Weekly Drama Check-in Post (Attack of the Idols!)

I’ve dipped into quite a few different dramas this past week. I started Mi-rae’s Choice (aka Marry Him if You Dare) for the shallowest of reasons:


I know, I know. Jung Young-hwa is not what you’d call a stellar actor. But there’s a quiet, soulfulness to him that I like. So I was curious. Plus, I thought he was the male lead and I liked the idea of Yoon Eun-hye and Jung Young-hwa acting together. (Okay — I was eager for the kiss scene. I’ve admitted I was shallow!)

On the positive side, I think Jung Young-hwa’s improved by leaps and bounds. In his earlier roles (I’m thinking You’re Beautiful) there was a distance to his acting — like he was keeping the audience at arms’ length. But in Mi-rae’s Choice I didn’t get that sense of distance. Park Se-joo felt real. Which lead to the negative side: the more I watched the less Park Se-joo looked like he was going to get the girl and that did not please me.

Which, starting for shallow reasons led to me dropping for shallow reasons. And rumor has it, there weren’t any kiss scenes. (Rumor and the lack of any Youtube vids.) So my shallow reasoning stands!

Moving on, I picked up Who Are You?

Who Are You poster

More for Kim Jae-wook and So Hi-yun than for Taecyeon. Though I was curious if Taecyeon had improved since Dream High. My verdict is, not by a lot. He’s not as stiff or self-aware as he sometimes was in Dream High. But he’s still more about surface charm and laid-back likability then character believability. Especially during emotional scenes.

The drama itself was interesting, though. In the beginning the one-off ghost mysteries were very compelling and also creepy and sometimes scary. (Though more “thriller” scary than “horror” scary — which makes a difference for me.) Unfortunately, the main mystery is pretty straightforward. So straightforward the show has begun doing some serious episode padding. Scenes get repeated a lot. Which suggests the story wasn’t plotted out as carefully as it should have been. Which has me worried about how it’s all going to end.

So, despite my interest in So Hi-yun’s and Kim Jae-wook’s characters I’ve put Who Are You? on hold. I might still come back to it, but…

Along came a drama completely out of left field. I didn’t even know it existed. She Is Wow posterBut someone made a throw-away comment on a Dramabeans article (I couldn’t even tell you which one) and whatever they said intrigued me and now I’m watching She is Wow. Which is so amazingly cheeky I’m… kind of shocked. (Yes, it’s on a cable channel — TvN — but still… this is S. Korean television!)

There’s a lot of sexual innuendo, and a lot of plain old sex, and our leading lady totally and blatantly lusts after her neighbor. And… it’s just very different from any k-drama I’ve seen before. It’s also pretty funny and might have a deeper message about love and family… or maybe it’ll just be silly, surprisingly sex-oriented fun. I’ll have to keep watching.

And! There’s an idol in there. (Though, he’s not in the poster.) Jin Young (of whom I know nothing about and is in B1A4) plays the 21 year old son who’s still in high school because he’s constantly getting kicked out whatever school his parents shove him in.  (I guessed he was an idol because he was ridiculously good looking and his hair was dyed. Not a guessing technique that always works. I was sure Kim Ga-eun from I Hear Your Voice was an idol because of her hair. She’s not.)

The character is all mischievousness and laughter (though again, something more may come) and thus far, Jin Young’s doing well. But I wouldn’t say he’s been challenged yet. We shall see…

And in completely non-idol related news, the husband and I have finished watching Two Weeks! It did not move him as much as it did me. He was amused and entertained for the most part. But I’ve realized a big draw for me was the epic woobie-ness of Jang Tae-san woobiewhich… didn’t have the same kind of pull on the husband, go figure. In the end, the drama relied on emotional feels a little more than my husband generally likes, but the cat and mouse plot was enough to keep him intrigued.


13 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (Attack of the Idols!)

  1. I was debating to tell you or not that there isn’t a kiss scene in MI Rae’s Choice but then I read that you already dropped it. LOL. I watched only 4 eps and after that the interest disappeared. It even has an open ending!

    I’m planning to start Prime Minister And I which premieres today 🙂

    And as I can handle only 1 live drama, I’m thinking of watching Bad Family as well.

