Weekly Drama Check-in Post (Yay! Thanksgiving!)

Well, that went well! The meal came together — a little later than planned, but not by much and I’d put out munchies for just in case — and everyone seemed happy with their food. Including my grandmother! Which is awesome and means I’ve broken through a personal barrier and now feel comfortable cooking for her. beginMore family dinners for the future! (Much less elaborate dinners though. Because Thanksgiving is crazy.)

We totally vegged yesterday, recuperating from all the cooking (3 days of prep, guys — crazy!) and watched us some Two Weeks. (We’re 8 episodes in.) The husband… kind of likes it. It’s not gripping him with the same intensity as say Gaksital or Heartless City or Tree with Deep Roots — but he’s engaged enough to want to see it through.

Very minor spoilers for Two Weeks below…

His two main bugs are In-hye’s tears and Detective Seung-woo’s idiocy. I’d forgotten how weepy In-hye is in the beginning; she’s got good reason, but it’s the bulk of what she does. Crying has always been a turnoff for the husband so I’ve been kind of cringing through her scenes. deliberategrab(They didn’t bother me when I was watching on my own.) But! If I recall correctly that’s due to change in the not too distant future.

Sueng-woo was emotional and made stupid by it — I did remember that. But I also remembered that it was offset by the awesomeness of Prosecutor Jae-kyung. And the husband totally agrees! challengeHe’s enjoying Jae-kyung’s scenes (especially when she schools Sueng-woo). And he likes Tae-san and wants to see what happens to him. So the watch continues!

In other drama news, I’m behind on my Heirs viewing so, obviously, I’ll be a bit late on my reaction post. But only a bit. (I hope to get it up tomorrow, if possible.)

And that’s my week! Light on drama — both in real life (yay!) and in tv-viewing (boo!) — but over all, quite satisfying.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (Yay! Thanksgiving!)

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Betsy! 🙂 A bit late, but better than never hehe. I cheated this year and did chicken (cos the idea of baking a turkey for two freaked me out some) but it turned out well and I had a great Thursday AND awesome shopping-Friday (where I think I overspent but sshhh don’t tell Mum… :p). Yay to your Thanksgiving dinner turning out well and that you impressed your grandma! Also dramas after dinner? I’m not watching any as you know by now, but I do approve of that pastime haha!

    • Always choose deliciousness and ease over tradition — is my rule of thumb, anyway. 😉 I’m glad your Thanksgiving turned out so well, too!

      I will say, a nice part of being an adult is getting to choose your own after-dinner pastimes. 😀

  2. Happy thanksgiving, Betsy!! Sounds like you’re a pretty awesome cook if you managed to satisfy Gran 😉 I am already impressed, even though I wasn’t one of the people eating your food ^^

    And dramas can wait.. Real Life comes first. Always. 😀

    • Hi kafangurl! 😀 And thank you! I was so, so pleased. Though frankly, I think my grandmother was just thrilled to have someone else cooking. 😉

      (That’s a nice aspect of dramas. They’re quite happy to wait. ;))

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