Kim So-yeon and Sung Joon cast in drama (I weep)

SungJoonWorst news ever! I don’t usually do k-drama news because I’m always the last to know. Which, I’m sure is the case here. But it’s just all too horrifying and I need to vent.

Sung Joon and Kim So-yeon may very possibly be in an upcoming drama together. Which is awesome! And it will be the 3rd installment of the I Need Romance franchise. Which is horrifying! (source: Dramabeans)

I adore both actors. Kim So-yeon is like a chameleon — she plays vastly different roles in vastly different dramas and just sinks right into them. I love to watch her work. Sung Joon… is my bias. (One of them, anyway.) He’s got this lovely, low-key presence and, when he’s given something to work with (*side-eyes Gu Family Book*), can turn out a nicely nuanced performance.

Thing is, I have a love-hate relationship with the I Need Romance dramas. KimSoYeonI’ve watched both seasons — pulled in by the high-production value and the good acting and the refreshingly sexy romance — and I’ve regretted it each time. I finally realized that I have a fundamental difference of opinion with the creators over what makes for a good relationship (trust — and also, not being a lying, secretive dick) and what makes for a strong woman (leaving the guy who turned out to be a lying, secretive dick). And I swore (swore!) I would not watch another. And then they went and cast Kim So-yeon and Sung Joon. Urgh!

I think I’ll stick with my vow. I hope I’ll stick with my vow. Will I be able to stick to my vow? Oh, I’m wavering. Maybe… maybe this time will be different? Maybe this time the love at the center of the story will be healthy and mutually supportive. Maybe? *weeps*


10 thoughts on “Kim So-yeon and Sung Joon cast in drama (I weep)

  1. I dropped the first I Need Romance and I was surprised how much I wasn’t into it because it sounded like it would’ve been right up my alley. Alas… I do really like these two, enough to make me tune in. Plus I’m a sucker for noona romance!

    • I’m a noona romance fan, toooo! But the way the two seasons depicted “winning” relationships was so blech. Urgh, I don’t know. I’ll probably tune in?

      Why must you test me so, k-drama gods? Whyyy?

  2. Hee. Everything you’ve said, Betsy. That’s what I’m thinking too. I hated both INRs, and was sure I would give any potential 3rd installment a miss. And then they go and cast Sung Joon. Whom I think is great. And Kim So Yeon, whom I think can be awesome. My thought right now about this drama? Oh dear.

  3. Another “Oh dear” here 🙂 Both NGM and SJ have now confirmed. Drat!

    I didn’t like either of the previous INRs and mostly for the same reasons you stated. I HATED the ending of INR1 and didn’t get past ep 4 of INR2 as I couldn’t stand any of the leads.

    • Blech — you did well dropping INR2. It was even worse than INR1, in my opinion. Which has me so worried for this one. And yet with those names… *sigh* …I’m going to at least check out the first few episodes. Here’s hoping I can drop it if it starts going as badly as I fear. 😀

  4. I dropped both seasons of INR, but I will not be able to stay away from this one. Kim So Yeon *and* Sung Joon *and* Nam Goong Min???? Swoooooon.

    • Exactly! I know I’m going to have to at least start watching. I just don’t want to see any of those actors be bad people (that we’re supposed to like, for some reason). So I worry. 😦 Or, to be exact, I swoon and I worry. 😉

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