Weekly Drama Check-in Post (dropping dramas)

eeewwww!!!There are two ways, I’ve realized, that I drop a drama. One is very dramatic and impossible to miss. The story has managed to make me mad, it’s not worth the emotional toil involved, I declare, “I am done with you!” and there you have it. The drama is dropped. Level 7 Civil Servant was felled by that sword. So was You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin.

Then there’s the second way. I’m not angry; I’m bored. A part of me is still hoping things will turn around. Or — not even turn around really, because I don’t fully realize how much the story has lost me. There’s still some elements that pique my interest — characters I’m curious about, questions I’m mildly invested in answering. sleepyAnd yet… not interested, curious, or invested enough to pick that particular drama out of the slew of dramas to choose from.

I don’t so much drop that sort of drama then let it slide quietly away. For a long while I’m sure I’ll pick it back up again. You know, when the mood strikes. Who Are You? sank into that muddy abyss. (Though it made more of a plop — I remember having a very definitive realization that I wasn’t going to continue watching.) So did Unstoppable High Kick. Sliding away so quietly I’ve only just now realized I dropped it.

I’ve dropped King’s Family.

It’s weird because, when I was in the midst of watching, I found it very addictive. I purposely waited for 10 episodes to be available so I could enjoy a lovely little mini-marathon. MotherDaughterBut after waiting for this latest batch… I’m just not interested anymore. Somewhere between the end of episode 30 and now, the show cooled on me. I realized we were up to episode 40 and now we’re a good chunk beyond 40 and… I’m just not that interested in going back into that world. So, so long King’s Family! You were entertaining. For a time.

liebster awardIn other news: I am so, so complimented and thrilled by the Liebster Nominations I’ve received! I’m working away on the questions (such fun questions!) and should have something out at some point next week.

I also really need to get a move on getting some reviews done. The list is growing and will continue to grow and… Okay, I was going to say I won’t watch another episode of A Wife’s Credentials until I’ve written a review but that would be a lie. However! I must, must, must get some reviews written this week! (One at least, though two would be nice.)

Productivity! I can do it!


18 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (dropping dramas)

  1. Yup! been there done that, some are categoric definite drops, some are on hold that remain on hold forever :p Those make me a bit anxious tbh, sometimes I feel that I should either really drop them or finish them, that in between situation makes me feel like I have an uncompleted to do list or something

    • Blergh — the anxiety of the uncompleted to do list! It almost, almost got me to watch a King’s Family episode. It was my mental pushback — that, “but I don’t waaaant to!” whine — that clued me into the fact that the blush was well off that drama’s rose. 😉

  2. Hee. Your dramatic drama drop (Ooh! Alliteration!) is super cute. And I do identify with the drama slide as well. Stuff just kind of slides off your radar and kinda doesn’t slide back on. But culling is better than pushing on to the bitter end. There’re too many other dramas in the sea to be tied to ones that just aren’t working out ^^

    And the Liebsters! I’m looking forward to reading your Liebster post! I wrote and wrote for hours yesterday, and finally gave in to the reality that I was NOT going finish my Liebster post before crawling into bed. Ha. Today! That’s my target!

    Productivity! We can do eet! 😀

    • Yes! Because the space you free up is just waiting to be filled with another, hopefully more worthy, contender. 😀 (It took me a while to realize that, but I’m glad I did!)

