Weekly Drama Check-in Post (grumpy…)

charlie brown christmasI’m tired and melancholy. Could be the Christmas blues. Could be staying up way too late last night baking Christmas cookies with the husband. So I’m feeling a bit grumpy — but I’m fighting it! Which means I have grumpy thoughts and bouncy thoughts.

Here’s my grumpy list:

  • I caught up with Answer Me:1994. It was an unhappy occurrence on a couple of different levels. But with the clarity of distance, I’m willing to let the story get told. Maybe it’ll win me back.
  • I’ve made a couple of half-hearted attempts to do an Heirs-reaction post but honestly? I don’t really have a lot to say that I can’t say in a full on review. It’s not like there was a lot of deep there. Which means I will probably break my “reaction post to come” promise. *hangs head in shame*

But! There are happy things afoot as well! So here’s my bouncy list:

  • SplashofInspiration has got The 2013 Women in K-Drama Awards poll up and open for voting. The (insightful!) background information is here. The poll is here. The awesome part is trying to pick the best female character and realizing there are enough to choose from that the choice is hard!
  • Inspired by DDee’s decision to fight the drama-doldrums by re-watching an old favorite, I’m happily pondering which beloved drama I should watch again. (At the moment Queen In-hyun’s Man is leading the pack. Though, Sungkyunkwan Scandal could be fun. Especially now I’m a more seasoned drama watcher. *ponders*)

And that’s my week! *bounces off to make some hot-chocolate*

Fixed now


19 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (grumpy…)

  1. Aw. How cute is that, that you and your hubs bake together?? 😀

    I am with you on feeling uninspired to write about Heirs! I have a very half-baked draft of a review going, and I feel completely uninspired to finish it 😛

    Also! I’m rewatching SKKS and it is HEAPS of fun!! I remember loving it the first time around, but I’m just so pleasantly surprised by how cracky it feels on second watch! The dramaverse should really make more shows like they used to.

    • It’s actually a lot of fun. But we kind of mistimed things and then we had all this batter that had to be baked and next thing we knew… waaay past bedtime. Baking. Not for the weak. 😉

      Poor Heirs. It could have been crack-a-licious fun and instead it fizzled into too dull to talk about. But! At least its driven viewers back into the arms of the greats of yesteryear. The up-side! 😀

    • I just watched the first episode of SKKS!!! I’d forgotten the epic loveliness of it! The clever use of music to set the mood — the gorgeous camera shots, all sunny and filled with color — if Springtime were a drama, SKKS is the drama it would be. ♥ Yay for rewatches! 😀

      • Eeee!!! 😀 YAY that you picked SKKS for your rewatch!! It’s just SO MUCH FUN, isn’t it?!??? I’m 7 eps in, and I am seriously loving the OST! I’m reminded all over again why I made ringtones out of several of the songs the first time I watched it! And you are so right – if Springtime were a drama, SKKS would SO be it!! 😀

        • I smile every time the show starts and we get the opening theme — it’s just so light and lovely. The other standout is Song Joon-ki… he’s obviously enjoying the heck out of himself, but the moment a scene (or even just a second of scene) calls for any underlying depth — he’s right there on it. It’s amazing to watch him and realize, this is him getting discovered. I can’t wait for him to come back and be in all the dramas. 😉

  2. Nothing better than an oldie to cheer you up….i’ve seen SKKS twice and it was fun both the times…
    After my intial craziness got over for Heirs…i think it was a drama that i liked…not loved (opposite to what i felt while watching it…if that makes sense)…lol..i even changed its rating…haha….gone from 8 to 7.5…it also happened becoz when i started prime min and i, i realised that so many things were missing in Heirs..which i didn’t felt earlier due to my love for lmh and psh… 😉

    • It makes total sense. Because the actors were good enough to create a surface of interest even though the story itself wasn’t actually doing anything. Plus there’s the whole — they must be building to something! — patient-wait that doesn’t end until the drama does and there’s the realization that no… no there was no building going on here.

      I’m so easily swayed by peer-pressure… SKKS is it! 😀 (Something fun is exactly what I need.)

  3. Nothing like a good ole favourite to cure the grumpy. 🙂 I’ve been slowly rewatching Saengchori with my sister whenever she has time and it always puts me in a good mood. It’s my 2nd rewatch this year and I still laugh out loud at exactly the same spots. SKKS is a good one too, I think I’m going to go with that next as my sis has not seen it yet.

    I’m off to said sister’s place for Christmas in half an hour, so Happy Holidays!

    • Happy Holidays! 😀

      I keep meaning to watch Once Upon a Time in Saengchori”… And that’s another good reminder that just because this year wasn’t as stellar — there’s still good drama out there. (SKKS is so much fun — especially now that I’m a more seasoned watcher — I’m getting more of the light pokes at the genre, it’s awesome! 😉 )

  4. It’s also amazing that even when I rewatched certain shows like You’re Beautiful, SKKS, Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, etc….they gave me same enjoyment and warmth each time…..but so many new shows don’t even do that for the first watch….

    • Exactly! That warmth… there’s a coziness to a good drama (especially a good rom-com) where the characters almost feel like family. It’s very nice that we can re-experience it with a re-watch at least. Hopefully next year will deliver more warmth and enjoyment.

  5. I’m watching Queen In Hyun’s Man for the first time although Im struggling with goodrama.net which has it chopped into teeny weeny itsy bitsy pieces of video which ocassionally crash on me and its driving me nuts! SKKS is one of my faves!

    • Urgh… I feel your pain. I appreciate goodrama for providing dramas I’d otherwise not be able to see — but they’re not the most user-friendly source. Do you have access to Hulu? It’s on there under “Queen and I”. Or you could try Viki? They’ve got license to show it in the States at least (I know their license changes from country to country though.)

      Re-watching SKKS has been so much fun! I might just go from that right into Queen In-hyun’s Man because I loved it so and I’m enjoying the happiness a good re-watch brings. 🙂

      I hope you enjoy the rest of your watch! (I’m refraining from gushing for fear of inadvertent spoilers and/or overly raised expectations. 😉 )

      • It is very good, especially as a romance. The couple has great chemistry 🙂 The reason I watch it on gooddrama is because it works with Apple TV so I can watch it on TV with mom 😉

        • Eeee! I love that you’re watching it with your mom! 😀 (This is one of the dramas I’d love to watch with my sisters — if only we lived closer to each other and the logistics could work…)

          • I watch almost every drama with my mom 🙂 which can be a problem because she tends to get hooked on all of them, so sometimes I finish dramas that I would otherwise drop :p but sometimes it is good because I can do other things while I “sort of” watch. Since she talks to the TV I can turn and pay attention to the interesting scenes ha! It is not the case with Queen In Hyun’s Man though 😉 We are watching this one with our eyes wide open! In fact we are about to continue with ep 11 now

          • Hah! The double-edged sword! Though I love that your mom talks to the TV — I could see that making even the worst show entertaining. 😉

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