Weekly Drama Check-in Post (I learned something!)

knows what boys wantSecret Love Affair is still on-going, so I am still clutched tight in its over-heated grip and loving every minute of it. (I am so thrilled for Yoo Ah-in, by the way. That his last drama before Military Duty is such a gooder, and that his acting is being so well remarked on. It makes me a very happy fan-girl.)

But! Other dramas do exist and I shall babble on about a couple of them now.

I have managed to hook the husband into watching Miss Korea with me. It took a tiny bit of effort (the beginning was a tad rocky — I have a draft post all about it — should be up early next week), but Ji-young strutted her awesome self and Director Ma stared down the world with her awesome self, and the husband came on board. (He is, perhaps unsurprisingly, not as moved by the dark warmth of Lee Sun-kyun‘s voice. Watching dramas with boys is different.)

I had an interesting moment of culture-shock (which I love!) while watching the Taiwanese drama, In a Good Way. Our leading lady, Lin Jia En, is a freshman in college in the 1990s. In A Good WayAnd the drama beautifully captures her growth into adulthood as she figures out who she is and what her dreams are. Very relatable and universal coming-of-age feelings.

But at one point, there is a protest (I won’t share any details, so no spoilers here). And the University reacts with shock and dismay because, “There’s never been a protest on campus before! What if this becomes a habit!?!” And I had to laugh. Because in the States, college-protests are as much a part of campus life as mystery meat in the cafeteria. And have been for decades.

And then I got thoughtful. Because the reason college life in the United States has public protest as part of its culture is because of a whole lot of political turmoil in the 1960s. Which made me curious about the political state of affairs in Taiwan during the 1990s. I’ve only done the barest of Wikipedia-based research but I know far more about Taiwan’s recent(ish) history than I did before. And that’s why I love these little moments of culture-shock. It’s a great nudge to learn more about the world around me.

Drama-watching: it’s educational!


12 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (I learned something!)

  1. I’m also watching only a single show right now (GG-14 Days)….but planning to start a new one as all the premieres have been pushed back till next week or so…and I have time to include another one meanwhile…
    I thought about watching IAGW…but I haven’t seen any TW drama yet and the long length is keeping me away from starting it…
    But you are so right about —Drama-watching: it’s educational! 😉

    • I’m suspecting, unless something goes horribly awry, that IAGW will be the first TW drama I finish. 🙂 I tried one that started off quite promisingly, but it kind of dragged on. It was a melo though — verging on soap-oprah, so it was reliant on “surprising!” plot-twists to keep the story moving. If I’d kept in the right mood I’m sure I’d have loved it. But with IAGW… the story is so gentle. I don’t know, it’s soothing to watch, which is a whole different kind of pleasure. One I don’t feel any need to rush through.

      Which is a really long way of saying, in this case, the length doesn’t bother me. XD

  2. Actually what was really interesting for me to learn was that as recently as last month, there was a student protest in Taiwan that occupied parliament. It’d been building up for awhile, and I was wondering if IAGW had mined that for content but the timing doesn’t seem to dovetail.

    • …so what you’re saying is: the school administrators were right! 😀

      But picking up on news stories like that is another cool side-affect! At least for me. I pay more attention to news items from parts of the world I’m watching shows from. Which probably makes me a tiny bit shallow, but there you are.

  3. I always love hearing about your hubs watching drama with you – sounds like Miss Korea is a good watch overall, if your hubs is taking to it! 🙂 I’ve got it lined up but haven’t gotten around to it. I just watched the first ep of She is WOW last night, and I remember you liking – and feeling conflicted about – that show. I’m liking it enough to keep going, so let’s see if I feel as torn as you did when you watched it!

    Yay for learning new things while watching drama – that’s one of my favorite things! 😀 For me, it’s primarily learning language, but it’s essentially the same takeaway: drama watching IS educational! 😀

    • Oh, I look forward to hearing your take on “She is WOW”! I will say, I doubt you’ll get bored. 😛

      In the States, in general, we learn so little about Asian countries in history class. Unless you specifically sign up for a Pacific or Asian focused class (or any other non-Western European region, for that matter), the focus stays pretty strongly on the United States with some of Europe and Ancient Western Civilizations (Egypt, Greece, Rome) throw in for flavor. What side various countries come down on in WWII is about the extent, as I recall. (That might have changed since I went to school. Might also be affected by region.) So I feel like I’m filling in this huge area where my knowledge is kind of inexcusably blank. In the most fun way possible! 😀

  4. Sadly me and Miss Korea did not match but from the little I sampled, it looked like a well put together drama. How many of those are there these days? One’s gotta be happy of every one. Just sayin’. 🙂

    I’m going to grab IAGW once it’s done but I just started another tw-drama, The Pursuit of Happiness and I’m loving it!

  5. I hear ya there about watching with boys. I have to severely tone down my own enthusiasm for Mr. Voice lest hubby thinks I really have a thing for him. To cover myself up, I give equal time to all the other characters.

  6. “He is, perhaps unsurprisingly, not as moved by the dark warmth of Lee Sun-kyun‘s voice.”

    I giggled a bit on that part! Lee Sun-Kyun’s voice is pure heaven. I was unperturbed with him at first, but after watching him on All About My Wife and heard that voice, ASDAFLKDSGLSKDG. I just have to watch everything he’s in! I think I need to watch Miss Korea now.

    Also, it’s so cute that you watch dramas with your husband! 🙂

    • Yeah, if anything deserves a keyboard smash, it’s Lee Sun-kyun’s voice. 😉

      It’s fun watching with the husband — he comes at it with a completely different point of view!

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