Weekly Drama Check-in Post (no dramas!)

argh!There has been a serious gap between posts around here. Almost a full week, people! And within that time period, zero dramas have been watched by me. Insane, right? I’ve honestly been that busy. Fortunately, not in a Sisyphus at his rock kind of way; every push at the boulder brings some progress. But it’s all been very mind-sapping and I just haven’t had the attention-span necessary for even the most frivolous of dramas.

I can’t think of a time I’ve gone this long without blogging or drama-watching. Not while still at home and in possession of a working internet. So it’s been a bit strange and I’ve made a couple of observations.

how to writeFirst: When you stop posting, starting up again takes some serious effort. (I am doing full battle against the demons of “no one cares!” at the moment. But I have sworn a post will happen today, even if it’s empty-calorie babble. I have a rut to break out of and damn it, I will do it!) So I guess writing really is a discipline — something that requires regular exercise and mind-muscle stretching and such.

Second: I am so glad Secret Love Affair exists in the world! It’s the only drama I’ve been watching with any real consistency. (I dip in and out of In a Good Way — which it can totally handle because it’s not a plot-heavy storyline. And Miss Korea and A Wife’s Credentials, being re-watches, are quite forgiving of inconsistent schedules.) And it is suiting my needs with tailor-made perfection.

Because the storytelling quality is so high (on so many different levels), and because it’s a live-watch, it’s a special, perfectly-sized treat for me. An hour of pure bliss a couple days a week. playA way of reminding myself I’m a thinking, feeling human being, not just a practical minded workhorse.

If I was live-watching something fluffier, something less intellectually engaging, I may have stuck it on hiatus, just as I have my marathon-watches. And then… what would I blog about? Because this is a show that demands to be written about. My head gets filled with all kinds of thoughts and emotions and it’s very little effort at all to just spill them out on the computer screen. (Cleaning it up, adding order and screen-caps, does take some effort, I’ll admit. But it’s still a labor of love.)

So it’s been keeping me drama-watching and it’s been keeping me blogging. That became especially obvious with last week’s hiatus. (A totally understandable pause while S. Korea began to deal with, and grieve for, the Sewol ferry disaster.) Secret Love Affair is not the drama that ate all the other dramas for me. It’s the the drama that reminds me why I love k-dramas in the first place. And it reminds me why blogging is fun. Even when it seems like the last thing in the world I have time for.


12 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (no dramas!)

  1. OMG I totally feel you!! And I care! And I’m with you about everything you mentioned – the blogging, the watching, the nonexistent time (time!) and the exhaustion.

    So come back round here when you finally have the time and mental strength 🙂

  2. Aw. Dramaland and the k-blogosphere has missed you, Betsy. I’ve missed you! I totally understand that inertia once you stop posting for a while. It took me several weeks to get back into writing my YFAS review once I’d paused on writing it for a while. Which means the entire review took at least a month to get done, from the time I started on it, to the time I hit publish. A lot of that had to do with uninspired inertia, brought on mostly by physical & mental RL exhaustion, so I feel ya. Yay that you’re still get some drama on your plate. I hope RL starts to get more reasonable for you soon, so that we’ll see more of you around these parts. Smooches!

    • I’ve missed you, toooo Kfagurl! The nice thing is, I’ve managed to avoid feeling guilty about not posting, so instead I’m looking forward to regaining my usual blogging schedule and reconnecting with the blog-o-sphere and the drama-sphere and all you lovely people who hang out there. 🙂

  3. I’m with you Betsy. SLA demands so much attention when you’re watching it. I find myself rewinding to make sure I haven’t lost any but if translation. and then there is all that emotion to feel. it just stimulates ALL my senses. it really holds you captive in its world.

    after SLA, it’s nice to be able to relax with something super light that doesn’t demand much of one. it makes me fel
    like I’m having an affair on the side though. haha

  4. That’s pretty much how it’s been with me too lately. Not much time to watch anything and even less to post. I have all these thoughts but by the time I’m able to write anything, it’s been days and I’m not all that much in the mood anymore. Many of the ideas I had have vaporised as well. Thus many of the post that should come to be, don’t. 🙂

    Oh, I totally agree with you about SLA. It does seem to compell one to write about it.

    • Oh, the posts that got away… I have so many stories I could share, so many stories… 😉 But the thoughts themselves can be fun! If I don’t have something I can muse about while going from point A to point B I can get a bit grumpy. 😀

  5. I just got over a posting and drama watching slump – and it was difficult to get back into everything (you are spot on that it takes major effort to start again). SLA is an excellent watch, probably the best drama airing at the moment and a serious contender at this point for drama of the year (and I agree- it did not “eat all other dramas” but makes one remember why talking about dramas is so enjoyable). The story is intense, the actors are amazing, and…well, I don’t have to keep rambling because you know. Take some time off if you need it, I needed it due to family stuff and I am much rejuvenated after my break. 🙂

    • I am looking forward to a rejuvenated return! 😀 And I’m pleased I’m more looking forward to returning than feeling guilty about not being here. Always better to anticipate. 🙂

  6. Don’t feel like no one is reading or that blogging isn’t worth the time. When I started watching SLA and Dramabeans wasn’t recapping it, I looked around for someone else who was and you saved me. I had to have something to read about it in between episodes or bust. It’s important to have a multiple voices. I go around searching for SLA articles all the time. Even wrote my own, which I hadn’t done before. Last year it was Nine. This year there was You from a Star and now this one. Some shows are so good you really have to do more than just watch.

    • Aw, thanks Telzey! It really does help to know my posts are appreciated. 🙂

      And so much agreement that, “Some shows are so good you really have to do more than just watch.” I love those kinds of shows! So I’m very grateful for SLA right now.

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