I Need Romance 3 (I learned something, today!)

double stink-eyeI learned two things in these episodes. First, I tried to force too much deepness into Wan in the last episodes. He really is just that sweet — “dark times” need not apply. And that’s not a bad thing! I tend to prefer characters with hidden depths, but that’s not the kind of story being told. And sometimes light and frothy is good. (I’ll admit it: the giraffe helped. A lot.)

The second thing I learned is a minor spoiler, so let me do my cut thing… [Spoilers for episodes 11 and 12 below!]

Okay, the second thing I learned is, Sung Joon is skinny! Which had been slowly dawning on me throughout the show because of wardrobe choices, but the shirtless scene really drove that point home. skinny wanI was a bit surprised because I’d pictured him thicker (probably because of his voice) and it’s not like I’ve not seen him shirtless before but…

(The surprise might be a side-effect from the opposite shock that came from Lee Jong-suk‘s shower scene in I Hear Your Voice and realizing he wasn’t the skinny little thing I’d thought he was.)

And since I’m going shallow… I did love the imaginary kissing scene to bits. Even that it was imaginary — because Wan was correct. The timing still isn’t right. But it’s definitely getting there. And I kind of adore that we see Wan thinking sexy thoughts even as he’s doing his best to be the best support-system in the world as Joo-yeon figures out her heart.

not your girlAnother thing I loved was the subtle touch of Joo-yeon wearing Wan’s coat throughout the entire makeup scene with Tae-yoon. Even as she goes through the steps of having a romance with Tae-yoon, it’s still Wan she looks towards for real warmth. There is such a difference between how she is with Tae-yoon and how she is with Wan. She’s so much more relaxed and so much more honest and herself around Wan — even if the honesty is in being confused about who she is, how she’s feeling.

I’m still loving Se-ryung, so I’m still rooting for her to get Tae-yoon back. Even though at the moment I’m not seeing that he’s worth it. not disinterested to see youStill, he’s protesting far too much. When a robot has emotions he can’t control it means something. If he was really over Se-ryung he’d have just ignored her when she was waiting for him at the party — not engaged with her.

I’ve begun to have hopes for Min-jung’s beau to get it together and become a father to their baby when all is said and done. I found it really telling that he feels he comes from a long line of bad fathers and that’s why he’s so against marriage. That he sees his dad and brother as terrible fathers, that he suddenly worried that the baby could hear him say he didn’t want the baby… those are not the observations of a man who really hates the idea of fatherhood. surprise! babyIt’s the view of someone who wants to be a good father but is sure he couldn’t possibly be. It’s not a curse unless it hurts you, in other words.

Aaand, poor Hae-jee is teetering on the edge of annoying. But that’s probably because she bores me so I’m primed towards annoyance whenever she takes screen time. I didn’t like her snagging those earrings. It seemed kind of… rude? Is that unfair of me? It’s not like she knew Tae-yoon and Joo-yeon are dating, so maybe I’m being too harsh?

But, other than that minor bobble, things are ticking along as they should. Joo-yeon really does love Wan, even if she hasn’t realized it yet. But I’m thinking those realizations are going to finally come. Especially if Tae-yoon throws down a “him or me” gauntlet. (We may have some dreary separation times ahead, though. Here’s hoping that, if they do happen, they are very brief indeed.)
happy together


6 thoughts on “I Need Romance 3 (I learned something, today!)

  1. I guess I’m joining you in the “shallow” boat lol I also pictured him as a little boy as soon as I saw that scene, kinda reminded me of a Korean Michael Cera haha
    also that pic with the giraffe is hilarious:)

    • Hah! I didn’t think of Michael Cera but now that you’ve said it… 😉

      That giraffe has the best stink-face expression. (Giraffes are really good at stink-face.)

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