Weekly Drama Check-in Post (guilty pleasures)

This past week was busy (as the weeks have tended to be, lately) and I got to that place where I needed my entertainment to be chock full of empty calories and spoon-fed plots. Riveting in the moment, but forgettable once I walked away; a story I could dip my toes into, but remain safely in the shallow end without getting pulled under and in.


Because a girl has needs…

Here’s my deep, dark secret… when I’m in the right frame of mind, schlocky melodrama is right up my alley. Hair-pulling, face-slapping, slow-mo interactions of doom… I loves it! Even while somewhere, in the deep recesses of my being, a part of me is cringing at the overwroughtness of it all. But the overwrought is necessary! The overwrought is part and parcel! And… the overwrought is what eventually betrays me in the end. Oh, but while I’m in the middle of it! So delightfully entertaining and wonderfully distracting!

This is my long windup to say I set Master’s Sun aside and ignored my I Hear Your Voice re-watch. I totally cheated on them with the schlocky melodrama, Secret. Yep, it was silly, yeah, the ending was a bit “meh” (because seriously —  I think a “meh” ending is as much a part and parcel of schlocky melodrama as is the overwrought). But it was exactly what I needed at the time. I regret nothing! (Regret comes in the morning.)


I know, I know. It’s all too shocking.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (guilty pleasures)

    • The car-kiss? Yeah… k-dramas and their forced kisses, I swear. They do have other very lovely mutual kisses — seriously, the one immediately following the forced-kiss was quite sweet. But… yeah. (Weird thing is — she’d been assaulted by one of his friends an episode or two back and there really wasn’t much difference in how either man approached her. It’s a weird tradition.)

  1. Such a ‘meh’ ending, but a good watch overall. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Secret but it’s kind of trashy and not trashy at the same time. And not really a revenge drama, not the way I was expecting it to be, anyway.

    • It walked the line. Maybe a little too much in that I could have used some more over the top vengeance-stuff, to be honest. 😉 I think it benefitted from having some really good actors. They kept it grounded (or least, kept it feeling grounded.)

  2. I bow to you, Betsy! You are made of a much stronger stuff than I. 😛 Watching overwrough melodrama for fun is not my idea of …. well, fun. LOL! I was not a big fan of makjang to begin with and as time passed that type of dramas became more or less unwatchable. My makjang allergy is pretty bad these days. *g* Sometimes I barely survive even the amount they have in your average k-drama. Goodness, if I had to sit through a full on one! o_0

    • Hah! I’m not sure it’s stronger stuff… maybe more demented stuff? Twisted stuff? Crazy? 😉 Sometimes I’m just in a certain mood and makjang-melo is exactly the kind of thoughtless entertainment I want. Which probably explains my higher tolerance for its sprinkling throughout various dramas. 😀

  3. Giggle. I don’t know what it is, Betsy, but we can be very much in sync sometimes – I’ve also put aside Master’s Sun for a while now! XD Ok, not to watch a makjang-ish melo, but to swim in a sea of GY goodness and make lots of GY headers for the blog. ^^v

    I’m just tickled pink that both of us horror wusses gripped each other’s hands virtually and then, without any further discussion, started on Master’s Sun at almost the same time.. then felt a sense of bemused-meh for a similar stretch, before changing our minds at around the same point.. and now, we both put it aside at around the same time?? Too funny!! XD

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