Weekly Drama Check-in Post (happy watching)

waffles!Hurray for marathons! My drama-viewing this week was very staid and healthy. I watched all of Aftermath. (A drama with really short episodes — about 8 minutes or so — and maybe ninety minutes long, total. Especially when you take out all the closing credits.) And I managed to keep up with I Need Romance 3. But, then! Yesterday, I was able to dive back into Miss Korea — which had been languishing in “I need to get back to you” land — and watched all the way up the halfway point! It was delicious.

It always feels a bit decadent to arrive at a cliffhanger and have all these emotions (did she win? did he lose? are they going to die?!?)… and then just click into the next episode and get my emotions answered. Like I’m cheating somehow. But it’s totally worth it!

cupcake!(Except for the way the analytical side of my heart starts pushing for me to write a post on what that last episode said about the male gaze and female empowerment and does one necessarily cancel out the other. But by the time all that comes out, Emotional’s clicked the play button and Analytical needs to hush up and pass the popcorn. Emotional is a pushy broad. But that’s why I love her.)


6 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (happy watching)

    • Having both sides of my heart engaged is always a good thing. 😉 I’m loving Miss Korea so much right now and thinking it might be one to re-watch with the husband. Which I did not expect based on premise alone.

      Aftermath was… eh. Which is a step above “meh” — but not a huge one. It’s a really intriguing premise and it starts off well. (And it was really nice seeing Kim Min-suk again — who was the cutie keyboardist in Shut Up Flower Boy Band and then disappeared right off the drama-map.) But the story quickly becomes disjointed with a bunch of unanswered questions that seem suspiciously like plot-holes… and then it ends. It’s really short though. Which is what saved it from “meh”.

  1. Hee! I love how you manage to entertain us even with your quick drama check-in posts! 😀 I especially love the epic power struggle between Emotional & Analytical – and how Analytical ends up just passing the popcorn! XD

  2. So have you watched Miss Korea to the end? I would so appreciate a series review. I just can’t stop finding good things about it.

    • Only 3 episodes left!!! I am so, so loving “Miss Korea” right now and I have the highest hopes that it’s going to pay back my love with an awesome ending. ♥ And I can promise I’ll do both a spoiler-filled, emotional reaction post, and then a little further on, when I’ve given myself time to process, I’ll do a review.

      Thanks for asking, KS! 😀

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