Four days ago, on June 10th, my husband passed away.

It was completely unexpected. It changes everything. I’m at my dad’s place (he lives right next door to us), and I’ve been getting a lot of love and a lot of support from family and friends. I am continuing to live. (My husband would be beyond pissed if I didn’t.) But I have no idea when I’ll be back in a place where I’m blogging again.

I… I don’t want to give this blog up. It’s brought me a lot of pleasure and my husband enjoyed reading my posts so I feel like I must return to it someday. But I’m going to need some time.



The 2013 Women in K-Drama Awards

I am beyond thrilled that this project exists! Part of what I love about k-dramas is that it’s stories told by women (to a much greater extent than I’m used to in TV), for women. And it gives us lovely shower-scenes, but it also gives us lovely, dynamic and interesting female characters who aren’t just there to be eye-candy on the male lead’s arm. That’s something that should be celebrated. And look! It’s happening! I’m looking forward to Dec. 15th…

A Splash of Inspiration


When it comes to the entertainment business, women are marginalized. Heavily. If you look at popular polls and discussions of end of the year awards both informal and formal, you’re far more likely to find not just male nominees, but male winners. Examining the history of the Academy Awards shown in the infographic below, it’s easy to see that women are severely underrepresented even in the most prestigious of awards cycles. The male:female ratio is about 4:1 when it comes to overall nominations, and it’s probably even worse of a gap in co-ed categories.


The K-Entertainment universe is no different. K-Drama or K-Pop, females tend to be unacknowledged/underrepresented, or reduced to empty puppets for the dynamic male presence. But to say that women have made no progress is to put duct tape on the voices that have dared to become something. Rather than wallow in the misfortune of female marginalization…

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Trading Thoughts: Nine… is a go!!

I am so, so excited to announce the launch of what will (hopefully!) become a “thing”…

TTnine photo TTNine001_zps2eacee6f.png

Kfangurl of The Fangirl Verdict and I share a common love of ripping into the guts of our beloved dramas to see what makes them tick. And, in the comment sections of our various posts, we had a tendency to spark ideas off of each other — which led to epic comment conversations of unusual size.

So, when Kfangurl suggested we try doing a joint post on a drama I glommed onto the idea with mad-dog *ahem* dignified enthusiasm. Nine seemed the perfect drama to start with. Kfangurl had done her epic review. I’d done my own review (and spoiler-filled reaction post). We each had our thoughts, now all we had to do was put them together, stand back, and see what happened. And now it’s here! Our very first “Trading Thoughts” post!

Check out Trading Thoughts: Nine in all it’s glory on Kfangurl’s blog! What pulls you into a story and keeps you there? What was up with that ending? Peanut-butter or chocolate? Find answers to all these questions and much, much more… (warning: filled to the brim with spoilers)

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Chipping away at the language barrier…

milk photo milk_zps87d56554.jpgI’m pleased to report that I’m still working away at learning Korean. Listening to Talk to Me in Korean(.com), reviewing like mad, thrilling to each new word I recognize while drama-watching. But I recently hit a small, tiny, infinitesimal little snag…

A brand new word. I mean brand new. No memory tug like I’d had with mul. (Because a drama just isn’t a drama without a tall glass of water to dramatically drink down after a days worth of UST-filled banter. Or to throw in someone’s face). But while characters demanded mul all the time — this other word? Not really mentioned.

Sure, its morning delivery keeps the downtrodden Candy girls in rent money. And it can be a great way to pass adorable messages on to the one you’re not quite ready to admit you love. But apparently, it’s not spoken of. Definitely not demanded. Talk to me in Korean said uyu and I said, “?”

So there I was, totally flummoxed by this new word and I realized: the time has come to make flash cards. Which spotlighted a very important question I’d left festering in the corner of the room. Do I Romanize, or do I go hardcore and learn Hangul?

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Carefully approaching the language barrier

In other news! I’ve just begun my first baby steps in learning Korean.  I’m using Talk To Me in Korean (, because it’s free and it’s online and it’s got good buzz per my Google-foo. This will be a slow, steady thing that I hope, hope, hope I can keep up. At the very least, I’ll have learned something. And that ain’t nothing.

twdrkingsejong photo resize_zpsf2dcaac8.jpeg

I like to think King Sejong is totally cheering me on…

Partly this is an experiment in re-blogging (I’m so eager to see what this looks like!) and partly this is to answer a really, really important question: Am I the only one who likes the orange hair?

the talking cupboard

Park Ki-woong! Yeah, he’s still sporting that hairstyle for his latest project and he’s featured in the Fast magazine. He’s brave to pick this hair color for the role and hopefully it’ll be worth the sacrifice. I’m the one who’s worried about his hair because it’s frequently changing: from black to blonde for Full House Take 2, then back to black for Bridal Mask, and then this time orange. I don’t care if he’s called an Onion or a Parrot because of the hair; he’s rocking it with style and cheekiness.


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Where I find my beloveds…

After yesterday’s weeping into my cocoa over my lack of language skills, I thought it might be fun (helpful? interesting?) to share where I get my fully-subbed K-Drama fix. I have a handful of providers, each with their own pros and cons. (FYI: I live in California in the United States; my understanding is that reliable K-Drama sources differ all over the world.)

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Slamming face first into the language barrier

iliccd photo d0123151_4f8478c78b890_zps60d8fac0.jpgIn more than one Alice in Cheongdam-dong thread exuberant recommendations have been made for another drama: I Live in Cheongdam-dong

sirius photo Drama-Special-Sirius_8805_poster_zpsae9f2cdd.jpgOn a related note, I’d really, really, really like to see the drama special, Sirius. Because, seriously.  Look at the poster. It drips with cool. Also, Sun Joon-young is an actor I’m keeping an eye on. (Or trying to anyway.)

So how are these notes, one regarding a deliciously creepy (I assume!) 4 episode special, the other a family sitcom of 170 episodes, in any way related? Neither have been subbed.  And I sit here, trapped in the tourist-zone, unable to watch anything that hasn’t passed a certain level of popularity, and weep for my faulty linguistic skills. Oh, Korean language… get into my brain!

A decision has been made!

My first ever poll has closed! Even more important than the actual poll was the lovely, lovely recommendations I was given. (Thanks so much for all of them everyone — so many hours of drama-watching ahead!)

But I must follow the poll (also, I kind of want to follow the poll ;)) and so I’m officially marathoning….

roicave photo s_The_Return_of_Iljimae15_zpsf10cde20.jpg

(aww… he’s so tiny and timid and young in that shot…) Return of Iljimae!!!

I’m looking forward to this.  It’s been a while and I was such a young drama-watcher back then.