Weekly Drama Check-in Post (making choices)

unhappy WanLate again! I officially declare Monday a part of the weekend — problem solved. We shall speak of this no more!

On to more interesting stuff. So I finished watching both Miss Korea and I Need Romance 3 this week. (Which means my to-be-reviewed list has exploded and I need to get right on that before it gets daunting.) But it also got me thinking. Because one of those dramas tackled a thought-provoking subject with intelligence and grace and humor. And the other one revealed just how skinny Sung Joon actually is. Continue reading


Drama Reaction: I Need Romance 3 (feelings are… mixed)

happinessWell, that was sweet. Not very surprising — but sweet. This was an interesting addition to the I Need Romance franchise. It was fluffy and fun and inoffensive — which made it a pleasant watch for me — but it wasn’t that deep. Or that realistic, honestly. It kind of had a Hong Sisters vibe in that the various characters were more caricature than flesh and blood. But the actors were skilled enough to keep their characters warm. So this became a lovely escape-drama. (Maybe too escapist, though? Or am I being a party pooper?)

[Spoilers through episode 16 below…] Continue reading

Drama Reaction: Miss Korea

FierceI want to watch it again! Okay, the pacing fell off a bit in the last three episodes. But it erred on the side of meandering, rather than falling into chaos, so I easily forgive it. It never lost sight of its main storyline and that storyline was awesome. I cannot think of another k-drama love story that so celebrated the power and autonomy and worth of the female lead like Miss Korea celebrated Oh Ji-young.  (Lee Yeon-hee completely won me over. Her Gu Family Book outing is forgotten. I can’t wait to see what she does next.)

[edited to add: Spoilers! I spoil a whole heck of a lot below…]

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Weekly Drama Check-in Post (widgets are done! ish!)

WelcomeWidgetI meant to get this out yesterday but then got into a Liebster mood and decide to let that particular bull run while it had its wind. So a day late with my big, huge (alright, alright — more technical and boring) news! I have completed the widgets lining up my sidebar! (Well… mostly. They are the kind of things that beg to be tinkered with, and I do like to tinker.) Continue reading

Drama Review: Medley of Youth

“Dreamy, and nostalgic, and hilariously accurate when it comes to adolescent awkwardness…”

Medley of Youth PosterMedley of Youth
aka: Adolescence Medley
aka: Puberty Medley 
air date: 7.10.2013 through 7.31.2013
network: KBS2
number of episodes: 4
I watched it: a gentle mini-marathon

In a nutshell: A lovely little drama-special that does exactly what it sets out to do. The story follows perpetual transfer student, Jung-woo, as he makes unexpected waves at the small country high school he lands in — and gets a bit storm-tossed himself. It perfectly captures that delicate and oh-so-brief period of wavering between the magic of childhood and the responsibilities of being an adult. Dreamy, and nostalgic, and hilariously accurate when it comes to adolescent awkwardness, this is one of those hidden gems you really should not miss.

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Weekly Drama Check-in Post (happy watching)

waffles!Hurray for marathons! My drama-viewing this week was very staid and healthy. I watched all of Aftermath. (A drama with really short episodes — about 8 minutes or so — and maybe ninety minutes long, total. Especially when you take out all the closing credits.) And I managed to keep up with I Need Romance 3. But, then! Yesterday, I was able to dive back into Miss Korea — which had been languishing in “I need to get back to you” land — and watched all the way up the halfway point! It was delicious. Continue reading

I Need Romance 3 (I learned something, today!)

double stink-eyeI learned two things in these episodes. First, I tried to force too much deepness into Wan in the last episodes. He really is just that sweet — “dark times” need not apply. And that’s not a bad thing! I tend to prefer characters with hidden depths, but that’s not the kind of story being told. And sometimes light and frothy is good. (I’ll admit it: the giraffe helped. A lot.)

The second thing I learned is a minor spoiler, so let me do my cut thing… [Spoilers for episodes 11 and 12 below!] Continue reading

Drama Review: Sungkyunkwan Scandal

“…a delightfully upbeat adventure tale, with a sizzling romance — and an unexpected bromance…”

Sungkyungkwan Scandal PosterSungkyunkwan Scandal
air date: 8.30.2010 through 11.2.2010
network: KBS2
number of episodes: 20
I watched it: for the third (and definitely not last) time

In a nutshell: A girl dresses up as a boy and, via a series of unfortunate events (or fortunate, depending on your point of view), winds up a student at the elite Sungkyunkwan University — training grounds for high government officials and advisors to the king. This is a sageuk-fusion drama, meaning it takes place during a historic period (the late Joseon era, in this case) but keeps a modern sensibility. Filled with all the warmth and hope of its summertime setting, this is a delightfully upbeat adventure tale, with a sizzling romance — and an unexpected bromance — to round it all out.

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