I Need Romance 3: (Head over heels…)

I am loving this show so, so, so much! How much? I forgave this hat…
that hat That’s how much. (Seriously — the hat is ridiculous. And yet, I found it adorable-ridiculous instead of the ridiculous-ridiculous it probably deserves.)

Spoilers for episodes 3 and 4 below…

So… apparently the ex-boyfriend was testing Joo-yeon. Uncool. But it panned out pretty much exactly as it should have. And apparently she wasn’t that into him since he’s pretty much gone and forgotten. I’m more interested in the fact that Joo-yeon was planning to marry him (she was expecting a proposal, right? I didn’t misinterpret that scene, did I?), because talk about not knowing herself!

I kind of love the fact that Se-ryung’s relationship with Tae-yoon broke up for similar reasons (Se-ryung testing and Tae-yoon playing it cool) because it looks at those kind of relationship games from a different perspective. TaeYoon SeRyung Apparently, Se-ryung likes to play (she expected Joo-yeon to confront her about stealing her boyfriend and Joo-yeon played it cool) and it’s cost her a friend and a boyfriend. And now it seems like she’s aiming to get both back. (I feel like that was a big motivation for her taking the job, anyway.)

So I’m wondering if there will be a lesson-learned scenario going on here? Where each couple realizes it’s better to just talk about things? I’m really, really hopeful! Se-ryung and Joo-yeon are finally fighting it out (hilariously! that gloriously petty pen fight!) which involves at least some talking moments between the acts of petty.
Pen Fight Collage

Maybe Se-ryung and Tae-yoon will talk it out, too?

(I’m so excited that it looks like we won’t be getting a love-triangle. At least, I’m not getting a romantic-vibe from either Joo-yeon and Tae-yoon, or Se-ryung and Wan. It’s so refreshing! I’m kind of burnt out on love-triangles at the moment.)

But enough about all that… Let’s talk Joo-yeon and Wan! (Or should it be, Joo-yeon and “Sweet Potato” and “Allen”?)

JooYeon and Allen

Joo-yeon and “Allen”

JooYeon and Sweet Potato

Joo-yeon and “Sweet Potato”

I’ve been adoring the way they interact — with “Allen” bringing the steamy, while “Sweet Potato” brings the cute. And I’ve been really, really pleased with the storytelling pace. Because if things weren’t moving as swiftly as they are, it could seriously kill the show.

Because Wan is lying. I didn’t hate him for it — he obviously more tripped into it than maliciously set out to deceive Joo-yeon. He did make a decision to keep the lie going (deliberately calling from his hotel phone as “Allen”, for example) but I could see he was thrilled with Joo-yeon seeing him as a man, not a snot-nosed kid. And he did drop a lot of clues…

But, still — he was lying. And the longer it went on, the more dislikable his character would have become. For me, he came clean at exactly the right moment.

JooYeon and Wan

Joo-yeon and Wan

Especially because “Allen” was already in the dog-house. It means he’s telling the truth at a moment where Joo-yeon is at her least giddy. Which means, I’m sure, that she isn’t going to laugh it off and trip off into the sunset with him. He’s going to have to atone.

Which, of course! There’s still the bulk of the story left to tell. Far too early for tripping off into the sunset and plenty of time for fallout and atonement and honest relationship building. (With the forced co-habitation thrown in for, hopefully, hilarious shenanigans.)

giddy JooYeonWhich makes me very happy indeed because I so adore this couple. Joo-yeon is awesome and I love her giddy side and her professional side and her sulky side and even her cynical side. (Though I look forward to her cynical side getting proved wrong. For her sake.) I loved that she didn’t call Wan to ask for his birthday — that she broke back into her house and then used her mad researching skills to figure it out.

giddy WanAnd I love how Wan is this delightful mixture of smooth (getting Joo-yeon to the beach, the kiss!!) and witty (pretty much all of his conversations with her) and dorky (that text typo — not calling her!!!). He’s awesome, but he’s not perfect and he knows a lot about Joo-yeon, but he doesn’t know enough to realize how big a mistake the not calling was.

I’m just really pleased to be so excited about our main couple, and to have the mystery not be will they get together, but how.

In other news… Okay, now I’ve decided Hee-jae’s boyfriend won’t be the one to dump her. She’s going to be tempted by Woo-jung, because he’s sweet and right there and not anywhere near as complicated.

And finally… That soundtrack! Seriously, can this show do anything wrong?!?

(So… obviously, I’m in the giddy, hand-holding, bicycle rides on the beach phase with this show. Please don’t have feet of clay, please don’t have feet of clay, please…)
head over heels


4 thoughts on “I Need Romance 3: (Head over heels…)

  1. I’ve been in bed with fever most of this week so I haven’t been able to watch anything, the latest epis of INR3 included. What with RL being busy before I was stuck in bed I’m SO behind with all my shows. Soon though. Skipped the whole post to avoid spoilers. 🙂

    • Oh no! I hope you’re taking good and tender care of yourself. I’m sending hugs and virtual chicken noodle soup (or whatever comfort food makes you feel especially warm and cared for) your way. 🙂 When you’re feeling a bit better, then you can settle in for some lovely marathons. (So far INR3 is doing a good job — the pace is perfect. Hopefully it’ll continue!)

      Feel better soon!

      • Thank you dear! 🙂 I’m on the mend now, though feeling still a bit woozy when I’m up for longer periods. It’s amazing how a few days in bed can strap your strength.

        I was well enough yesterday to plop myself on the couch with the remote and settled in for a nice marathon of missed epis. All cought up with ‘One Warm Word’, which has proven to be such a solid, well written drama. It’s hard on your emotions at times and I keep sniffling in my hanky but oh, how wonderful to have characters who are fully developed and feel so real. I also watched eps 5-6 of ‘Can We Love’ and….. well, there’s a reaction post brewing. A ranty one. It did give me UTW singing Beast’s Fiction and ‘dancing’ along (I may have watchd that part and what came after juuuust a few times) so not all was lost. 😀 It’s off the roster though, probably permanently, sigh.

        I’m going to tackle INR3 today!

        • I’m glad you’re feeling better. 🙂 Being able to cozy in and watch some dramas is definitely an improvement. Even if it does lead to rants. Hopefully INR3 will hit the right spot.

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