Secret Love Affair: Episodes 5-6

back hugThis show is killing me! In the best possible way! Every single time I think I know what’s coming, it throws a curve ball. Not in a gimmicky way, though. Instead the show insists on portraying its characters as actual people living in the world, not as archetypes marching through a drama. Spoilers for episodes 5 and 6 below… Continue reading


A Wife’s Credentials (re-watch thoughts)

rushes The re-watch has been so, so lovely. I pointed out the nature aspects to A Wife’s Credentials in my review post — but doing a rewatch just underlines how important it is. There are scenes were Seo-rae perfectly blends into the nature surrounding her.  [Spoilers below…]  Continue reading

Weekly Drama Check-in Post (that’s all about SLA, because seriously)

to dream...My drama-watching has been hi-jacked by Secret Love Affair and I love it! I’m constantly thinking about the episodes I’ve just seen, anticipating the episodes to come, haunting the places where people share my obsession… So. Much. Fun! I adore being this all-in on something. [No spoilers!] Continue reading

You From Another Star (getting grumpy…)

grumpy faceI’m up to episode 17 and… I’m not sure I’m up to finishing this one. Which makes me sad! I wanted to like this drama so, so much. It’s about aliens! And Song-yi is awesome! And yet… *sigh* I’m going to whine a bit (or maybe rant like a crazy woman) and spoil a lot, so read at your own risk. [Spoilers through ep. 17 below. Also, not much in the way of screencaps because, grumpy.] Continue reading

Secret Love Affair : Episodes 1-2 (ooh, this is good!)

so good!This is one of those dramas that if I weren’t live watching I’d watch it all in one go. Screw obligations and sleep and the ever-present to-do list. Just sink deep into this world and stay there until it’s done with me. If it comes anywhere close to living up to these first two episodes this drama will own me body and soul.

[Spoilers for episodes 1 and 2. Also, it’s really long] Continue reading

Drama Review: Aftermath

“All that delicious mystery in the setup and then… the show dithered.”

Aftermath posterAftermath
air date: 1.6.2014 through 1.18.2014
network: Naver TVCast
number of episodes: 11 (each about 10 minutes long)
I watched it: over a couple of lunch breaks

In a nutshell: A neat idea that failed. Based off of a webtoon (that I hope made a lot more sense) the drama is about a boy who gains special powers after a near-death experience. As you do. It’s basically a superhero creation story and normally I eat those things up with a spoon. Unfortunately this drama had an interesting premise but no idea what to do with it. (The same director did Fashion King. Which explains a lot.)

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Drama Review: A Wife’s Credentials

“The mass of men live lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation.” — Henry D. Thoreau

A Wife's CredentialsA Wife’s Credentials
air date: 2.29.2012 through 4.19.2012
network: JTBC
number of episodes: 16
I watched it: completely enthralled marathon

In a nutshell: We meet a woman quietly living a desperate life she’s long become resigned to. She’s a reluctant participant in the cruel and pounding race to become “the best” — go to the best schools, land the best jobs, marry the best spouse, live in the best neighborhoods, get your children into the best schools… and repeat until death. On the surface all seems well enough, but her husband is frustrated with their position and her son is flailing and she is trying, desperately, to be a good wife and mother. Then she meets a man who has quietly refused to resign. And that changes everything. Quiet — until it’s not, passionless — until passion pushes in, this is a story of awakening. It captures life, in all its humor and tragedy and the often awkward blend of both, telling its tale with intelligence and honesty. Very much a must-see. Continue reading

You From Another Star (the thing about scapegoats…)

starring...I’ve begun watching You From Another Star and I’m totally enjoying it! And I can see why it was the show that ate the drama’verse. It’s fun and romantic and highly entertaining. But it’s also taking a biting look at S. Korea’s netizen-culture and its ruthlessness with their celebrities. And that’s got me thinking… [Spoilers through episode… 9? Yeah, I’ll say 9.]

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