Weekly Drama Check-in Post (the non-SLA post… almost)

Let's Eat photo LetsEat_zps577d2973.jpgI will admit it. My drama-watching life has been almost fully engulfed by the awesomeness that is Secret Love Affair. But “almost” is the key word here. Other things are ticking along.

[No spoilers at all!]

I managed to marathon the foodie-paradise drama, Let’s Eat. Its light and frothy story-line was a perfect antidote for the rich and heavy Secret Love Affair. And it was hilarious. And the soundtrack was almost perfect. (The last few episodes got a bit ballad-y. Which, personal taste, not my favorite music genre. But it was brief so I got over it.) And it had the cutest little dog-actor ever!

But once it was done I had no idea what to watch next. I couldn’t re-watch Secret Love Affair… well, I mean, I could, but that way lies madness. (Which for me means reading far too deeply into scenes and spinning out possible scenarios, then getting invested in those scenarios, and then getting disappointed when my scenarios don’t happen. Which with Secret Love Affair is pretty much a guarantee.)

So… I’ve started watching In a Good Way — a Taiwanese drama, which, I have less experience with. (I’ve dipped into a few, but haven’t managed to finish them.) And I’m loving it! In A Good Way photo InAGoodWay_zps644eff99.jpgIt’s a gentle, coming of age story, and there aren’t any villains and the main girl is adorable and the main guy is very watchable, with these lovely, soulful eyes and a calm kind of centeredness to him. I can see why he’s made the drama-watching blog-‘verse explode.

(Funny story. I thought the first male character we meet, Ren Wei, was the male lead. And I was confused. He was cute, but not that cute. Then came the opening credits and Liu Chuan staring soulfully at the oblivious Jia En and then I saw it.)

And, it has an adorable little dog-actor! So, obviously I chose wisely.

In blogging news: I must, must, must get a review out for Miss Korea. It’s been long enough that I feel guilty. And I really do need to update my “About” page. This is me hoping that saying I need to do it will lead to me actually doing it. We’ll see if that particular Jedi-mind trick works.

Two more days ’til the next Secret Love Affair!


21 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (the non-SLA post… almost)

  1. If I drink wine, SLA would be it for me – that slow burn, or the kind of drink you pick up after a long day to wind down. I’m not rabid and into dissecting it like you guys (I think partly i’ts cos there’s such an avid and insightful crowd who’s doing so – like you!) but watching it is just ugh, leaves me feeling… I don’t even know. Satisfied, content. The show itself isn’t tonally uplifting per se, but it’s really a work of art and I’m just floored and immediately taken (like everyone else). I’m glad you’re writing about SLA Betsy, as you know I always enjoy your interpretations and views 😀

    Also, now you’ve got my attention with IAGW – everyone’s been gushing about what a lovely show it is, and now you too! Aw man, I always love a good coming-of-age show…

    • Oh, I’m happy you’re watching this one, Jandoe! 😀 There is so, so much there. And I get what you mean about it being satisfying even if it’s not uplifting. The emotions are so real and they’re treated so honestly and compassionately… I don’t feel manipulated or that I’m being asked to hold an opinion I can’t get behind. The show is just putting these characters out there and letting us decide how deeply we’ll let them burrow into our hearts.

      IAGW is so sweet. I think you’d like it. 🙂

  2. I’ve been refreshing your blog everyday waiting for that Miss Korea review. You’d better write it soon.

    Now about IAGW, I also thought Ren Wei was the lead and had the same exact reaction as you did. But I am more than halfway done with the series now and Ren Wei has gotten better and better looking with each episode. Maybe it’s his character growth that makes him so much more attractive now.

    • Oh, I know, I know!! I must, must write it! Although… I might have gotten my husband hooked. He was laughing by the end of the first episode, which is a good sign. I think the second ep might just do it. In which case I might write some more episode-specific reaction posts. Either way, I must stop neglecting Miss Korea! Director Ma does not approve! 😉

      Ren-wei does improve over time, I agree. (Though, Liu Chan’s soulful eyes… pretty hard to beat.) I think it is his character growth. He’s a tiny bit more thoughtful and tiny bit less bantam rooster — which makes for more attractive expressions. In my opinion of course. 😀

      • Ooo, I watched MK live with my husband, too, and it definitely made for a more enjoyable watch. I would so love more episode-specific reaction posts if you have anything to share. Thank you!!

