bait-and-switch. Too clever for anyone’s good the creators of the previous Answer Me: 1997 managed to take a good idea and spoil it. Continue reading

Weekly Drama Check-in Post (dropping dramas)

eeewwww!!!There are two ways, I’ve realized, that I drop a drama. One is very dramatic and impossible to miss. The story has managed to make me mad, it’s not worth the emotional toil involved, I declare, “I am done with you!” and there you have it. The drama is dropped. Level 7 Civil Servant was felled by that sword. So was You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin.

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A Wife’s Credentials (so many feelings!)

bus stopI’ve finally started A Wife’s Credentials after hearing so, so many good things about it. I’m only up to episode 5, but so far I can see why people loved it. Its already set up an impossible conflict. I have no idea what a satisfying solution could possibly be — I love too many of the people involved. So if the story manages to end well (and the good reviews suggest is does) it promises to be epic. In a quiet, slice-of-life kind of way.  [spoilers through episode 5 below…]

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