    • Hee! Yeah, as soon as I started worrying that Park Se-joo was heading towards second lead I started trolling for spoilers. Because why enter that kind of situation blind? And then I read about the ending and, since I came for the rom-com, that was that. 😉

      Prime Minister and I looks cute! I’ll keep an eye on it. Once Heirs is done I’m due for a new live-watch…

  2. I’m a fan of B1A4 so I had heard about She Is Wow through them, but I never read anything about it anywhere else. It was totally a left-field drama, as you said. I wasn’t going to watch it just because Jinyoung was in it, but I watched the first episode and it was just like “holy crap this is awesome!” Like, it’s very silly, and the editing is kind of all over the place, but it’s so funny and not at all what I expected! And it has some really touching moments as well. It drops off towards the end (not unlike every k-drama ever) but still worth watching. I was very proud of Jinyoungie. I didn’t expect him to be so good.

    • It was very more-ish! I finished it and… I’m still processing the ending. (There’s a post to come, I’m sure. 😉 ) And Jinyoung did quite well! It was an impressive role to pick, frankly. Not a lead, certainly not an image maker, quirky and interesting… an actor’s role, really. 🙂

  3. *Note to self: check out She Is Wow.
    I’ve only ever heard the name before now. 🙂

    Ahh it makes me happy when I know you don’t watch everything airing. I feel like I miss out on a lot of the on going excitement but as the year progresses I have been watching dramas less and less as they aired, and just save them for a good rainy weekend.

    • I think I maybe contemplated trying to watch everything for one teeny tiny piece of a second… and then realized that was plain crazy talk. 😉 And! I’ve been developing my powers of dropping. Because there are far too many dramas to spend time on finishing something just for completion’s sake. The plus side of waiting to watch is if it sours, you get fair warning.

      She Is Wow is… I enjoyed the watch, am still processing the ending (didn’t love it… but it’s kind of growing on me? if I let it?). It’s only 12 eps though — each less than an hour, which in k-drama world is practically a short.

  4. ‘Mirae’s Choice’ never truly grabbed me to begin with and I ended up dropping it after a few epis when all the ‘bad press’ started coming out. Apparently it went nowhere fast starting from eps 7-8 or so. Tried ‘She Is Wow’ too but it didn’t make the cut in the end. I DID watch ‘Who Are You’ but all I can say about it is that it was totally unmemorable, LOL!

    ‘Answer me 1994’ is still the only currently airing kdrama I’m watching but I’m few epis behind with it too. I’ve been hoarding epis for a mini-marathon. 🙂 Couple of days ago I happened to come across a good quality version of ‘Daemang’ (aka Great Ambition) \o/ and thought I’d re-watch just a few epis, something I’d wanted to do for a while now. Well, somehow I watched about half of the drama before I managed to talk myself into stopping. XD ‘Prime Minister And I’ sounds ok on paper. How it really pans out remains to be seen…

    2013 hasn’t been a good kdrama year for me. I just wrote a bit ranty post about it the other day. 🙂

    • How did I miss your ranty post?!? *makes note to find post and also double check my reader list*

      I am saving Answer Me 1994 for a deliciously, satisfying marathon. Which… I think it might be about ready? It’s ending is upon us, I believe. My one hesitation is I’m thinking of watching it with the husband. He enjoyed Answer Me 1997, so… But will I have the patience to follow his much-slower drama-watching schedule?

      So many dramas sound good on paper and pan out to… not gold. 😉 I’ve begun to temper my initial excitement over premise and casting with a healthy chunk of cynicism.

  5. I have watched Who are you and I thought that it started strong, the performances were solid and the ghost stories very interesting.. But after a point I started loosing interest mainly because I wasn’t getting what I wanted from this drama, the ghost stories became a bit boring, the performances lost their spark (not Kim jae wook, he and his character were amazing from start to finish). I did finish it but the first part was better than the later one..
    As for she is wow I had heard about it and was interested in that but I had formed a different idea about the drama, it still doesn’ loose points after he new information though.. 🙂

    • Who Are You faded out, that’s for sure. There was such massive scene padding going on! I’m suspecting the live-shooting schedule caught up with them? I ended up re-watching Antique Bakery just to see Kim Jae-wook in a good role that made full use of him. But I may still come back and finish it. Unless another something-shiny comes along to distract me. 😉

      I finished She Is Wow and I don’t regret the watch, but I’m still processing the ending. I like it and don’t like it — so two sides of me are battling. I’m sure a post will come. Though it’ll be spoiler-filled. I can say it’s a black comedy — which are always challenging for me.

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