Liebster Award!

liebster awardI’ve received a Liebster nomination! Which is always awesome. It’s such a fun getting-to-know you meme. I received a few last year, but it’s been a little while so I’m doing a whole new post. The rules shifted a tiny bit; these are them:

The Rules:

  1. Each nominee link back the person who nominated them.
  2. Answer 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.
  3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.
  4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
  5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

First up! Okay — actually this is a little (or a whole lot) embarrassing, but I was nominated by Bimbobunny of It’s a Fangirl’s Wonderland at the end of summer last year. And I promised to answer her questions (was excited to answer them!) and then things got a little crazy and… I forgot. *facepalm* So, under the heading of better late than never, I give you Bimbobunny’s questions:

1) What are your dreams for the future? Hmm…. I could go honest or flippant, small or big, realistic or sky’s-the-limit… Let’s go big and terrifyingly honest. I dream of becoming a published novelist. The next Donna Tartt. She’s totally the sky and I’m aiming for it. (Even if I don’t hit it, should make for an interesting journey. Right?)

2) What influenced and made you want to start blogging? I was talking to a published writer and she said writers must have a blog. So… here I am.

3) What is your greatest accomplishment in life… so far? I can’t really point to one big thing. I feel like my accomplishments have been a matter of small steady steps — not all that grand in and of themselves, but forming something noteworthy when put together. (I hope!)

4) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Be more confident? She asked, trepidatiously… Yeah — more confident.

5) Any final words? Good questions! I hope I didn’t come across too emo… (Yay, confidence!)

Calvin and Hobbes + Douglas Addams

Next up! Brightfotini of Bright Little World asks

1) Why do you like dramas so much? They end. Seriously — that’s a huge difference from the television I’m used to — where the arcs go on for ages and someone can have amnesia for an entire season. (I’m talking 26 episodes here.) That k-dramas give us a completely story-arc and a reasonable pace? Too awesome to miss.

2) What was your first drama? If you hadn’t liked it would you still have continued watching dramas? I’m from the Boys Over Flowers generation. And… that’s not really a good drama and yet, I kept watching. I think that the pace moved — no matter how silly or over-the-top the story got — it meant I was willing to give the next drama a try. And the next one. Then the one after that…

3) Give us one tip for balancing everything out- real life and watching dramas and blogging, please? Hah! The holy grail, the magic elixir, the answer to life, the universe, and everything, you mean? Well — for me, I try not to worry about keeping up with anyone. I watch what I watch and post what I post. Sometimes the posts are well-thought out reviews, sometimes they’re off-the-cuff reactions. Sometimes I’m really productive, sometimes not so much.

4) Have you ever tried soju or makgeolli? No. I’m much more tempted by the food — especially the soups. Those look so delicious and comfy and warm!

5) What are the top 5 places you would like to visit one day? S.Korea (obviously), Japan, Turkey, Ireland, and Argentina.

6) Tell us 5 random facts about yourself. (1) I prefer lakes to oceans. (2) I’d rather learn cross-country skiing than downhill. (3) I love dark chocolate. (4) I got stared down by a tiger once (in a zoo, thank goodness — because it was scary even with the bars). (5) I think the melancholy call of a loon, on a moonlit night beside a gently lapping lakeshore, is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.

calvin and hobbes

This is not the face that tiger was making…

And finally! Love Bug of Love Bug’s Obsessions asks

1) What inspired you to first start your blog? As answered above — advice from a writer.

2) What would you say is the hardest part about blogging? Doing it. Seriously — the blank page that needs filling has always been the biggest hurdle for me to get over.

3) Have you ever encountered bloggers slump and if so how did you overcome it? Not a huge one, but when I come back from a long break (a vacation, say) it can be harder for me to fill that blank page. A lot of, “no one really cares,” thoughts come rushing in and I have to fight it right up until the moment I push the “publish” button. At that point I do it just to do it. And then someone will “like” the post or leave a comment and I’ll feel all warm and validated and the next post is a tiny bit easier.

4) Is there a drama character that has the same personality traits as you? Go Dok-mi from Flower Boy Next Door. Not so much the debilitating fear, but her quietness and preferring to avoid crowds and such.

5) Which actor or actress do you feel is underrated or less well known? Lee Yoo-bi was amazing in Gu Family Book and I’d love to see her in something that really showcased her talent. (She’s a young, up and comer, though — so I’m not too worried.)

6) If you could change the ending of any drama, what would it be and why? I’d change the ending of That Winter the Wind Blows so it made story-sense. That way the beauty would have a story worthy of it.

7) What is your favorite post that you have written? Hmm… I don’t really have one. I mean, I feel like I keep on pushing myself to write better, so… whatever I write next?

8) Which is harder to write, drama recaps or reviews? I don’t write recaps, so that’s probably your answer! Seriously though — to include all that detail and stay witty and entertaining? My hat’s off to recappers.

9) Do comments and viewers really matter to you as a blogger? They certainly help! I’m not aiming for the most readers or anything — but if I were writing in a total vacuum I think it’d be hard to keep going. I love that I get viewers and I absolutely adore comments. Part of the fun is having some back and forth. There’s a sense of community that forms that I really enjoy.

