Weekly Drama Check-in Post (it’s back!)

friendsThe check-in post is back! And on time even! I’m getting a warm feeling of accomplishment. Like me and the universe are finally back in synch. Bring on the week!

No seriously — bring on the week. The next episodes of Secret Love Affair needs to get here now. It is so, so fun being deeply involved in a live-watch again. I was shocked by how easily the words just poured out after I finished episode 2. After struggling to find something to say about I Need Romance 3 week after week (a cute drama — but by no means deep), it’s lovely to have a such a provocative show to engage with. (And with Secret Love Affair, I do mean provocative.)

Also, the husband and I have been watching A Wife’s Credentials together. (I worried that watching two Kim Hee-ae dramas would be confusing, but her characters are so different it’s not a problem at all.) The re-watch has been lovely for me, but I’m not sure if the husband is going to keep on watching. He took issue with the actions of one of the characters and it could be a deal-breaker. He’s willing to give it one more episode to see if it can win him back over, but I can’t remember if the next episode explains things well enough. And even if it does, will the explanation fly? I shall have to wait and see. Either way — should make for an interesting post, right?

Yesterday, I got outdone with You From Another Star and… I think I’m going to drop it. It’s really late in the game to quit (I got up to episode 17 for goodness sake!) but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be happy with the drama’s focus. And I’d prefer to keep my happy memories of Song-yi’s awesome, in your face, goofiness. chasedIt does clinch that I’m just not a Kim Soo-hyun fan. For some reason I don’t emotionally connect with his characters. Ah well — it’s certainly no skin off his, admittedly gorgeous back. It’s pretty much me versus the universe, right? (Wait… did I just lose synch with the universe?!? *deep breaths*)

In happy news, I picked up Let’s Eat on a total whim. I was going for One Warm Word and then HULU was like, “also, there’s this foodie drama…” and long story short, I love it! So many lovely food-porn shots. So! Many!! Also, it’s very light and breezy with an unexpected murder mystery twist. I adore all the characters (it actually redeems the sleazy department store manager from Miss Korea  — the actor, I mean), and it’s the perfect answer to the question, “What does ‘eating deliciously’ actually look like, anyway?” The one draw back, my gosh the drama makes me hungry!

And that’s my week!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (it’s back!)

  1. I’m not even trying to commit to weekly posts. 🙂 I know I’m not diciplined enough to that sort of thing. If I feel like I don’t have anything to say, I can’t force myself to deliver either. I know meself pretty well by now.

    SLA has effectively taken over my life, I can’t seem to muster up interest in watching anything else right now. Sigh.

    When it comes to Kim Soo Hyun – I’m right there with you… vs the universe. XD

    • For some reason I tend to find the weekly posts relaxing. No point — just babble. 😉

      SLA: SO. ADDICTIVE! Every time I realize I can’t just click into the next episode, I die a little inside. Fortunately, when the episodes do come, they’re very revitalizing. So it all evens out in the end! 😀

      KSH: Oh, yay! Two is much better than all, all alone. 😀

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