This blog is officially on hiatus. It contains all the fruits of my k-drama obsession spanning from the beginning of the blog in 2012 to its stop in June of 2014. I expect to come back to it someday. In the meanwhile, consider it an archive and feel free to explore. I have a fairly good backlog of Reviews and my more emotional Reactions.

If you’re interested in what I’m up to now you can find me at my other blog, A Tidy Little Journey, which has nothing to do with k-drama.

Credits: All the headers and such were created by me using GIMP. The background was created by squidfingers.

(edited: august 15th, 2015)


46 thoughts on “About

  1. I read all your posts about Alice in Cheongdamdong xD. The drama is so-so with me – in some way it’s really good but not my favourite :).
    But how can I say that… I just love your analysis with the symbolism and all :P.
    Thanks for such nice and interesting posts like these. Hope you will write more xD.

    Because I’m not a English speaker, it’s hard for me to write a long comment and tell you all my thoughts. But I hooked with your profoundness and wanted to say thanks :P. So I am here hehe.

    I followed your blog. Eager to find more awesome posts and enjoy them xD.
    Thank you again for Alice in Cheongdamdong posts :).

    (Please forgive me if I made any mistakes in my comment. My English is bad T_T)

    • Oh, that’s awesome praise indeed! I love getting insight into dramas I didn’t have before, maybe even dramas I didn’t like as much, so I love the thought that I’m sharing that sort of thing with others. 🙂

      Also, your English is really, really good! Very easily understood. I’m so, so bad at learning languages (as many a frustrated French or German teacher could tell you — not, by the way, that I speak any German or French; hence their frustration) so I’m always in awe of anyone who can communicate in more than one language. 🙂

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  4. Hi.. found your blog from a follower.. It amazes me how you guyz spend time to write good reviews. I’ve been watching K-drama around 2003 or 2004, when Bright Girl (starring Jang Na Ra) was premiered on Philippine TV (I forgot the story now but still remember some of the scenes). I love watching but too lazy to write something about them.
    I like reading ’em.. keep it up! 😀

    • Hi and welcome, Leya! 😀 I’m glad you found your way here. I’m still new enough to k-dramas to consider myself a newbie. I’ve only been watching for a couple of years now (Boys Over Flowers pulled me in). But I love the stories and the format and I got filled up full of thoughts and then started doing reviews to let those thoughts out.

      So I’m really glad you’re enjoying reading them! I’ll definitely keep writing. 😀

  5. Hey Miss B, how’s the K drama fever going? I would like to report a great gem that I have just found. Randomly, of course after suffering the ‘unsatisfying’ ending of Damo. . . WTF female lead died through protecting second male lead who killed the first lead. Pfffft. Omo. Aigooo.

    I’m thoroughly enjoying “A Gentleman’s Dignity”. Aaah, this one is right up my street. I’m just desperately seeking your advice on what to follow up after I my AGD fix.

    • Urgh! Spoiler alert! (I did know Damo had a sad ending though… so the spoiling wasn’t too bad. ;))

      Hmm… I haven’t seen A Gentleman’s Dignity yet (though it’s on my to-watch list) so I can only go by reputation… Have you seen Secret Garden? It’s a rom-com by the same writer, and also stars Ha Ji-won from Damo. Or maybe Shut Up Flower Boy Band? It’s about a group of high school guys figuring out their lives. More male-bonding but with a much younger set.

      Or if you’re more in the mood for a melodrama, have you seen Equator Man? Two best friends who end up as enemies after a life-changing incident. It wasn’t a perfect drama, and it was very stylized (which I liked but isn’t everyone’s cup of tea), but the central story was really good.

      Hopefully one of those will suit! 🙂

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