Weekly Drama Check-in Post (I’m back!)

 HomeSweetHome by Nayla SmithI’m back! Not… that I actually went anywhere. But the husband had some time off (finally!) and we had a cozy, nesting vacation wherein we went shopping and cooked things and watched various television shows together. It was so, so lovely!

And, under the heading of “even better!” — we watched I Hear Your Voice. Which was kind of hilarious in that I’d just finished my own personal rewatch. But we wanted something with an ending (which is such a huge attraction with k-dramas — seriously, one of their main selling points for me) and something funny and exciting and I Hear Your Voice fit the bill beautifully.

My husband’s an attorney and he did some criminal law back in his general practice days and he was highly amused by both Hye-sung and her “get ’em in, move ’em out” factory-line philosophy and Attorney Cha’s uber-idealism. Especially when Attorney Cha’s rose-colored bubble got well and truly burst.

And actually, that goes towards why we both found the drama such an entertaining and addictive watch. It set up problems and then solved them almost immediately. There wasn’t a ton of mystery to the drama — the husband guessed most of the plot points before they happened — but the story wasn’t dependent on one particular mystery for its tension. Or at least — if you consider the romance the main mystery (will they get together and stay together?) — there were several different mysteries and plot beats supporting the overarching one. watching tv photo tvwatching_zps5609b6c3.jpgSo there was neither the need, nor the time, to drag a particular beat (like Soo-ha’s trial) on and on and on.

I suspect that is a truth about all the good dramas — they keep their plots moving by providing a healthy amount of mini-complications within the overarching storyline. More work for the writer in coming up with all those ideas, but it’s so noticeable when that work isn’t done. *cough* Heirs *cough* (I think it’s how some otherwise notably bad dramas become a crack-o-licious watch. Sure, nothing makes sense — but there’s a whole lot of something going on.)

happy typing!And that was my deep drama-thoughts!

Looking forward into the new year… I’m eager to dive back into my Sungkyunkwan Scandal rewatch. And I think I’ll be following that up with A Wife’s Credentials (sadly unavailable on my usual streaming sites) because I’ve decided I’ve waited long enough.

I’ve been hearing really good buzz around You From Another Star so it’s earned a place on my “to marathon” list. I haven’t been hearing a lot about Miss Korea… I hope the silence stems from it being a little too quirky for the mainstream? It’s not letting viewers down, I hope?

And! I’ve decided (or, more honestly, “realized”) I’ll be live-watching I Need Romance 3. The hype has done its thing and I’m so incredibly easy (and it’s Sung Joon and Kim So-yeon — come on) so I’ve bought my ticket and climbed onboard. Be worth it, show!

I hope you all had a great New Years!

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12 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (I’m back!)

  1. I’m watching Miss Korea, yes, it is quirky, but it feels real, somehow? I am enjoying it so far. I find it original, well written and I enjoy that its characters are grey and unpredictable. I’m also watching Man from the stars, but only two eps in. Its fun but Im no quite hooked yet.

    • Oh, I’m glad to hear that. I’d slotted “Miss Korea” as a drama to marathon and I was getting nervous that it wasn’t getting a lot of buzz. But — it’s really easy for quirky to get overshadowed if a buzz-heavy show comes along.

  2. Since you seem to like I Hear Your Voice, I suspect you’d enjoy You From Another Star, because, as far as I’m concerned, they’re different sides of the same coin. Aside from the legal antics (which at least got a few laughs out of your husband) and the mind-reading, I Hear Your Voice has an adult plot. But then, there’s the kid. You From Another Star has a kiddie plot with an adult heroine. On the outside, she’s living up to the superficial diva image, but her real feelings are relatable to this thirty-year-old. As an added bonus: savy-er viewers than myself have been able to spot the show’s paradoies of other dramas. Playing spot-the-parody is about as enjoyable for me as playing guess-the-husband was in Answer Me, 1994, but maybe you’re into that sort of thing.

    So far, Miss Korea has been a hidden gem, because it’s not the duckling-to-swan makeover story you expect based on the show’s description. It’s a slightly twisted underdog story about the moment when you feel so trapped in your life that you’re willing to sacrifice everything for that thing that seems like it will solve all of your problems. In this case, that thing is winning a beauty pageant. So, this drama (successfully, I think) attaches pretty high stakes to something that some people (myself included) consider shallow. Now, there are complaints about the pacing being slow, but I think it’s a dialogue-heavy show with conversations that can go on a little longer than they absolutely have to (the only scene that had me glaring at the clock was the opening of episode 3). On the other hand, I’m only six episodes in, which is plenty of time for things to go to hell.

