Weekly Drama Check-in Post (cheerful!)

holiday cheerI’m working away at a sum up of 2013 dramas, but there’s no way it’s getting posted today. However, I’ve made a serious vow to have it up before the end of the year (which is Tuesday *gulp*), and I do like to keep my vows.  So — keep an eye out!

This past week has been lovely — filled with more family time than I’d expected and tons less tension than I’d feared. Over all, a very merry Christmas! That even included a small amount of drama-watching!

I’m continuing to adore my re-watch of Sungkyunkwan Scandal. We’re just beginning the great archery tournament — Sungkyungkwan Scandal Posterwhich is totally as cool as a dance off when you have Goo Young-ha matching his bow to his robes. Plus, there’s all the training montages. You can’t not be awesome when there are training montages involved. I’m so, so eager for the next episode!

But not so eager I didn’t get sucked right back into the full on insanity that is King’s Family (previously known as Wang’s Family).  It’s an on-going, 50 episode, family drama and I’m watching it in mini-marathons when 10 episodes are available for viewing. (On KBS World TV’s Youtube channel. Which is odd. But handy.)

I’m caught up to episode 30 and hoo boy but did the crazy just come right on out. I’m used to family dramas having a strong “what matters is family” theme. MotherDaughterBut the central family in this drama was so dysfunctional I wondered if the drama was doing a deconstruction of some kind.

Nope! I was giving them way too much credit. (One story line has left the land of logic almost completely. Which meant the moment of shadenfreude I was expecting shot way past the mark and right into hilariously ridiculous.) I think they’re just going for what will shock and awe their audience. Which is totally pandering and lowbrow and… dear Lord, it’s working! I am so entertained! Yeah, I feel a bit dirty after watching, but no way I’m quitting this train.

(I’m asked so, so often if k-dramas are like American soap-operas. For the most part, they’re not. But King’s Family? Comes very, very close.)

I’m anticipating the grand finale of Answer Me: 1994 — subs come out Monday — and… honestly, that’s about all I’m anticipating as far as new dramas go. I expect that will change as I settle back into life’s usual routine, but right now I’m enjoying the break.

I hope you all had lovely holidays!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (cheerful!)

  1. Aw! I’m glad you’re enjoying the holidays!! My rewatch of SKKS has been keeping me swimmingly happy too! It’s so cracky that Michele & I are sometimes literally squealing while watching. SO MUCH FUN!!! 😀 😀 How much do I love that we’re both rewatching SKKS right now and soaking in its cracky awesome?? A WHOLE LOT THAT’S WHAT! 😀

    • It’s such a nice reminder that it really is possible to do a fun, not too heavy, drama. 😀 Though… my rewatch of SKKS is on pause right now because the husband and I are watching I Hear Your Voice… which is awesome! He’s so addicted to it, it’s hilarious. 😀 (As another straightforward, fun and exciting drama — it really shows that this is a formula that works.)

  2. Family time is lovely, isn’t it. 🙂 It was great at my sister’s, we usually do have loads of fun when the family gets together.

    I didn’t watch any dramas until I got back home for the weekend, when I picked up ‘One Warm Word’ on a whim and loved it! It’s probably not for everyone as it handles rather heavy/controversial topics but I watched all 8 aired epis in a day and can’t wait for more. Yay! for good writing and characters who are more than just thin carboard cutouts. I actually have them ‘feels’ for once. *g*

    Then my sis came over yesterday and the plan was to tackle few more episodes of Saengchori. Of course we ended up watching way more than a few. She kept going “just one more epi and then I’m off, honestly”, LOL! I think she might come back during the next weekend to finish it off. 😀

    • Family time is lovely. I can forget that in the hurly-burly of daily business, but sometimes it’s just nice to hangout with the fam. I’m glad you had a nice stretch with your family. 🙂 And how cool that you’re drama-watching with your sister! 😀 Isn’t it fun to watch someone get pulled into a show? Ah, those famous last words: “just one more episode…” 😉

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