Weekly Drama Check-in Post (Hi! I’m fickle!)

Master’s Sun is back! I finally convinced myself to watch episode 10 and see if I could muster up the energy to watch the whole show and…  sudden twist!

masterssun photo masterssunposter_zpscb1c7932.jpg

I’m finding the two leads adorable and hilarious, and the main mystery intriguing, and I’m laughing a lot. It’s like Master’s Sun whipped off its glasses and left me stuttering, “But… but you’re beautiful!” (I have a theory as to why the sudden change of heart. But I’ll save it for a spoiler-filled reaction post when I’m finished. Which might not be that long from now.)

It does mean I’ve put I Hear Your Voice on a brief — and honestly unexpected — hiatus. But I figure I should strike while the iron is so very, very attractive with Master’s Sun. It’s not like I Hear Your Voice has to work hard to get me back. All it needs to do is flash something like this…

take off photo takeoff_zpsb47b0b36.jpg

They filmed this in the summer. That was a good call.

…and it’s game over.

On the flip side, Heirs has cooled off a tiny bit for me. And left me in the crazy place where I’m actually more intrigued by the one kicking puppies then the one rescuing them.

 photo youngdo_zps36e23b51.jpg

Kim Woo-bin: He really needs to come with warning labels.

And finally — I’ve started watching Two Weeks with the husband. We’re two episodes in and he’s seems interested enough that, schedules permitting, we’ll be watching more. (We’re just getting into the action stuff — the first two episodes have to lay out a lot of ground work — so I’m hopeful his interest level will only rise.)

goal photo goal_zps2aa297d1.jpg

Yep. I’m re-watching for the action. The lovely, lovely action.

And that’s my week in drama! The place where I can be as fickle as I want to be.
hsm photo 9b814_hots2-00056-1_zps44f18a2f.jpg

24 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (Hi! I’m fickle!)

  1. Glad you are liking MS…finally !! 😛
    I’m only watching Heirs right now among live shows…plus I started Soulmate….good start…have you seen it??
    I’m watching You’ve Fallen For Me again..with mom…but not regularly…ugh STUDIES!!

  2. Oh hey, Episode 10 is the episode that pulled me in too. It was the episode where I thought “Ok, now I love you” whereas before that, i was sort of 80% in but it never fully grabbed me.

  3. Wait, which one is Ep 10 again? I started to fall in love with TMS at that episode with the lovely pool scene, when Tae Yang had her quasi-Cinderella moment .

  4. Giggle. You & I are so alike sometimes, Betsy! XD I was also hmm-I-don’t-know-if-I-really-like-you for a good stretch, with Master’s Sun, and somewhere around the middle or slightly after, I suddenly felt the hook bite me, fairly distinctly. I’m now entering the final stretch, & so far, I’m still a happy camper! ^^v

    And DEFINITELY, Kim Woo Bin should come with warning labels. Stuff like “Warning: Inexplicably Mesmerizing”.. Hey! I volunteer to be his label-maker! Y’know, especially if I get to stick ’em on myself! XD

    • I’m developing a “Hong Sisters Drama” theory with Master’s Sun. No idea if it’s accurate or not — but I’m having fun coming up with it! 😀

      You could totally be Kim Woo-bin’s label-maker! 😀

  5. ‘Answer Me 1994’ is the only drama rtn that doesn’t make me grumpy, one way or the other. I think I may actually end up liking it more than ‘AM1997’, as it feels more… idk, together? The concept is of course similar to 1997 but after the initial familiar feel fades away, 1994 comes out as it’s own thing. This time around I’m not even miffed a the ‘who’s the hubby’ thingy as I like both contenders equally. 🙂 Oh, and they’ve become cleverer with the red herrings too, heh. I really like all the main characters, it’s a fun little group with each their own adorable quirks. I also like that even the less important supporting characters don’t feel like surplus but are in some way integral to the story.

    I’ve been having this odd gut feeling abut Basketball and veeeery hesitant to start it. Maybe my gut was right. It’s now going to be cut from 24 ep to 18 ep and the liberation and the Olympics will not be included. Wasn’t the last unified Olympic team supposed to be the ‘thing’ of the drama? Somehow my interest in Basketball just dropped several degrees.

    Btw. about ‘Soulmate’… what did you make of the ending? I didn’t hate it but I wasn’t very pleased with it either. That the drama was supposed to be several episodes longer starts showing towards the end. You can even see it in the ep numbering, at least in the videos I watched. Editing kinda sucked. They actually thought it would get a 2nd season but that never happened of course.

    • I saw that news about Basketball which made me :(. So I’m definitely on a wait-and-see with that one. I’d really love for it to be awesome because it’s an interesting period of history and I actually like basketball. But none of that matters if the story’s no good.

      I’m really, really glad to hear AM1994 is doing well! I was willing to watch it even if it was a redux because I enjoyed the 1997 version enough. But if ’94 becomes its own thing… Even better! 😀 (I actually enjoyed the “who’s the hubby” stuff — even when they milked it, just because I felt like they were giggling so much in doing it. Kind of like hearing a silly joke that shouldn’t be funny but you’re amused by the amusement of the person telling it. If that makes sense.)

      I recall being fine with Soulmate‘s ending. I think it fell under the slice-of-life heading for me. So I was fine with a looser, things just hinted at, ending. (It’s been a while, though. So this is about as specific as I can get. ;))

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