    If you’re open to another suggestion, Prime Minister and I would also be good for a marathon, but this is coming from someone who’s a sucker for the contract marriage trope. However, if that’s not your thing, this show (so far) has satisfying payoffs for every setup. And if that’s not important to you, the comedy is (mostly) intelligent, and the actors manage a believable connection. Yoona’s not a revelation, but she holds her own, and Lee Beom-soo is incredible. Seriously, this guy’s face can show you the progression of his characters thoughts in the span of two minutes.

    • That’s an interesting take on “You From Another Star” …and now I’m intrigued. 😉 I am very much not a fan of the guess-the-husband game in AM:1994 (but that’s another post) however, spot-the-parody could be fun. See just how knowledgable I am. Especially if it’s there as a bonus rather than defining the whole plot.

      Okay — I’m more and more soothed about “Miss Korea” — because slower paced can definitely work for me but I can see how that wouldn’t necessarily grab a ton of viewers. (I recall “Pasta” getting similar critiques, but I loved that drama.) Though yes, there’s always the “but will it all go bad towards the end?” worry. Which is why I’m waiting to marathon it! Let others do the live-watching dirty work. 😉

      I’m keeping a cautious eye on “Prime Minister and I” as I wasn’t sure about the age-gap but am a fan of Lee Beom-soo. I’m glad to hear it’s doing well as well. Sounds like 2014 is off to a good start! *knock on wood*

      Thanks for breaking them all down for me!

    • I’m glad to see Prime Minister and I is taking over the comments section, and the fact that my post is leading the pack makes me a feel a bit like I’ve started a revolution. Or…my ego is huge, and working on controlling that shit should be my 2014 resolution. Speaking of 2014, knock on wood for good dramas, indeed! After 2013, Dramaland owes me…er…us. See what I mean about the ego thing?

      • Hah! Well, whatever the cause, I’m always pleased to get drama-recs. 🙂 Especially on ones that I wasn’t too sure on based on premise alone. Here’s hoping they all end well and the praises continue! 😀

  3. I think you should add Prime Minister And I in your plan….it is really cute and heartwarming….plus, Lee Bum Soo and Yoona have great chemistry….also, Yoona’s acting is really good…surely surprising for me as I thought she was just meh before this show…

    • A second vote for Prime Minister and I! I’ll definitely keep it in mind. I don’t know that I’ve seen Yoona in anything before — but I do like Lee Bum-soo, so…

  4. Tried out both ‘You From Another Star’ and ‘Miss Korea’ but neither was my cup of tea so I didn’t continue beyond the first few episodes.

    ‘Prime Minister and I’ is a pretty decent watch. It is rather cute and heartwarming with a little bit of ‘bite’ to make it more than just wall to wall fluff. LBS – what can I say, he’s wonderful + he and Yoona surprisingly make a really nice couple. 🙂 I think PM&I is a nice balance to ‘One Warm Word’, which is on the emotionally heavy side.

    RL is getting really busy again from now on so I probably won’t have time for more than a couple of currently airing dramas (or possibly just one) for a while. I am going to check out both ‘Could We Love’ (UTW!!! :D) and ‘I Need Romance 3’ though, and then make up my mind about which dramas to include in my live watch roster and which to save for later.

    • And yet another vote for Prime Minister and I — and from an unexpected source, too. 😉 Now I am definitely intrigued.

      I haven’t heard anything about “Could We Love” — so I’ll keep an ear out for your take on it.

      • I didn’t expect to like PM&I as much as I do, so it was a surprise. A nice one though. 😀

        CWL didn’t exactly blow me away by the awesome with it’s start. The plot and the characters feel quite predictable and standard kdrama with some of the normal tropes (of the less annoying kind – so far anyway). UTW’s was the most interesting character (the little we got to see of him), though I’m not sure if it’s because it’s The UhmForce or if the char actually is more interesting than the rest. *g* I’ll be giving CWL a few more episodes to win me over, if not – bye, bye.

        • I’ve been surprised by the amount of rec’s for it. For some reason I’d written PM&I off, so I’m happy to have been corrected.

          Beginnings sometimes are rocky and then straighten into something better… or not. I’ll cross my fingers for “better” for you. 😀

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