I Need Romance 3 (grumpy with a side of sweet)

mixed signalsWhat I dreaded came to pass and… it wasn’t that bad! In fact, I think I kind of liked it. (This is where Wan’s goofy sweetness saved the day.)

Spoilers for episodes 13 and 14 below…

I was surprised that the, “It’s him or me!” ultimatum came from Wan and not Tae-yoon. Mainly because those kind of ultimatums are usually a dick move. But, once it happened, it made sense. Tae-yoon doesn’t care enough; that’s the problem.

And Wan had realized that Joo-yeon actually liked him, even though she still didn’t realize it. (Which was hilarious. I loved that she got far enough along to realize that her relationship with Wan was cozy enough she couldn’t tell her boyfriend about it, but couldn’t quite make the leap to recognizing she loved Wan. That was so, adorably, her.)

Wan figures it out

That knowledge changed things for Wan and it made sense that he got emotional and frustrated. And it meant I actually liked it when Wan followed his ultimatum up by moving out. Because he was no longer able to support Joo-yeon keeping up a relationship with Tae-yoon. Not when it was lie.

Plus! We got that adorable rain scene where Wan grumps — out loud — that he shouldn’t be seeing her again, that he shouldn’t worry about her, and he’s just going to hang out here for the moment because it’s raining, and for no other reason at all!! grumpy rain(So apparently, if the noble idiot spells out exactly what he’s doing, and why, I’m totally cool with that move. And, let’s be honest, Joo-yeon needs things spelled out.)

And it worked! The penny finally dropped. I’ll admit I  was surprised, and slightly disappointed, that Joo-yoen’s first stop was Tae-yoon. But it was the right thing to do and it means that next week will be filled with kisses and snuggles and a really, really happy Wan. (Or at least it better be…)

In other news, Tae-yoon was both a colossal jerk (that whole thing with Min-jung’s pregnancy — good lord that’s throw-back thinking and I’m hoping Tae-yoon is wrong about how the company will react because blech) but also showed more vulnerability than I’d expected. The scene where he tells Wans no one dies from a broken heart… I liked how Namgung Min played it. angry Tae-yoonHis anger seemed less directed at Wan personally and more directed at the fact that a broken heart doesn’t kill you. Like he’s got years of resentment built up because he had to suffer and suffer and wasn’t killed by it. It explains a lot about Tae-yoon.

I’m still not interested in Hae-jee’s story, but I did like that Woo-young encouraged her to buy her own bag, rather than buying it for her.

And my love for Min-jung could not be any bigger! I loved that she became the linchpin that restored Joo-yeon’s and Se-ryung’s relationship. Min-young is unimpressedThe way she pricked their swollen pride with a few eye rolls and a, “seriously, is this so hard?” was awesome and I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. With both Se-ryung and Joo-yeon on her side, I’m hoping Min-jung’s single parenthood won’t get her fired. (Though, after his strawberry-induced breakdown, I’m pretty sure Min-seok will stick around and be a dad. Man buys a tester-baby, that’s a pretty good sign right there.)

So I’m expecting everything to wrap-up in a grand finale of hearts and puppies and kisses. Should be fun!



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