The 2013 Women in K-Drama Awards

I am beyond thrilled that this project exists! Part of what I love about k-dramas is that it’s stories told by women (to a much greater extent than I’m used to in TV), for women. And it gives us lovely shower-scenes, but it also gives us lovely, dynamic and interesting female characters who aren’t just there to be eye-candy on the male lead’s arm. That’s something that should be celebrated. And look! It’s happening! I’m looking forward to Dec. 15th…

A Splash of Inspiration


When it comes to the entertainment business, women are marginalized. Heavily. If you look at popular polls and discussions of end of the year awards both informal and formal, you’re far more likely to find not just male nominees, but male winners. Examining the history of the Academy Awards shown in the infographic below, it’s easy to see that women are severely underrepresented even in the most prestigious of awards cycles. The male:female ratio is about 4:1 when it comes to overall nominations, and it’s probably even worse of a gap in co-ed categories.


The K-Entertainment universe is no different. K-Drama or K-Pop, females tend to be unacknowledged/underrepresented, or reduced to empty puppets for the dynamic male presence. But to say that women have made no progress is to put duct tape on the voices that have dared to become something. Rather than wallow in the misfortune of female marginalization…

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