Liebster, the third

tiny liebsterAnd finally, I bring you one last Liebster! And in this one, I don’t mention Queen Inhyun’s Man once!


Missienelly of Mymyooz asks:

1. Do you kpop/cpop/twpop/jpop? If yes, share with me few of your favorite singers and/or groups. I have dipped into k-pop, but only in the lightest of ways. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have favorites! It just means they’re either everyone’s favorites or so overplayed everyone’s sick of them. I enjoy GDragon and T.O.P and Big Bang as a whole. And I love Brown Eyed Girls and Ga-in. And I think Block B is kind of adorable. And Crayon Pop is totally adorable.

2. What is your current krack drama at the moment? Oh, no question — Miss Korea. I’m loving it so, so much. (I hope it doesn’t fail me!!) The drama I’m anticipating with great expectation and bated breath is Secret Love Affair and I really, really hope it becomes a krack drama. So in a way, in this moment, it already is.

3. If you can spend a day shopping or grocery shopping with your favorite star, who would it be? Tough question, because I don’t know a whole lot, personality-wise, about the various celebrities I like. ...obviouslyI guess Yoo Ah-in? Because in that one episode of Running Man he looked like he could cook really well and it’d be kind of neat to watch someone, good at cooking Korean food, buy the ingredients and put it all together. (I’m in it for educational purposes. Obviously.)

4. If you’re given a chance to spend time in a drama set, which drama would it be and why? I think it might have been fun to have been a part of (or a fly on the wall for) the filming of White Christmas. I feel like it was a fairly isolated and contained set, so I’m betting some intense bonding and sharing of acting insight and storytelling insight would have gone on. (I could be completely wrong and it was shot in-studio in downtown Seoul — but don’t tell me. It’d break my heart.)

5. Which 3 drama OST’s did you love? Did you love the drama itself or you just love the OST? Heartless City, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, A Wife’s Credentials. Definitely loved the dramas and actually noticed the OST (which I’ve been slow to pay attention to — I’ll blame my computer’s tinny speaker).

6. Who are the most annoying actors and actresses in dramaland? Ooooooh! That’s a really dangerous question!

Calvin as Spaceman Spiff

When Fans Attack!!

A big reason I don’t know much about actors’ personalities is I don’t want to know if they’re annoying in real life. But, I can answer the question if I go shallow…

Most annoying actor for me is… Kim Soo-hyun. Don’t kill me! It’s because I hated Moon Embracing the Sun so, so much and his character embodied a lot of what I didn’t like about it. I totally expect to get over this bias once Kim Soo-hyun acts in something I enjoy. Man From Another Star seems quite promising — but I’m waiting until I hear the ending is awesome because I don’t want to entrench these bad thoughts!

Most annoying actress is… Suzy. Don’t kill me! Again, because she was in Gu Family Book and I hated that drama so, so much and her character embodied a lot of what I didn’t like about it. Fortunately, for Suzy’s sake, I recognized what was happening because of poor Kim Soo-hyun. So I kept chanting, “it’s not Suzy, it’s not even the character, it’s the writer! the writer!” But still, a little of the taint transferred. I look forward to her next project, though I’ll make sure it’s something well recommended before I dive in.

Lee Bo-young at 2013 SBS drama awards7. Who is the most fashionable k-star/c-star/tw-star/j-star? Wow. Am I the wrong person to answer that question… Alright, in strict layman’s terms, I find the Korean red carpet looks to be extremely boring. So many brides. So. Many. Brides. So when I caught pictures of Lee Bo-young in that off the shoulder navy blue number I was thrilled. Thrilled! And she shot right up my fashionable-star list. (Well she would have if I kept such a list.)

8. Name your favorite bromance/sistermance from dramaland. Oh, I love this question! Best frenemies were definitely Hye-sung and Do-yeon in I Hear Your Voice. Best besties were Shi-won and Yoo-jung from Answer Me 1997, and the friendship I loved the most, because it was complex but still so, so sincere, was Soo-min and Jin-suk from Heartless City.

Oh! You asked about the boys, too. Well — the usual suspects certainly apply: The bromances of School 2013, the “best couple” award winners Jae-shin and Go-yong from Sungkyunkwan Scandal. But again, the one that I’ve found most compelling was from Heartless City: Soo and Shi-hyun.

