Weekly Drama Check-in Post (that’s all about SLA, because seriously)

to dream...My drama-watching has been hi-jacked by Secret Love Affair and I love it! I’m constantly thinking about the episodes I’ve just seen, anticipating the episodes to come, haunting the places where people share my obsession… So. Much. Fun! I adore being this all-in on something. [No spoilers!]

I love where the story is going and I’m terrified of where the story is going. And I fully trust this director and this writer. Fully. Which is awesome because already expectations and predictions have been completely destroyed, only to be rebuilt into new, even more delicious possibilities. And it makes me happy! The story is deeply clever but not trying to be clever. reactionIt’s just being true to its characters (the amazingly awesome Hye-won who I seriously admire on so many different levels, and the adorably bumbling yet believably gifted Sun-jae) and the way they roll and ricochet through the world they inhabit.

And! I’ve decided it’s totally possible for the story to end happily! Ish!  As a deeply talented (I’m trying to avoid using the overused word “genius” but… that’s what he is) pianist, Sun-jae’s world is far more open than it is for most k-drama characters. For example, in Nine Park Sun-woo is a television journalist. For various reasons (language, experience) he’d have a hard time pulling up stakes and finding work outside of Korea.

That’s the exact opposite of what Sun-jae’s experience could be. If he becomes a world renowned pianist… well, it’s in the title, isn’t it? He could live anywhere. And Hye-won could go with him. It’s not a totally happy ending, because Hye-won would be riding his coattails to a certain extent. listeningAnd she’d lose the life she’s built for herself. But still… it’s not death or separation or some heartbreaking combination of both.

Am I reaching? Yeah, I’m totally reaching, but this is how deep I’m in. This I do know: the ending may not be happy (I’m bracing for not-happy) — it will be good. Beyond good. Epic. Too high expectations? Will I get burned? I might get burned. But I’m going to watch like I won’t. I’m enjoying myself far too much to let jadedness reach out its cautious hand and pull me back.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (that’s all about SLA, because seriously)

  1. You and me both, chingu! For a while SLA was about the only thing I was capable of thinking about. Day and night. Then rl intercepted as there was stuff I just had to turn my attention to and I sort of snapped out of it, ha. So I was able to get caught up with Wonderful Days too. Luckily that one does not demand much from me, even if I am watching it raw. It’s funny how even the saturi is not an obstacle there. Odd. 🙂

    Anyways, it’s great how SLA has managed to surprise me, but in a good way. Keeping us on our toes, the sneaky buggers. *g* Like you, I’m willing to trust this director/writer combo to deliver, so I’ll go where ever they take me. Even if it kills me. LOL! It doesn’t necessarily have to end in tears though. We’ll see soon enough. I’m just happy to get a drama that promises to be quality all the way through. How rare is that?

    • So rare! Keeps us from being spoiled, I guess. 😉 And it’s absolutely surprises in a good way — because it means I don’t get to be complacent. The story won’t follow expectations so you have to pay attention and then it totally rewards you. (I was very, “noooo!!” when Sun-jae sold his piano; but that turned to “yeeees!” when it looked like he was moving in. 😀 Of course, I should underline “looked like” because who knows with this show. And that’s what makes it awesome!)

      I’d been using “Let’s Eat” as my escape drama — fun, undemanding — a perfect break from SLA. Of course I’ve finished it now so… (Is saturi an accent or are there vocabulary differences? A combination?)

      • Eps 5-6….. soon… ;P

        Saturi means dialect, so yes there’s accent and also some vocab differences. It’s funny but I sometimes seem to understand it more than standard Korean. That is really strange.

        Check your mail… re. Tokyo Tower. 🙂

        • Gah — I’ve watched them. I’m still in the middle of digesting them but… oh this shoooow! It’s out to kill me and I love it! 😀

          Strange but cool! Your mutant power, maybe? 😉

          And — yay! 😀

  2. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who’s fixated on this show. I’ve also been auditioning endings and trying to figure out what I want. If you haven’t already watched it, you might want to check out Tokyo Tower, the movie SLA is (kind of) based on. I think you’ll find its ending very interesting on a couple of levels. SLA is so different already that I don’t think the drama will necessarily end the same way, but it really could.

    • If I could find Tokyo Tower… 😉 That’s what keeps me from exploring more of the Japanese film and drama world. My google-foo is not strong enough to hunt down good sources. I recall reading a brief synopses about it. I don’t think the ending was in it, though. Or if it was, it didn’t stick with me. What stood out was that it was from the guy’s point of view and it was difficult to get a read on what the woman felt about their relationship. …actually — I’m pretty sure it was your write up I was reading! 😀 I do like that in SLA we’re getting Hye-won’s pov so strongly. We know what she’s feeling before she does in some cases!

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