Weekly Drama Check-in Post (busy,busy,busy)

Seriously. So busy. Not in a bad way — things are getting done. But the past month has been stuffed full and this month hasn’t been much better… It’s kind of amazing I’ve posted at all, honestly.

I say “amazing,” but in a weird way, having my off-line life so filled to the gills has made me more efficient in cranking out posts. I started this blog partially to prove to myself I had the discipline to write regularly. And I don’t want to prove myself wrong, darn it! So the postings have continued.

But there has been a price. Where I’ve fallen down is in keeping up with my community’s postings. I breeze through my reader and I see awesome posts that look like they’ll be fun and interesting reads but… the clock pushes me onwards (post or die!). So I’m feeling sadly disconnected from what everyone is up to. ignoring you photoI’m looking forward to a window where I can go back to the posts the pricked my interest and settle in for some good reading.

So if I seem like I’ve been blogging with blinders on… I kind of have, actually. Which isn’t as fun and I’m feeling a bit like a bad blogger (all self-interested and such). But at least I recognize the issue?

In semi-related news — I am so, so close to finishing my Liebster post. I can see the shining light of the finish up ahead… so when I say it should be out sometime soon, this time I really mean it!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (busy,busy,busy)

  1. Aw. Busy Betsy. I feel you. I’ve been really busy myself, and it’s been a challenge keeping up with everyone else’s posts. I’ve sort of gotten through the worst of my off-line busy stretch, so now I’m just catching up on posts that I need to finish. And then, once you’ve got some breathing room, we’ll finally be able to play, us two ^^

    Don’t feel too bad, though.. We all know how it gets sometimes. I think it’s been an unusually busy period for many of us. It’ll be great to have you properly back, once RL permits! In the meantime, FIGHTING!! *fist pump* 😀

    • I’m looking forward to us playing! 😀 The good thing is, my love for dramas and blogging and such hasn’t died down at all. If anything, being this busy and disconnected makes me more appreciative of them. So there’s that! 🙂

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