9. Name one drama you love to rewatch again and again and again. Well, now that I’ve been mentioning it… Heartless City.

10. If you can marry your bias, who would it be? I have so many biases. And there’s that “find out as little as possible about them” policy I have. But I still want to play, so… I’ll go with Lee Jong-suk! Because, in that one Running Man he was in, the players were all waiting in separate classrooms for the games to begin, and everyone was all nervous and fidgety, and Lee Jung-suk just pulled a book out of the desk he was sitting at and began reading it, as cool as you please. It’s the kind of thing my husband would do so, based on that solid piece of evidence, I think we’d make a great couple! (That shower scene in I Hear Your Voice has nothing to do with my answer. Nothing!)

shower scene

Zhaoul of Kdramadreamer asks:

1) Which manga, anime, book or popular movie would you like to see turned into a Kdrama? My first thought was the anime, Rurouni Kenshin, because I recently watched the live-action movie and missed the depth and details the anime was able to give. So I thought it’d make a great drama. HANNAHBut it’d really have to be a j-drama because it’s so tied to a specific era in Japanese history.

So! I’m going to go with the movie, Hannah. Which maybe wasn’t a popular movie, but I liked it! And I think its world and characters could handle the stretch-out of a k-drama. (It could be argued that Killer Girl K pretty much did it. But I loved how Hannah was so isolated from the world and then how she gets kind of adopted by Sophie and introduced to regular teenage-girl life. That’s the aspect I’d love to see explored. The action stuff was awesome too, of course.)

2) If you were asked to play a part of an English actor in a Kdrama, who would you want to act with? Oh dear God, I am dying inside at the thought of having to do that. *shivers* Okay, lets pretend I’m good at that sort of thing. I’ll say Shin Min-ah. Mainly because she seems kind. Also, she’s a really good actor.

3) Which older actor who usually plays a supporting role do you really enjoy watching? There are so many! I’ll choose Kim Ja-ok, because she’s adorable.

4) If you could kiss any Kdrama actor, who would it be? Hah! I suppose if I say I’m married and would never, that’ll ruin the fun. So I’ll go with Joo Ji-hoon because he’s never given a bad kiss, that I can recall.

acting!5) Who is your favorite Kdrama actor who is also a Kpop star? I’ll go with Park Hyung-sik. I’ve been enjoying his work immensely and was pretty surprised to find out he’s a K-pop star.

6) Can you speak Korean? No. *sobs*

7) When was the last time you watched something that wasn’t Korean or Tawainese or Japanese? Well, if YouTube counts, last night. If not… I’ll say about 4 days or so ago: Once Upon a Time (a tv show).

8) Have you made a lot of friends through blogging? Yes! *cheers* (Keeping in mind for me “a lot” equals more than 3.)

9) Do you think your Kdrama obsession will cool down, stay the same or get worse? I can’t see how it could get worse — I’m blogging, after all. Probably cool at some point. My obsessions always cool. Not something I like to think about though. And not something I’m expecting to happen for a long while yet.

10) On average, how many hours do you spend a week watching Kdramas? Life has been so crazy busy lately that managing 4 hours in a week is a win. *is depressed* photo 12418i-2-1_zps2b332adc.jpg

Simplykrazed of Kdramakrazy asks:

1) Who is your biggest kdrama crush and why? I’ll go with Yoo Ah-in. Force of habit because he was one of my earlier crushes. Also, he’s a good actor and he’s done some good film work and he’s got a bit of a bad-boy, independent vibe to him. Yoo Ah-inEven when he picks a bad project I feel like I can see what attracted him. (Like Fashion King — I feel like they were going for something interesting even though they failed spectacularly.) So I respect him as well.

2) What was your first kdrama you have ever watched? I’m part of the Boys Over Flowers generation.

3) Are you out of the kdrama closet? (do people know of your obsession with Asian dramas?) Yup! They roll with it.

4) How did you get into blogging? A writing friend said writers should have a blog, so here I am!

5) If you could hang out with a kdrama character who would it be? The most fun and relaxing for me would be Go Dok-mi from Flower Boy Next Door. We could talk books and writing, or just hang out and read. It’d be awesome!

6) If you could kill one kdrama character who would it be and why? Huh… actually kill a character… Okay, I’m going to be vague so I don’t spoil anything, but the villain in Heartless City — the swollen spider at the center of the web — him I’d kill. And early, too. Before he had the chance to ruin so many lives to satisfy his own ambition.

7) Have you ever tried making Korean food after watching a kdrama? I am a lazy cook who prefers to make it all up on my own rather than follow a recipe. However! The husband and I have watched some Korean-cooking shows and have vowed to make kimchi. Someday.

kimchi kiss

A necessary step in the kimchi-making process.
I know this because I watch k-dramas.

8) Have you ever been to Korea? No. *sobs* But I’d love to go someday!

9) Is there anything that annoys you about kdramas? Oh sure, tons of stuff. The thing that annoys me the most, and sometimes it’s a sneaky thing, is sexism.

