I Need Romance 3: (Fake it ’til you make it)

JooYeon and WanThe plot thickens! Plus, we learn some things. At least… I’m pretty sure we learn some things and it’s not just me taking a little thing and blowing it into a big thing. Which, I’ve been known to do. But, even if it is just my imagination, I feel like I’ve gotten new insight into the characters, which always makes me happy.

Spoilers for episodes 9 and 10 below…

I feel like I am finally understanding how Joo-yeon made the change from warm, emotionally wise, teenager to robot-woman. She fell for Tae-yoon at a crucial moment, after her heart had been repeatedly broken and she felt emotionally stupid and lost, and pretty much re-molded herself into his image. Robot Couple(Hero-worship is a hell of a thing.) It helped her become the power-house business woman she is, but left her friend-abilities shriveled and weak.

Thank goodness she has Wan! Whose über-awesomeness I feel like I finally understand now, too. That his mom has been so absent from his life means when he went through his dark period it must have been really dark. It hasn’t been underlined much at all. (The flashback pictures they gave us a few episodes back made it seem like Wan just got kind of grumpy and sleepy.) But learning that the only stability and real human contact in his life came from Joo-yeon’s family… It means that he lost that at a horribly young age. Since it didn’t break him, since he was able to fight past his loneliness and find a sense of worth all by himself, it doesn’t surprise me that he’s wise beyond his years.

WanIt also explains why Wan’s so selfless when it comes to Joo-yeon. If his dark time was as dark as I’m now suspecting, then Joo-yeon (or his memory of her) became his lifeline. That he’s willing to do anything to bring her up to his level of stability, even if it means losing her to another man, makes a lot more sense to me. It’s still incredibly selfless, almost unbelievably so, but there’s more to hang it on now. (This is the place where I might be blowing too much meaning into the little fact of his mother’s absenteeism. But it works for me, so I’ll run with it!)

And I love that we got to see Joo-yeon and Se-ryung as friends! Okay, so both of them were being manipulative fakers, but I actually think it worked for them. I think that they both had so much fun being friends it kind of stuck. I really, really, really love that their mutual interest in Tae-yoon is more tied up in each other than him. It’s not a dynamic you usually see in a love-triangle involving two women and one man. In this case, I feel like the show is placing the most importance on the relationship between Se-ryung and Joo-yeon. SeRyung and JooYeonTae-yoon is almost a by-the-way. And I suspect his and Joo-yeon’s robot-dating will do more to help Joo-yeon realize the importance of Se-ryung’s friendship than anything else.

(I would love to get more insight into why Se-ryung is so deeply in love with Tae-yoon. I believe that she is — even if she’s not sure how to explain it — but I don’t understand it the same way I can understand why she and Joo-yeon make such a great pair. Though… it won’t kill the show if it doesn’t get explained. It’s more a side story after all, so I can take it on faith.)

In other news: I’m adoring Min-jung’s storyline now. Watching Joo-yeon make her deer-in-headlights face whenever Min-jung needs emotional support never gets old. Plus, the emotional support is finally happening! Bonus! And the whole routine with Min-suk hunting Min-jung down… hilarious!

Not so hilarious is Hee-jae’s storyline. It’s not bad really. Just, kind of boring. Woo-jung is adorable (love that he tracks their cycles) but… ain’t nothing new in an office romance so… It’s just a thing that is happening.

Cooking "together"Fortunately, those bits are brief and we’re quickly returned to more important scenes. Like Wan making dinner while Joo-yeon “supervises” — because that’s the kind of adorable that never gets old.


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