Heirs: well, someone lit a fire

caught!And finally the pace picks up! And finally I’m back to completely enjoying myself. I don’t know what caused the sudden upswing in plot development and character-action, but I am grateful to whomever decided it was time to kick the tires and light the fires and get this story moving.

Spoilers of episodes 13 & 14 below:

Both Tan and Eun-sang returned to being dynamic characters in their own right. I enjoyed all of their scenes — from cheeky doughnut eating to tag-team Rachel confrontations. We got lovely banter and humor in their flirtations (from Eun-sang as well!) cheeky!and even their heavier emotional moments (Tan finally realizing the battle he’s heading towards with his brother — Eun-sang deciding to come clean about being in the “Social Care” group) had movement to them.

Both Tan and Eun-sang are coming to terms with their places on the playing board. Eun-sang is refusing to bow to the strictures of the game and Tan… I’m not sure he’s refusing (for one, I think a full on refusal would mean a complete separation from his family, which I don’t think he wants to do) but I do think he’s trying to decide how he wants to play the game, rather than just remaining a piece to be played by others.

(My hope is Tan figures out a way to ally with Won. I feel like Won is the best choice to run the conglomerate: he’s been doing it, seems to enjoy it, and seems to be good at it. TanWonAnd while I think Tan would like to be a part of things as a member of the family, I don’t feel like he hungers to actually run everything. I think he’d be content in a supporting role. Staring adoringly at his brother.)

Eun-sang’s grab is smaller — or at least, less dramatic. But she’s finally decided to pursue her own happiness and date the boy she wants to date. Since she’d been acting like going after any kind of personal happiness was beyond her, I’m happy for her new outlook. For one, it’s a lot less mopey. For another, it’s somehow created this awesomely weird partnership between her and Tan’s mom. Which, since it’s Tan’s mom, brings a whole lot of funny.


Awkward and hilarious (the new peanut butter and chocolate?)

And then there’s the rest of the cast! Myung-soo has his hilarious paparazzi moment outside of his studio.


Bo-na and Chan-young were even more adorable (which hardly seems possible, but they managed).


Rachel got to do something more than all stink-face all the time.


Training for the “most disturbing smile” contest.

And Hyo-shin… continues to scare me. I didn’t like that one of his conversations with Tan had that body-outline, protest-art hovering in the background. I really, really hope Hyun-joo being at the school saves him from some kind of mortal act of protest.

clean YoungDoExtra special mention goes to Young-do’s heart growing one size bigger — as illustrated by the gentling of his hair in his final few scenes. (I’m not sure if it was on purpose, but I loved that it’s after he’s showered out his hair shellack that he swings into action as an actual “black knight” — riding to Eun-sang’s rescue without any thought of compensation.) I’m glad he’s finally stopped being run by his rage. Or at least, is questioning that life-choice. He may actually become a full-fledged human being by drama’s end.

spotlightAnd then there was that final, glorious, cheese-tastic ending! It was like the encapsulation of every prom-movie ever, with our couple in the spotlight on the dance floor, staring into each other’s eyes, while everyone around them looks on with envy or admiration. The only thing missing was a slow-clap. (I thought, for a brief moment, that Chan-young would get one going, but I guess they decided that was a step too far.)

Also, the whole removing her apron moment! I don’t think such an innocuous move has ever seemed so steamy — especially considering she was wearing a pretty thick sweater under it.

apron photo apron_zpsb76ab170.jpg

I’m going to say their proximity and her expression where a big help.

Well played, show. Well played. May this heightened pace, and heightened romance, continue.


11 thoughts on “Heirs: well, someone lit a fire

    • This week’s episodes are a reward for our patience for sticking with this show :-).
      I agree with a lot of what you said in your piece, and may I just say: the last scene might have been cheese-static, BUT it WORKED. It really did, don’t you think? And yes, their proximity helped, though if you look carefully, LMH is not actually touching her (his body is not touching hers, there is space still). And I agree, her expression helped as well, however, LMH was was good this time as well. I have not always been impressed with his “intimate” scenes, it doesn’t always feel organic, to me. He doesn’t always manage to either look comfortable or sell it, or both). Here however, everything worked, the lighting, the song (OMG, I LOVE that song, I can’t wait until the full song comes out), LMH’s acting, PSH’s (I have loved her in this drama. My 1st time seeing her in a drama, from beginning to end), the mood, EVERYTHING.

      Please, sell me that kind of cheese, and I will buy it, because well, it did work. And that is one the things I personally LOVE about Kdramas. They do cheesy, romantic things like this, and it works, usually. Somehow, I believe it. When it is well done, it really works. I also loved the kiss, it was gentle, soft and had so much tenderness which I appreciate, because to be honest, we have not seen KT being tender and gentle with her. He said he liked her (a few times), and I tended to believe him, but I could also see his immaturity, his selfishness (which irritated me so often), and his lack of respect for her and her boundaries.