10) What other shows/movies do you like that aren’t Korean? For tv shows: Game of ThronesGrimmHunterxHunter (which is an anime, but that totally counts as tv). I haven’t watched many movies lately — too busy. But I did really enjoy Gravity and Hunger Games: Catching Fire

favorite things

And there you have it! Even more about me. Since this was more an addendum than the full-fledged Liebster I didn’t post rules or, you know, follow them. (See this post for all that info.)

But since it really is supposed to be a pay-it-forward thing, I thought I’d list out 10 of my favorite blogs. These are the places I check first if I’ve been away from the blog-o-sphere for awhile. They influence me to check out lesser-known dramas, and they push my own blogging to new heights. (Or at least — they get me to try.)

Carrotblossom Patch
Idle Revelry
Lore in Stone Cities
Obsessive Compulsive (k)Drama-watching Disorder
Outside Seoul
Ramblings of a Kdrama Addict
The Drama Corner
The Fangirl Verdict
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You Don’t Know Me


23 thoughts on “Liebster, the third

    • Thanks! Park Hyung-shik was one of the diamonds in the mud when it came to Heirs, adding some comic chops to his resume. At least in my opinion. 😉 And I adored him in Nine — he played an important role and he handled it well.

  1. OMG I think I am gonna cry… I never for a second ever thought I’d make it to your top ten list! Top ten! (gobsmacked) When there are the likes of kfangirl and DDee and Amanda! (realizes mouth has been gaping for a while now) I’m in utter shock, because it’s more like I look up to YOUR blog so much! (scuffles away shyly)

    PS Your Liebster is seriously one of my faves to read – concise and so much fun! ^_^

    • Aww, I didn’t mean to make you cry! I love how emotionally honest your blog is — and I’ve also enjoyed your transitioning your blog from a drama-focus to something else. I know it’s been some growing pains on your end, but I like seeing that blogs can change and grow as their writer changes and grows. If that makes sense. (Hopefully it doesn’t sound like I’m chuckling in the background as you do all the heavy lifting; I’m admiring from the background, I swear! 😉 )

      And also, thank you! 😀

      • So happy to hear your thoughts about blog transition, love that you said: “… I like seeing that blogs can change and grow as their writer changes and grows.” It’s funny you mentioned it though, cos I actually didn’t notice that the blog is transitioning. I suppose I have an inkling of the winds of change, but the past few months have been so rough that I am just writing whatever I feel like (which in hindsight IS probably what a blog should be about!) without much thought on directions and trying to make sense. But having you say this – it totally makes sense!

        I’m glad I can count on you though, to give the weekly reaction posts on current/recent dramas like INR3 (which I’ve officially dropped) and Miss Korea ^_^ I’m waiting on the reaction/review post on the latter – hopefully I can pick it up in a months time!

        • I imagine it’s something hard to see while you’re in the thick of it. 🙂 But you don’t need to see it right away — just keep on doing what you’re doing! Reflection and insight will come when it comes, right? 😀

          I’m only 3 episodes away from finishing “Miss Korea”!! I am loving it so, so much and I so, so look forward to seeing how it ends. ♥
          INR3 continues to be bouncy, fluffy fun. Not hard to finish and fun while I’m watching — not changing my life at all, though.

  2. Again lovely post…and I loved Lee Bo Young in that navy blue gown…and her hair too…I agree about the ‘brides’ thing…lol
    Have you seen Dream High?? Kim Soo Hyun is really good in it…but I haven’t seen Moon-Sun…so maybe he was annoying there…but is again great in You From Another Star 🙂
    And thanks for listing me in your favorite blogs…. *smiling from ear to ear* 😀

    • Everything about Lee Bo-young’s look just worked — and was so refreshingly different! 😉

      I have seen “Dream High” and I adored Kim Soo-hyun in that — so, so much! Just, Moon-Sun came after and I’ve been afraid to re-watch “Dream High”. However, it lets me know this is a fixable thing. I’m confident “You From Another Star” will get the job done. 😀

      And you’re welcome! Totally deserved: I love how fresh and light your blog is — letting us know what’s up and coming (which totally keeps me in the loop) but also celebrating what came before. (Your “Picture Perfect” series always makes me smile.)

  3. I would’ve answered the same on best actor idol. I loved Park Hyungsik in Nine that much. I dont think Miss Korea will disappoint you. It was great until the end. Kim Soo Hyun was excellent in Giant, it might help you erase the bad impression if you are ever tempted by that drama. Fun read as usual 😊

    • Thanks! 🙂

      Have you seen “Sirius”? Park Hung-sik was excellent in that one, too. Playing twins, even! I never knew Kim Soo-hyun was in “Giant”! How did I not know that?

