Drama Reaction: I Need Romance 3 (feelings are… mixed)

happinessWell, that was sweet. Not very surprising — but sweet. This was an interesting addition to the I Need Romance franchise. It was fluffy and fun and inoffensive — which made it a pleasant watch for me — but it wasn’t that deep. Or that realistic, honestly. It kind of had a Hong Sisters vibe in that the various characters were more caricature than flesh and blood. But the actors were skilled enough to keep their characters warm. So this became a lovely escape-drama. (Maybe too escapist, though? Or am I being a party pooper?)

[Spoilers through episode 16 below…]

MinJung's FamilyMin-jung’s story was probably the most surprisingly fun for me. It started out so horribly, with that early menopause ugliness. Fortunately, that got completely eclipsed (and I do mean completely — it’s never mentioned again) by her pregnancy. Min-seok turning out to be an über-dad was adorable. (I love that he drunk-buys baby accessories.) And the possible work challenges get swept away as completely as the menopause. Which is good for Min-jung’s sake, but awfully convenient story-wise.

growing upHae-jee’s storyline was the most boring. Which is kind of weird because her “finding herself” trajectory should have been right up my alley. But it was handled oddly. I found her interaction with her first boyfriend whiney heading into self-centered. So I wasn’t getting that she’d been the giver in that relationship (though she says she was in this last episode).  Which means I wasn’t that interested in her subsequent journey of self-discovery. (Girl who’d been all-about-me, continuing to be all-about-me, just doesn’t scream excitement.) Though Woo-young made for a sweet guide. Still, on the whole… *yawn*

love at arm's lengthTae-joon and Se-ryung… I guess those two crazy kids are going to make it? We stayed at a fairly distant arm’s length from those two. I still don’t understand what Se-ryung saw in him. Tae-joon was an adorable little robot — but that’s down more to Namgung Min than the character as written. I wish we’d seen more about why he was into Se-ryung, why his feelings for her scared him so much.

Friends... finally!And I wish we’d gotten a little more in-depth on the friendship between Joo-yeon and Se-ryung. Again, they weren’t friends until suddenly they were and I didn’t fully understand what changed. (Min-jung, I suppose. But… was that seriously all it took?) I don’t know I was just expecting something more… cathartic. Though I do like that Se-ryung was there when Joo-yeon was dithering over telling Wan her true feelings. It was nice to see Joo-yeon getting some friendly support.

Wan and Joo-yeon were utterly adorable, of course. I loved that confessing her love to Wan was more difficult than breaking up with Tae-joon. Because of course opening herself up was harder than closing herself off. And it was very cute how Wan was so many steps ahead of her, and yet had to struggle to remain at a distance and let her come to him. And I loved his little sigh when he realized they were going to have a lot fights in the future. snuggles(Which I actually don’t believe because this world is so practically perfect in every way. It’s going to be daisies and kittens from here to eternity with those two.)

So the ending was sweetness and adorableness squared. And I’m sure I’ll forget about it in a few days. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing — not every story has to be deep and meaningful — but… I do wish they’d managed to give us more meat. This might be a blogging effect though. It’s possible that, because I live-watched and therefore wrote a reaction post each week, I’ve given this drama far more attention than it can bear, or even wanted. Something to think about…

5 thoughts on “Drama Reaction: I Need Romance 3 (feelings are… mixed)

  1. Well then, 100% no regrets on my part that I dropped it. My interest level just swooped and declined week after week anyways… Not surprised to find out they ended up together, but aw man, did Se Ryung and Tae Joon end up together too? *head desks* I agree with everyyyyything you said here Betsy! (even if I only watched the show up to episode 10) Show’s breezy and generally light, but ultimately forgettable and… I’m gonna admit it aloud… phony.

    Yay for this reaction post, you basically summed up everything I feel about the show, legit 😀

    • Se-ryung and Tae-joon… kind of ended up together? It was implied she’d still be waiting for him when he got back from Hong Kong and that he was more open to the idea, so…

      But yes, escapist fluff with nothing going on below the surface. 🙂 I just liked the the actors well enough to enjoy their antics. 😉

  2. I haven’t finished this yet but I’m pretty much spoiled about everything, LOL! So, from what I have garnered so far, I’d say your assessment is spot on as per usual.

    Fluff is not my thing generally, as you know but sometimes I do pick up a drama that doesn’t need all that much effort on my part. I seem to crave those too from time to time, maybe because my usual fare IS on the ‘heavy’ side. 🙂 Besides I’ll take adorable fluff any day over WTF! endings.

    • Hee! I’ll admit I’m a bit surprised that those sort of moods hit you — but it does make sense that a palate cleanser drama is needed every once in a while. 😉 And this one doesn’t pack any surprises — which is a good thing, because it’s not made to surprise. (Nothing’s worse than a drama trying to force in depth with a “surprising twist” that it hasn’t earned.)

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