  3. Hi BetsyHp! Sorry to hear you dropped King’s Family, just when I recently got hooked and wanted to chat with you about it. It’s ok I understand. 🙂 But if I may, I’ll go ahead and share what I like about it. I like its Family Motto, how the main parents instill it on their daughters, and yet they sometimes forget to practice it too (that I don’t like). I like the stories of the 3 daughters – how they make mistakes and learn from them with the help (or lack of it) from their family and extended family. I think how their stories unfold or their married problems get solved is what’s addicting about this drama. While I cringe whenever there’s a shouting match or when the main Mom’s character goes on a tirade, I got a kick out of the grandmother’s favorite expression “egh, hyo, hyo, hyo …” 🙂 I love how despite the many shouting matches, the Family sticks together. Then there’s Lee Yoonji whom I find portraying her character well as usual and that makes me want to root for her…This drama reminds me of “Dandelion Family” where Lee Yoonji also plays one of 3 daughters. But I like the King’s Family more. So if ever there is a slow day in your kdrama viewing schedule 😉 please feel free to resume watching King’s Family. I think you’ll find ep 31 and onwards still entertaining. Aside from the ongoing conflicts and the supporting characters’ secondary story lines, Gwangbak starts living in a new world (to borrow your term) and later on Subak finds herself living in a different world than she’s accustomed to. Oh, I look forward to seeing how these 2 sisters survive their new worlds…Have a good week! 🙂

    • Oh no! 😦 Such bad timing, too, because when I was watching I was so fully onboard.

      I adore the grandmother’s “egh, hyo, hyo, hyo”! I totally say it around the house when something annoying needs doing (like the dishes). I’ll also say, I’m still curious about what the littlest sister is up to. I’m quite sure she’s not heading towards law school.

      I’ll never say never. For one thing “King’s Family” is ripe for a certain kind of mood. I’m not in it right now, but when I do, I may pick it back up. (Though… One thing holding me back — I was really outdone with Heo Se-dal’s treatment of Ho-bak and I’m afraid they’re going to reconcile in the future and I want none of it! So… there’s that.)

      I hope your week’s been good! It was good hearing from you, Bashful. 🙂

  4. I used to be like whatever I started, I need to finish. But these days, I feel like I’m dropping dramas left and right! I also dropped Level 7 Civil Servant as much as I loved watching Joo Won.
    I agree, sometimes dramas are boring enough….they just totally slip off my radar.

    • Ah, that compulsion to finish what you’ve started — I know it well. 😉 But there are so many dramas out there, and more arriving every day… The realization that dropping a drama is okay, that there’s no didn’t-finish-police out there ready to slap my wrist, was such a good realization to have. 🙂

      • That so true! No drama police are going to hunt me done for not finishing something! I learned to stick to the gems I uncover and drop the rest real fast! I have gotten much more picky and don’t even watch RomComs that much anymore! I used to love those, but not they are getting too repetitive for me.

        • Finding a gem is always so awesome, isn’t it? It’s those moments that make dropping worth it. Because why delay when there’s a hidden lovely out there just waiting to be discovered?

          I haven’t hit the point where the RomComs are repetitive. Yet. I’m sure it’ll come, though, because they do have their formula. 😉 Though again, when you find one that plays with the formula to create something awesome — victory! 😀

          • It is! Especially if it is an underrated drama! Whenever that happens, I try to convince my friends to watch it! They are always like..noooo…at first, but end up being fanatical about it afterwards !

            That’s true! There are still RomComs I enjoy…my confession..Man from Another Star. Hahahaha, aliens aren’t very common. XD

          • Oh, getting other people to share your love of an unappreciated (or overlooked) gem is the best feeling in the world! I love it when that happens. 🙂

            I’ll be marathoning Man from Another Star when it’s done. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. 😀

          • I just finished “A Wife’s Credentials” — it’s a wonderful slice-of-life drama, but one that takes a biting look at a certain segment of S.Korean society.

            Also, “Sirius” which is a 4 episode drama special (it’s on KBS World’s Youtube channel) about twin brothers — one a cop, the other a murderer.

            Or another drama special would be “Medley of Youth” (also on KBS World’s Youtube channel). It’s a sweet, nostalgic, coming-of-age story.

            Oh! If you’ve not seen “Return of Iljimae” (the Jung Il-woo one) I recommend it as well. It’s quite different from other historical dramas.

            And… that’s all I can think of off the top of my head. 😉

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