Weekly Drama Check-in Post (fly-by posting…)

I’m toiling away at my never-ending (or more accurately, constantly-growing) to-do list. So this will be a short entry, indeed. This is my drama week:

Heirs is over. And thus, my live-watch ends. I have no clue as to what will take it’s place. I probably won’t start thinking about it until after the holidays.

I just started Answer Me: 1994. I meant to take a quite peek at the first episode to see if it was something the husband and I could watch together and… I’m hooked. Totally and completely. I don’t think it’d be his cup of tea, though. It’s a little more melancholy than Answer Me: 1997 — which he did enjoy — and melancholy is not his thing. (I mean, it’s not a ton of it — but when you don’t like a certain thing, a little can easily become too much.)

And that’s it! It’s a small week, drama-wise, but it’s mine.


9 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (fly-by posting…)

  1. Ahh!! I’m flailing in the busy-ness of the season too!! The amount of drama I’m getting is also teeny at this point. Plus, I owe you an email from forever ago, which I feel terrible about! >.< I'm so sorry Betsy, I still plan to get back on the train that we got going, I promise! *contrite*

    I've got my next live watch all picked out though – I'm planning on You Came From the Stars.. is this the title the dramaverse is going to go with eventually? Who knows, but it's Kim Soo Hyun! Playing an alien professor! I'm so in! ^^

    • Do not worry at all about emails owed. Because I’m in the exact same boat so, if you’d answered it’d just be me apologizing. If that makes sense. 😉

      I’m waiting on the Kim Soo Hyun drama because I disliked his character in his last drama so strongly that I’m in danger of translating it to the actor. Which I don’t want to do! So I’ll wait to hear if this drama is good before I dip in.

  2. I’ve already started Prime Minster and I and I’m planning to start Miss Korea as they both will air on different slots 🙂
    You from another star…not so excited about it…maybe I’ll marathon it later…
    I only watched first 20 min of ep 1 of Reply 1994 and I don’t know…maybe it was a bit slow and very long…I wasn’t feeling like continuing it…so..I’ve heard wonderful things about it but without any reason, I’m not interested 😉

    • Answer Me: 1994 is definitely slower than Answer Me: 1997. I think that’s why it feels more melancholy. They do a lot of long monologues. Which, because they’ve got really good actors and the monologues are well written, I’ve been enjoying them. But it means the comedy has a lighter touch than the ’97 version. And it’s why I’m sure it’s not something my husband would enjoy. It’s fitting my current mood, though. 😀

      I’m going to wait to hear about “Prime Minister and I” — it looks cute, but I’m thinking I’ll marathon it later. “Miss Korea”… that one actually piques a live-watch interest in me… It’ll depend on the timing. I’m not up for a live-watch right now. After the holidays, maybe?

      • It happens sometimes when everyone tells you to watch a thing and you just can’t make up up your mind to start it….I think it’s happening with me w.r.t. Reply 1994..LOL 😀

        • Hey snow_white, definitely watch more than the first episode. I actually didn’t like the first episode, I was disappointed with it, but after the first week, it gets a lot better. Like, a lot.

          • Actually Caitlyn it’s just that I’m not in a mood for it right now but I will surely check it out later 🙂
            I’m sure it’s great (read your thoughts on it 🙂 )

  3. I guess I’m still sort of grumpy about how meh the kdrama year has been so Daemang re-watch has been about all I’ve managed recently but…. I’ve now seen 2 epis of ‘Prime Minister and I’. I sorta, kinda liked it. *g* Well, romcoms hardly ever blow me away anyways. They can be a pleasant watch and sometimes that’s just fine. We’ll see how it goes after few more episodes. I’m going to check out both Miss Korea and the alien professor. Not really a big fan of KSH but maybe he won’t irritate me this time around. 🙂

    My jdrama streak is still going strong. I finally managed to pick up ‘Yakou Kanransha’ and it proved out to be just as good as I’d heard it to be. Very thought provoking and oddly disturbing drama. I don’t recall being this affected in a long while. I like it when shows give you serious food for thought. ‘Tokyo Bandwagon’ on the other hand is a nice feelgood drama, I love the quirky bookshop family and their neighbours. I’ve seen all the subbed epis so now I’m just waiting, waiting…. ^^ Not quite sure what to watch next. ‘Take Five’ maybe? I think I left off around ep 5 when I run out of subs.

    • Yeah… looking back this has been a disappointing year in k-dramas. There’s good stuff — but there’s been a lot more bad. Not all of it total stinkers (though there have been those) but stuff that should have been awesome sliding into middling to disappointing. Since I’m still fairly new, I wasn’t sure if it was just me tuning into more unknown dramas — that disappointment is a norm with so many shows on offer. But as end-of-year reports come out, it seems agreed that 2013 was a weak year.

      Ah well — makes me glad for the shows that did wow me. 🙂 Here’s hoping that whatever was in the water this year has worked its way through the system and better stuff is a-coming. 😉

      I’m still just dipping in a toe with j-dramas, relatively speaking, but I’ve enjoyed the few I’ve seen.

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