Weekly Drama Check-in Post (I’m pleased!)

I feel so darn productive! It’s strange — like I’m back in that excited-doing stage that hit me when I first started the blog and all my “down-time” was devoted to tweaking and creating. I don’t know if it’s the new year, or the blog-birthday, or what — but here’s hoping the wave lasts long enough for me to get everything done!

This past week I managed to post some content and create a full on Reviews page. Finally, all the reviews I’ve written are gathered in one place and in alphabetical order. It’s so neat and tidy! Next up: Reactions page! Which… is not so neat and tidy.

I kind of backed into doing Reaction posts — writing them before I fully recognized that they were their own category. So sometimes I covered more than one drama, and sometimes I didn’t bother labeling what episodes I was babbling on about. (*facepalm* so embarrassingly disorganized…) It’s a bit like herding cats, to be honest. But! The wrangling has begun and hopefully, I’ll have it done and up at some point next week.

And I’m watching really good drama for which there will be posts. I’m nearly done with Sungkyunkwan Scandal and I’m happily anticipating the upcoming I Need Romance 3 episodes. Yay!(Sudden realization: It’s already Monday morning in S. Korea! A new episode is mere hours away!! Of course, I do have to wait for subs…) Plus, there’s a couple of reviews what needs writing (Heirs and Answer Me:1994). So I’ve got enough to keep me occupied for the week to come.

May the productivity continue!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (I’m pleased!)

  1. Yay for blog overhauls – it’s like redecorating your house, isn’t it? 😀 Everything just feels fresh and new, and therefore kinda inspiring ^^ Goooo, Betsy!

    • Hah! Yes, I suppose you know a thing or two about refreshing changes! 😀

      Also, thanks! I’m happy with it. 🙂 It should have seemed like a no-brainer (put all the reviews… together!) but it was like a big epiphany when I had it. 😉

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