10) If you weren’t a blogger, what would you be doing instead? Probably haunting DramaBeans and writing far too long and detailed comments.

Calvin and Hobbes -- writing

And now it’s my turn! First up, the nominees:

And now the questions:

  1. If you had one k-drama to use to convert some young innocent into a fellow k-drama fan, what drama would that be? (Or TW-drama or J-drama, if you’d prefer…)
  2. What drama trope would you most like to experience?
  3. If you could hang out for a whole day with a drama character, what drama character would you choose?
  4. What advice would you give to a brand new blogger?
  5. Ocean, lake, or river?

And there you have it! I’m obviously bending the rules a little (10 is hard) but that’s the cool part of this meme — it can shift as it goes.

Calvin and Hobbes Flight


30 thoughts on “Liebster Award!

  1. More Liebster! Congrats! Though I’m not surprised cos you are so, so awesome 🙂 I received one recently, and while I won’t pass it on – intentionally breaking the rule here haha – I do intend to list some of my fave bloggers and pssst the list includes you! Expect a ping back soon 🙂

    • Aww, thank you. ♥ And rules are made to be broken — especially the Liebster… it’s like hug-o-war — there’s no losing and rule switches make it even more fun. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your Liebster! Well deserved b’cos I do enjoy reading your posts. And thanks for nominating me too! I’ll be taking a while to answer your questions though…

    • Thanks! And I was pleased to nominate you. 🙂 I think the best part about this whole thing is directing traffic to other bloggers. No worries at all about how quickly you answer. I made Bimbobunny wait six months or so I have no ticking clock to fling. 😉

    • Hee! If that ever happens it’ll be an explosion of happiness heard ’round the world. 😀

      And you are most definitely welcome. I look forward to reading your answers!

  3. Thanks so much for answering my questions! I definitely agree with you on the blank page bit…it can be so intimidating as a writer/blogger to overcome it but when we do its the best feeling ever!

  4. Oh the blank page with the blinking cursor…the stuff of nightmares. It mocks me all the time!! And even if you’d never mentioned you wanting to be published I totally would’ve known :). Hwating! All things are possible if you believe (and here ends my cheesy bit of encouragement) 😀

    • Aww, thanks for the cheesy encouragement… I totally turned it into a musical interlude in my head — which made it awesome! (I think the line is similar to a Disney movie song? Am I wrong?)

      • I think you’re thinking of the dreamworks animation about Moses? Can’t remember the title. The song is some showcase of appropriately epic diva balladry by Whitney and Mariah? Amirite? ;P

  5. I am absolutely in love with this round of Liebster Awards! Granted I’m such a newbie that this is my very first experience with it, but regardless its a lot of fun!

    I really enjoyed your answers! I’m a lake person too. But that might have something to do with where I live. There are a lot of amazingly beautiful lakes here that I love visiting.

    Good luck on becoming a published writer, that’s also a dream I’ve always kept on the back burner. Fighting!

    • It’s such a great way to get to know each other, isn’t it?

      I spent a lot of summers in upper Ontario lake-country, myself. So there was definitely a built-in bias. They have some gorgeous lakes up there. What neck of the woods are your lakes in?

      And thank you! My thought is, even if I try and fail — at least I tried. So it doesn’t become something I regret. (That’s what I tell myself, anyway. 😉 )

      • It really is. I have been having a blast going around and reading all the award posts!

        I’m in the US in North Idaho. We’re about 40 minutes from the Canadian border. In my area there are a few really huge and picturesque lakes that I just can’t get enough of. I grew up on the East Coast in an area that didn’t have pretty lakes, but the ocean was nearby. But it just never drew me in like some people. Then I moved out here and the views by the lakes were so breathtaking that I fell instantly in love. Especially when there are mountains on the horizon, yeah I love them.

        That is a truly goo way to think about it! If you don’t try you’ll never know if you could have done it.

        • Ah, probably formed by the same glacier… thing — or whatever it was that carved out the lakes I enjoyed. 😉 They are hard to beat. I’m by the ocean now (Southern California) but I still love those northern lakes. 😀

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  7. So I guess my previous comments never made it.. 😦 Then I guess I’m commenting again..
    It’s so great that you want to be a published novelist! I would definitely read your book(s). Hopefully your dream will come true.!
    And I would have to agree with you. The hardest part of blogging so far for me is filling the blank page I have in front of me. And especially if I haven’t post anything for a while it is so much harder.
    Loved reading your post.. 🙂

    • Oh no! I wonder what happened? I checked the Spam folder to make sure you didn’t end up in there, but I didn’t see you there… I guess sometimes technology goes wonky. 😦 But I’m glad you reposted! 😀

      Thank you for your encouragement! (Actually, I kind of hesitated to share my want-to-be-a-writer dream, but the positive feedback has been so lovely that I’m glad I did. 🙂 )

      Total, total agreement that the longer the pause between posts, the harder it is to write something. I noticed that when I was away on vacation. For some reason, just posting a “I’m back!” post felt so, so hard. Weird, isn’t it?

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