I Need Romance 3: (things are looking up!)

puppyeyesWow. It’s almost like the show read my last post and decided to soothe all my worries away. Which means I’m back to being happy! Always a better way to watch.

[Spoilers for episodes 7 and 8 below!]

First and foremost, Min-jung is pregnant!?! Totally unexpected twist. That the news was delivered by a warm and caring female doctor tells me that the previous cold, male doctor was a choice — not utter tone-deafness from the storytellers. That they were such a stark contrast to each other means he was meant to get the viewers rankled. Which, phew.

pregnantMinJungI’m still not thrilled with the early menopause storyline. But at least I’m seeing some logic outside of the “punish the single and independent female character” theory. I think they’re wanting Min-jung’s pregnancy to be a “now or never” thing so that it’s more realistic that a happily single and career focused woman in her mid-thirties would choose single parenthood. I wish they’d come up with a different means of making the decision such a stark one (have a child now or have a child never), but at this point I can live with it.

I’m also pleased to see that the love-triangle is Joo-yeon nursing a one-sided crush rather than the two men vying for her affections (which was my fear). It means I’m back to seeing Wan as the endgame. Which is my preferred choice because he’s adorable, but also because it means the story is focused on Joo-yeon getting strong and whole. helping JooYeonRather than her submitting to Tae-yoon (and thereby strengthening him), the story is more about Wan being awesome to Joo-yeon. Which I like!

It does mean Wan is heading pretty far into unrealistically awesome territory. (Helping the woman you love pick out an outfit then driving her to her date with the other guy? That’s pretty darn upstanding right there.) But… I’m okay with it. In a lighthearted rom-com — which this is — having the guy be practically perfect is all part of the fantasy, right?

And we’ve gotten to know more about Se-ryung! I’m relieved that she really does care for Tae-yoon, it’s not just a pride thing. And I loved that we saw her vulnerable. Not that I don’t love her strength! SeRyung is sadBut knowing that her strength takes effort sometimes — it makes her more relatable and makes her strength feel more real.

(Side note: I’m glad the jacket wasn’t actually a sabotage. It would have made Se-ryung really, really petty. And it would have undermined Joo-yeon’s own fashion judgement. If anything, it just underlined that they’re pushing a fairly fashion-forward line and really do need a celebrity name like Se-ryung’s to make the items move.)

And then there’s Tae-yoon, who is not practically perfect as it turns out.

TaeYoon is an ass

Sometimes, he’s a big ole’ butt.

But I do like that he has issues to work through (at least, I hope the show recognizes that his blowup at Se-ryung was more his issue than hers — I thought she was being quite reasonable) because it means he and Se-ryung will be working on their relationship together. Which I prefer to him somehow “taming” her. Or him ending up with Joo-yeon.

Actually, I kind of suspect Wan will be quietly assisting Se-ryung in the background. And I suspect he’ll have a hand in reconciling Se-ryung and Joo-yeon, too. friendsHe at least headed off Se-ryung’s suspicions that Joo-yeon was in cahoots with Tae-yoon’s cold, “with-another-lady-on-our-date” move. (Wan really is the Mary Poppins character in a lot of ways. Just as long as he doesn’t fly away at the finish.)

There really is a strong fairytale aspect to the drama. (Despite their constantly saying this isn’t a fairytale and that they’re being really, real here, darn it!) Not only from Wan’s near perfectness, but also from Joo-yeon’s really specific flaw. I find her just as adorable as I do Wan, but I have a hard time reconciling the young girl who so wisely counseled little Sweet Potato about matters of the heart with the robot woman Joo-yeon has become.

But I’m totally okay with this being less realism and more allegorical! For one, I love robot Joo-yeon. Her deer-in-the-headlights panic when Min-jung made to weep on her shoulder was so, so hilarious…


…as was Wan’s reaction when she told him about it.


And I love how Wan is gently leading her into opening up her heart and getting her humanity back. It makes for a very sweet romance and a lovely twist on the usual cold, hard man being softened by a good woman.

So I’m pleased! And just in case the show is reading my posts and custom-tailoring the show to my exact needs: More kisses between Joo-yeon and Wan please!

more sweet Wan

Wan is totally ready.


6 thoughts on “I Need Romance 3: (things are looking up!)

  1. Maybe it’s because I’m just a weird drama watcher, but all the reasons you listed for loving INR3 are the reasons I don’t love INR3. I felt far more attached to the first and second seasons (which everyone loves throwing pitchforks at). Given how much I didn’t get a attached to the second leads, (I actually loathed CJH’s character), it’s probably the string of perfect men that turns me off and makes me roll my eyes, but who knows. However, I do know that the INR franchise knows its leads from day one, and the shows are about its female leads finding what they really want despite the ups and downs and lefts and rights involved. Wan is end game; I’m 99% sure of this–even if I reject his brand of “almost perfectness.”

    In any case, thanks for the review of the show! ^^

    • I don’t think you’re weird! 🙂 Fairytales, or hyper-realities, or too-good-to-possibly-be-true, or however you want to title it are definitely not for everyone. We all have our preferred genres or types or what have you. And this version of the INR franchise is definitely not as realistic as the last two outings. (Not that the last two were totally, slice-of-life realism… but they were a lot closer than this third one.) I did except a more realistic story, but my love of both leads is strong enough, and my comfort level with this sort of glossier-than-reality world is high enough, that I can easily roll with the changed expectations. However, I’m not surprised it’s not hitting the sweet spot of all viewers. (I know some viewers see Wan’s almost perfectness as intrusive, passing nice and heading right into “nice guy” territory. So, there’s that.)

      (For me, a huge reason I disliked the last two INR’s was that they picked the exact flaw that most gets under my skin. I don’t like secret-keeping at all, and that’s what both leading men were struggling with, and didn’t overcome to my satisfaction. Realizing, of course, that my satisfaction would require a complete and total reversal of that sort of behavior — which might not be a realistic expectation. 😉 So… Not my cup of tea.)

      Anyway — thanks for reading! 😀

      • I totally agree about the secret keeping being a turn off. It was for me, and to be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of all the leading men in general. INR was awesome because the two side ladies were so memorable. I don’t think either 2 or 3 will ever be able to top that.

        • I totally agree about the two friends in the first one. The second one, they felt a little more pasted on (at least, they seemed detached from what the leading lady was going through, if I’m recalling it correctly). And of course, in this one the whole point is our leading lady doesn’t have any friends. (Though I’m hoping that will change and she and Se-ryung will mend their fences.) It definitely changes the feel of the show in that sense, too.

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