      This was really nice, because it started with an argument, where she spoke her mind, and he actually LISTENED, letting her finish her thoughts. Then when she came back, she let him know that she was determined to do this. Even he couldn’t stop her this time. To which KT apologized (he apologized to her!!!!! Imagine that) to her for making her life more difficult when he lied. He then told her to go ahead and do her thing, however, if it became too difficult, “fall into my arms,” is what one translation says (which I prefer, because of what it means).

      KT also stayed true to his word, when he stopped CY from going to ES’s rescue. I LOVED that gesture. It was a small thing, however it spoke volumes. He wanted her to TRY AND STAND, before anyone ran to her rescue. He did it, the way you do it with a toddler who is learning how to walk. You don’t run right away to them, you let them try a few steps on their own, before you pick them up (or rescue them, if they need it). In that sense, I really LOVED KT in this ep., and particularly in the last few scenes. Now, if he could only stay this awesome!

      I would say that KWB has been a better, more consistent actor in this drama than LMH, however, in the last 2 ep. (especially in this one), LMH seemed to click more with his character. It also felt like he was coming into his own. I could feel his energy, at the beginning of ep. 14, during the fight and the conversation/argument that followed (with YD). LMH, imho, has had his (good) moments in the drama, but he has not been consistent, the way KWB has been. It is nice however, to see when everything comes together for him. So exciting!!!!!

      I have loved PSH so far, I don’t have any complaints about her acting. I have loved ES, because I have always understood where she was coming from, and where she was at, always. She has made sense to me, so far. I didn’t always agree with it (when she left to go to the US for ex. though in her defense, it opened her eyes to her sister’s life), however, I have always understood her. I personally didn’t think that she needed to apologize for “coming to Tan so late,” (in ep. 13). She needed to have her own journey, in her personal life, and in her romantic life, and KT SHOULD have let her have it, at her own pace. He had his, and she didn’t force things of him. This should be a two-way street. Now that they “seem” to be there (equals?), let’s hope he will be that way from now on, with KT actually ASKING her about her opinion, where that is necessary and needed.

      Also, I LOVE KWB’s voice, the way he seems to trail on words, and I LOVE LMH’s voice, especially when he has to speak gently (when he was laying down in the studio in ep. 13, when he spoke to Won at the Almond farm, when he apologized to ES before she went back to catering, etc…). He has a really nice gentle and soft speaking voice, when needed. KWB’s voice is deeper, lower than LMH’s and he modulates it well. Just interesting how different their voices are, and yet equally nice. LMH said in an interview that KES wrote KT with him in mind. And at times, I can see how, and I can see why.

      I loved how chaste CY’s and KT’s kisses were (they barely touched the skin of their girlfriends. I replayed those scenes, and I watched carefully), and yet, they felt intimate. The scene between KT and ES was hot, and yet so innocent. I LOVED IT (and of course, I have replayed it many times).

      I planned on writing just a few lines, and got carried away, AGAIN!!!! :-). Are we even surprised at this point? 🙂 Happy reading!!!!!!!

      • First a technical note: It’s absolutely fine to put in links to other blogs and such here. (Which, you probably picked up on — but just to make it totally clear. :))

        And now to the show! I agree, the cheese totally worked. This is exactly the kind of teenage romance Heirs is supposed to be all about and it’s what’s been missing in the last several episodes because things got too serious and, more unfortunately, too gloomy. But now the fun is back! And I’m thrilled. 😀

        And I love, love, love that Eun-sang is finally an active player — making decisions on her own and acting on those decisions. I do think it was important that she be caught up in events when she first arrived at the Kim family home — there was a lot going on so it made sense that she get swept away for a time. It made her standing up for herself that much more meaningful. However the story got stuck in that mode for a beat (or several beats) too long, which didn’t do the character any favors. But! That time has passed (hopefully for good!) and now Eun-sang is finally, finally being that active force we got hints of her being in the beginning.

        I think the step up in the pacing has brought vitality to Tan as well. There are only so many ways to stare longingly at the girl walking away from you. 😉

  1. Tan and ES ♥♥♥♥♥♥ stole the show in these two episodes….loved the new trio of these two and his mom…..and that last scene was so hot!!!! Wow…. 🙂
    Lee Min Ho was the cutest thing….plus myungso was so hilarious….

    • Which I was so happy for! Because I want Tan and Eun-sang to be our main event — when they’re both on, they’re fun and heartwarming and sometimes even sizzling. So I was very pleased. 🙂

      (Oh my gosh, Eun-sang and Tan’s mom… I had no idea there was such comedy potential there. ;))

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