Weekly Drama Check-in Post (widgets are done! ish!)

WelcomeWidgetI meant to get this out yesterday but then got into a Liebster mood and decide to let that particular bull run while it had its wind. So a day late with my big, huge (alright, alright — more technical and boring) news! I have completed the widgets lining up my sidebar! (Well… mostly. They are the kind of things that beg to be tinkered with, and I do like to tinker.)

But on the whole, this is pretty much what the sidebar will look like. And I sincerely ask, what do you all think? Too pink? Can you read it? Especially the rectangular signs under the “Categories” listing.


I can read them just fine but that’s because I know exactly what they say. So I don’t trust my own judgement. Be brutally honest. I want the sidebar to be helpful and useful, not just a pretty, pink blur.

Next up: updating my “about” page! Which hopefully won’t take as long. *knocks on wood*


7 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (widgets are done! ish!)

  1. I can read ’em just fine 🙂 Also, I really like the pictures you chose as the backgrounds.. It took me a while to realize there were different backgrounds for each one and that they were meaningful, but they really do work nicely. I like the overall look of the set of widgets together. It’s a little more pink than I would choose for myself, but that’s just personal taste. 😉 Another probably personal taste thing, is that I find the sections of pink a little mismatched with the large chunks of orange co-existing in your side-bar. Nothing I can’t get used to, so it’s no biggie ^^

    • Good thoughts, thank you! Combined with Jandoe’s and Snow White’s — I might tinker with the color a bit. Maybe even change the words in the rectangles to orange…? *ponders* It’s funny, because I chose the colors by hunting down color palettes that used pink (found the one I’m using on a wedding planning site). And now, as it turns out, I find myself liking the orange accent color more and more.

      I had a lot of fun picking out the backgrounds! 😀 Even if it’s not that noticeable it makes me happy to know it’s there. Ah, the fun you can have with GIMP! Seriously, your encouraging me to give GIMP a go was such a huge thing; I loves it so much! And now I finally understand what you meant about making headers being a relaxing thing. 🙂

  2. I actually think a darker shade of pink is better, makes it more readable. I can read it, but it also looks washed out? I totally don’t mean this unkindly, or to be rude! Love the tinkering you’re doing though, makes this space feel more homey and personal (for you, I mean, and like I’m a guest who’s being taken care of awesomely) 🙂

    • Neither unkind nor rude, at all! This is exactly what I’m looking for. 🙂 Maybe if I change the text to the orange I’ve been using in other places… *ponders* I’ll have fun tinkering with it at least! 😀

  3. I think you can darken the pink or make the background a bit lighter (I’m talking about the rectangular sign on the widget)….overall, I think it looks cute ♥

    • Hmm… I might darken the pink, I might go with orange… I’ll play around with both and see what works! 🙂 Thanks for your input, Snow White! 😀

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