  3. Awww, I am so glad that you decided to give IAGW a try! It is definitely something very warm and pleasing to the eye. Yeppp, ahaha Lego Lee has definitely made our dramaland explode. In fact, this whole drama has just turned our dramaland upside down!

    I’ve been hearing so much good stuff about SLA! I want to give it a try but stupid time! Arghhh!

    • I’m glad I picked it up, too! It’s such a lovely sweet and simple and heartwarming tale. And Lego Lee as Liu Chan pines so beautifully. It’s the perfect show to watch beside SLA. It’s entirely different and so, so gentle. Perfect. 🙂

      On the positive side, when time does come your way, you’ll get to marathon it! Because I can tell you, the wait between episodes is often tortuous.

  4. My gf is in IAGW. Im getting bad vibes from it but thrs great review. I guess i will haveto give it ago.
    And Let’s Eat was awesome.. Mainly cuz of the boys and the food.. omg put boys and food together im soo there! hehe

    • Ooh, really! That’s pretty awesome! 😀 What character does she play? I’ve been really enjoying it. It’s a quiet story but I think it’s being told really well. (For one thing they’re letting it be a quiet story without trying to shoehorn in overly-dramatic dramatics. If that makes sense.)

      Oh my gosh, the food in Let’s Eat. You do not watch an episode without walking away hungry. And the boys weren’t bad either. 😉 (I loved how cocky Dea-young was. He managed to walk that fine line between cocky and obnoxious and didn’t trip up once. Which takes talent.)

  5. IAGW is on my to-watch list but as it’s still airing I’ve got another tw-drama, ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ queued up before it. I’m not working next week, so….. time to dust up some of the dramas on the List of Doom. 🙂 At least that’s the plan.

    Tried ‘Let’s Eat’ but it wasn’t my thing, so I dropped it.

    • Wait, you posted this on Monday so… you’re entering your holiday right about now? If my calculations are correct? Enjoy! A week to enjoy dramas sounds pretty darn awesome. 😀 (I am taking the highroad and will not feel envy. Nope! Not envious a bit!! 😛 )

      The good thing about Let’s Eat is you can tell exactly what you’re in for by the first episode. So if it doesn’t work for you, very little time is wasted. 😉 I appreciated that they didn’t try and be something more than what they were (suddenly getting all melodramatic or trying to go deep) and just did a good job at what they were doing. So many fluffy little shows stop being fun because they try to be too much.

  6. Hi BetsyHp! 🙂 Thanks for this post. Love the Jedi reference! I’m excited and looking forward to the next Star Wars movie…Anyway, if you’re still looking for the next drama to watch, I suggest “Story of a Man” which is among your “To be watched dramas”. I finished it a couple of months ago and liked it.

    • Hi Bashful! *waves* I’m… curious about the new Star Wars movie. I’m a bit of a Star Wars purist, but I did like what JJ Abrams did with Star Trek (and I just offended all the Star Trek purists out there 😛 ), so… curious. That’s me. 🙂

      I have been trying to decide if I should watch “Story of a Man” on my own, or watch it with my husband. We don’t often watch a k-drama for the first time together. Usually I screen them. But it can be fun if we’re both seeing something for the first time. So I’ve been dithering. 😉 I swear I will get to it though! I’ve heard nothing but good things.

      • Hi BetsyHp! 🙂 Thanks for your reply. Just to whet your curiosity more, here is an article on the plot of the new Star Wars movie that my co-worker shared:

        About “Story of a Man”, I found the first episode rather depressing that I stopped watching it for a month. But I’m glad I returned to it because it became exciting by episode 3. I too give high marks for this drama. All the actors portrayed their roles convincingly so much that only by the last episode I got to match Park Ki-woong’s name to one of the important characters. I thought to myself his brilliant performance in “Gaksital” was no fluke. He was equally brilliant in “Story of a Man” which he did prior to “Gaksital”…Happy weekend and kdrama watching! 🙂

        • Thanks for the link, Bashful! 🙂 I’m not incredibly familiar with the Star Wars novels the articles talks about (though I have friends who adore them and will be thrilled if the movies go in their direction), but I do love the idea of the story being a continuation of the original. 🙂

          Seeing Park Ki-Woong play an entirely different character from his “Gaksital” run is one of the attractions to “Story of a Man” for me, I have to admit. 😉 Hope you’re having a good weekend, too! 😀

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