Weekly Drama Check-in Post (promises, promises)

father sonEnough about layout and color — it’s time to get back to content! This is my new vow.

I have the She is Wow review very, very, very close to done. I might even get it up by tomorrow? (Monday’s are usually pretty crazy… but it’s so close to finished!)

I finally finished watching Answer Me:1994 and I have a whole lot of different thoughts going on and I need to get them down in a Reaction post before I go crazy. They’re negative, unfortunately. Which is part of the holdup. Especially since I’m not so much angry who the husband(which can lend itself to rapid writing — the fiery glory of a good rant) as I’m disappointed. Which means there’s good stuff I don’t want to lose track of, but bad stuff that had me sighing unhappily, and I need to get the balance right.

After that is the Heirs review. Which, famous-last-words and all — but I strongly suspect that won’t take long. (“Good cast; no story; the end.”) So hopefully I’ll get that one done and out this coming week as well.

happy servant boyAnd! I have finally found some time in my schedule to settle into a nice long  Sungkyunkwan Scandal watch. The drama’s been teasing me in that I’ve only been able to catch an episode here and there. The brief glimpses have been lovely, of course. (The adorable little servant boys! How did I forget about them?) But such a bright and frothy story is made to be soaked in. So soak I shall. And then, of course, I’ll write about it.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (promises, promises)

  1. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t manage to get any drama watching squeezed in the schedule. Horror of horrors! ;P

      • Tell me about it! So many new dramas to check out and some of them even look promising at a glance. Looks can be deceiving though. 🙂

        I did manage to find time to watch the next 2 epis of ‘Can We Love’ last night and I’m still on the fence about it. There are things I like but also things I’m not so hot about and some quite meh! parts. UTW’s PD-nim is still the most interesting character and I just LOVE to watch him do his thang. 😀 I’m sorta warming up to Eugene’s char too. Still, I really don’t know if that will be enough incentive to keep watching. I haven’t been drawn into their world the way I did almost immediately with ‘One Warm Word’. Decisions, decisions….

        • I think that was the take-away lesson of 2013: “Looks can be deceiving…” 😉

          I read the very beginning of Dramabean’s recap of “Can We Love” and then stopped because it sounded intriguing and I prefer to be unspoiled with dramas I’m interested in. I’m going to wait until it’s done though. Let others get burned if it goes south — or doesn’t deliver in the first place. 😛

          I’ll be diving into “I Need Romance 3” once I have watching time — so I’ll be taking one for the team on that one if it ends badly. (Because we’ve all got to do our bit! 😉 )

          • Dramabeans recap made it sound better than it is, imho but then that’s just how I feel. Hard to please as usual. *g*

            I’m about to give INR3 a go too. Maybe next weekend, if RL allows. Fingers crossed it agrees with me better than the other two. I’m also going to sample Age of Feeling….

          • Age of Feeling is one I’m keeping a quiet eye on. All ads make it sound completely up my alley — but… “Basketball”.

  2. Re: Age of Feeling – “but…. Basketball” indeed. Add to that the fact that I didn’t like Gaksital at all + wasn’t too hot on ‘Capital Scandal’ either, so I’ve started to think that the era does not agree with me. LOL!

    Btw. INR3 is a go! I just watched the first two epis (unexpected opportunity, yay! :P) and really liked them. It’s early days yet but it feels like they took the best bits of the earlier seasons and went on from there. Of course it helps that I really like the leads, both the actors and the characters. The supporting cast ain’t bad either. Let’s just hope things won’t go south further down the line.

    • I’ve only seen Gaksital (which I did like — but I like that sort of epic battle of good and evil stuff) so I can’t comment on the specific era… But I do tend to like historicals and it’s an era not often covered so it brings that unique factor. So I’m ready to like it, but it’s not an automatic watch.

      I’ve finally seen the first two eps of INR3 and I like it toooo! 😀 Yes, early days, indeed — there’s still plenty of time to take a turn towards horrifying. But as of now — I’m totally onboard! 😀 (I hope to have a Reaction post up later on today.)

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