A Wife’s Credentials (loving it! so, so much!!)

lights posterI am forcing myself to stop and write up my thoughts and feelings before diving into episode 12. (I meant to stop at episode 10, but the pull was too strong — too strong!)

Spoilers through episode 11 below…

I really admire how the show’s handling the ugliness that is divorce, not with a false sugar-coating, but just pushing on through it. Because it’s a messy process and kids get hurt and shaken up, but in the end it can be such a necessary thing. And it’s so, so obvious that Yoon Seo-rae is better now that she’s out of that family.

(Oh, how I wish she could take Gyeol with her! And that she’d gotten herself a good attorney! Though… I’m guessing the laws are different in S.Korea so maybe an attorney couldn’t have done anything for her? But I seriously cringed when I realized she did all the divorce paperwork on her own. She needed the divorce attorney from Can We Get Married? on her side.)

I loved that little side moment when the power-moms were gossiping about Seo-rae getting “thrown-out” and that one mom began weeping with jealousy, because of the domestic abuse she was suffering under. It was so poignant, and kind of sadly funny, because — though they all saw themselves as the “good moms” or even the “best moms” from top, outstanding families — colorblock photoobviously their lives were not all that great. It showed the rotten core of the lives they’re working so hard to maintain.

Further evidence of the rotten core is how Miss Holier-than-thou Sister-in-law, Myung-jin, is encouraging her daughter to cheat to win. Which should not be necessary since the daughter has shown herself to be quite smart and capable. But that need to be the best of the best… One of those things that make you weep for the future. And also underlines how testing really aught to be just one aspect used to judge a child’s abilities.

I will say, I’m surprised and saddened that Teacher Hong is playing a part in that. I was hoping (and still kind of am, to be honest) that she was setting Myung-jin and family up for a fall. But — despite my hope — I think it’s a comment on Teacher Hong’s own ruthless desire to get ahead. cast photoWhich pretty much sums up why Kim Tae-oh became increasingly uncomfortable in their marriage.

I’m hoping that all these hens come home to roost and the cheating is discovered and various heads roll. Which will bring a certain amount of Schadenfreude for me with that ginormous ass, Sang-jin, and his equally empty and assy family. (How much did I love Seo-rae’s kneeing him in the groin than flipping him to the ground? Way too much, that’s how much.)

Okay! I think I’ve shared all the thoughts I have to share… on to episode 12!


4 thoughts on “A Wife’s Credentials (loving it! so, so much!!)

  1. Didn’t Seo Rae whack him on the head too? Or is that just me and my wish fulfilment? I think I literally did a dance of joy at that moment. I love Seo Rae’s sister too and her ban chan-making ahjumma network who tell us alot about this world. It’s so densely populated this show! The details!!

    • I’ve seen more episodes and… she does hit him in the head! And it was glorious! (I hoped, when you mentioned it, that it happened in a later scene. I was so, so pleased to be right. 😉 )

      Oh, the ahjumma network! The layering of this show is so, so awesome. (I love Seo-rae’s sister, too. There’s that lovely scene where she defends her to one of the ahjummas and the monologue and the way she delivers it and the way it’s shot… it’s such a simple but beautiful and edifying scene)

      • Oh no so sorry I spoiled it! I only remembered one scene where she goes at him and somehow I must hv bundled them all together. My bad… How awesome is her sis??

        One of the things I adore about this show is that nothing is throwaway, everything has meaning, even the silences and the stillness. It’s feels efficient, compact but never rushed. Gaah I love it so.

        • No worries at all! It wasn’t really a spoiler because I didn’t know if you’d misremembered. So I just got a gleeful kick out seeing my hope fulfilled in the later episode. 😉

          I just finished the last episode and I’m totally going to write up a reaction post because there are so many thoughts I have but… yeah, the way they’d hold onto a scene, letting it play out a little longer than usual so you’d get these extra little beats. Such incredible storytelling, without having to say a word.

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