Weekly Drama Check-in Post (drive-by-posting)

Calvin and Hobbes FlightThis is going to be a quick post, so let’s get to it!

Things I accomplished this week: I got the Reactions page up! The hardest part was cutting down on the explaining. There’s… still a lot of explaining — but not as much as before. Progress!

In drama news, I finished my re-watch of Sungkyunkwan Scandal and it was lovely and I’m totally looking forward to writing up a glee-filled Reaction post. (And then add it to the Reactions page… everything’s connected!)

Plans for next week: The side bar thingamabobs! I’ve actually begun tinkering, but there’s more tinkering to be done. So I expect you’ll be seeing things come and go and then come back slightly tweaked.hangulguy …and then go again for further tweaking. Should be fun!

I’ve just started Medley of Youth, a four episode drama-special, and the first episode was perfect and I’m so, so looking forward to the next three! (I have to say, there’s a certain magic to the shorter drama-specials. I’ve not watched many, but I’ve really enjoyed the ones I have seen.)

Aaand done! Forward we go.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (drive-by-posting)

  1. ‘Medley of Youth’ is a lovely little drama, one of my favourites from last year. I loved just about everything about it. Kwak Dong Yun is certainly a young man to keep tabs on, very promising indeed. Boy’s a natural. 🙂 He’s been wowing viewers @ ‘Inspiring Generation’ as the teen counterpart of KHJ’s char during the past 2 weeks. Boy must have been very busy as he is also a band trainee (guitar and vocals) at FNC.

    • He’s doing such a good job playing the dork who’s trying to play it cool but can’t manage to contain his inner dorkiness. Adorable! (I also just realized he played the young Prince Dong Pyung in Jang Ok Jung! Very cool! He was good there — though he didn’t have a ton to do.)

      Also! Kwak Jung-wook, in a polar opposite role from his School 2013 one. Again. (I love how much he changes things up.)

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