      • Kim Soo Hyun is the older brother when they were young. Giant is too long in my opinion, there were things in it that were too melodramatic for my taste. I know it is considered a masterpiece but to me it had flaws. However the first part of it, when the protagonista are children is indeed perfect. Production value is very high. You feel the epicness. And yes Kim Soo Hyun was very good, Although my favorite was Yeo Jin Goo. I heard of Sirius! Ill check it out since you recommend it. I had read discouraging comments.

        • Oh — I’m surprised at the discouraging comments for “Sirius”! Then again — it is dark. Which is right up my alley, but I know doesn’t suit all. (Actually — that’s something to keep in mind. If you’re not a fan of darker stories you might not like “Sirius”. The first episode definitely sets the tone, so you’ll figure out really quickly if it’s something you’d enjoy.)

          I suspect I’ll be watching “You From Another Star” before “Giant” because I’m in the mood for a fun rom-com. (I’m saving up all my melodrama hunger for “Secret Love Affair”. 😀 ) But I’ll keep “Giant” in mind — even if I just watch the beginning of it.

          • Yeah it’s not like the biggest fan of Giant myself actually. It is certainly a “heavy” one in the good and bad sense. I got bored with Starman myself but Im alone in that I think hehe. I like dark stuff, even horror, weird and all kinds of strangeness! Hey remember Searching for the elephant? haha. So Ill def check Sirius out now

  4. Aw. Thanks for the lovely shout-out, Betsy!! 😀 Always an honor, and always a pleasure!

    I JUST – like this morning! – rewatched that ep of Running Man with the S2013 boys, together with Michele, Jaime & Dewaani, and I loved that moment where Jong Suk starts reading a book, calm as can be, totally NOT as if he’s about to be plunged into Running Mode at any second. Gotta love that kind of *shrug* cool!

    And. You’re watching drama with your computer’s tinny speaker??? Nooooo~~~ That would definitely compromise your enjoyment of the OSTs, and there are so many gorgeous ones! Earbuds? I ❤ my earbuds 😉

    • Oh my gosh, wasn’t that moment awesome! ♥ That whole “Running Man” episode was fun. (When Kim Woo-bin does that epic window escape and then realizes he’d outrun his camera man so it didn’t get captured on film — hilarious!)

      And of course I had to give you a shout out. 🙂 We’re practically blogging-twins and you’ve inspired me to do so many things. You’re like my positive peer pressure group. Like right this moment I’m smacking my forehead and saying, “of course — use my headphones!!” It’s the little things. 😛

      • Lol, that window escape bit WAS hilarious! Woobie’s so adorkable sometimes ^^

        Positive peer pressure group – I like the sound of that! You help inspire me too, so yay, it flows both ways! 😀 And YES PLEASE. Put those headphones to work. Kdramas would’ve never sounded so good, honest. And many of those lovely velvety male lead voices will sound even better too, hee 😉

        • And now that you point it out… Seriously — what is it about the velvety male lead voices?!? (“Velvet” is the perfect descriptor, by the way.) So many of the guys have these epically gorgeous voices and I wonder, is it something in the water? Do they take the boys aside when their voices start to break and give them special vocal lessons? Whatever it is, I hope Korea just keeps on doing it, because… it works. It totally, totally works. 😀

          • Velvety male voice? Lee Sun Kyun!!! I fall asleep to his voice almost every night.

          • Ooh… that’s not a bad way to fall asleep, at all! 😀 (Definitely part of the fun in watching “Miss Korea” — not going to lie. 😉 )

  5. Awwww great answer although I almost wanna give you “you wanna die?” face for naming Kim Soo Hyun as your annoying actor! What the…????? Hehehehe just giving ya the hard time. I’d agree with Suzy though. I dislike her (personal feeling). I love Miss Korea too! Very different, very real and down-to-earth drama I’ve seen in awhile. Thanks Bets!

    • Hah! Yeah, I knew I wasn’t going to get any, “oh, me too!” with that Kim Soo-hyun thing. But I am confident “You From Another Star” will totally cure me and someday we’ll look back on this and laugh. 😉

      And thank you for the nomination and the questions, Nelly! Even the dangerous ones. 😛

  6. ohmygoodness, this is SO LATE it ain’t even funny, but *bear hug*
    thank youuuu for the shout-out and for all your love — we wouldn’t be able to do this without you!! ❤ ❤

    • It’s never too late! (I am the Queen of Procrastination so, of course, that’s been written into the constitution of this land. 😛 )

      And you’re totally welcome. ❤

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