Weekly Drama Check-in Post (slow-watching)

This has been a good drama week watching-wise. My time’s been extremely limited, but it’s been fun watching I Hear Your Voice with enforced slowness. My first viewing I got so caught up in the story and the need to know what happens next, oh dear Lord (!!) face2face photo face2face_zps68f1b3d2.jpgI crammed as many watching hours in as I could. I’d either watch several episodes back to back, or catch 15 to 30 minute bites if that’s all the time I had.

Which is definitely a fun way to watch a show — all breathless excitement and wide-eyed enjoyment — but it meant I didn’t get the full impact of the smaller story arcs within each episode. Now that I’m watching the drama one episode at a time (as it was meant to be watched) I’m more able to see and enjoy those arcs and the way they tease out the drama’s themes. This was a carefully crafted story and I’m getting the full impact of that now.

(I will be interested to see what happens with the last two episodes. A 16 episode drama stretched into 18 by popular demand, I recall noticing some padding going on. And not caring at all because I was emotionally all in. But now that I’m watching more carefully, will it weaken the story for me? Or will I still be too happy spending time with these characters to care?)

Meanwhile, the enforced slow-watch of Heirs is kind of killing me. This week left us on such a big question that, if I had the ability, I’d be tuning in for the first 15 minutes of the next episode in a heartbeat.  photo hollywood_zpsfc3b82d4.jpgIn the past, I’d handle the wait by diving into discussions with fellow fans. Unfortunately, my go-to source for that — the Dramabeans recaps comment section — has been overrun with hate-watchers. Which… not the kind of discussion I’m looking for.

So… not quite the fun live-watch I’d been expecting. But still fun in that I’m on tenterhooks of curiosity. I’m still enjoying the drama, I’m just missing the community. (Thank goodness for the blogging community! Seriously — it’s made all the difference.)


18 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (slow-watching)

  1. Yes, DB has been over-run isn’t it? It has been from the start of the show. A strange phenomenon, but maybe not unexpected considering the hype. But still, it feels particularly rabid and gleeful. I wonder if sometimes it’s a follow through from the response of the first few posters and then escalates, then a herd mentality takes over. This is just my gut talking since I haven’t kept up with the comments seriously enough.

    • I noticed it in the beginning, and was certain it was a response to the hype. It struck me as a bit knee-jerk, but I figured that came with the territory (it’s the danger of over-hyping) and figured it’d clear out as the drama went on.

      But the opposite’s happened. It’s gotten more rabid and gleeful, as you say. (Lord, the things being said abut Park Shin-hye… I was a little taken aback by the ugliness.) And I’m seriously not sure why. I think the herd mentality is a huge part. I think trolls have decided this is a good place to play (which encourages the herd). But, it’s been a long while since I’ve live-watched a really popular drama. Maybe this is what popularity brings?

      Of course, I only dipped into the comments this past week with any seriousness, because this was the first time I had the time to give. So I’m certainly not looking at it with scientific detachment either. 😉

  2. Betsy! How are you? You’ve been quiet, or on my side it feels like anyway haha and I’ve been totally out of the drama loop that I can’t squeeze myself in-between convos pretending I know what’s going on. Really hope you’ve been good though, very glad you’ve your weekly check-ins so I know the dramas you’re tuning in (so someday when I pick them up I know we can discuss them!) and that yeah, Real Life isn’t bogging you down (mine is kicking my ass still, as we speak unfortunately). Not sure what I feel about Heirs – okay I don’t have anything that I feel or think about it really, considering I’m not watching it or anything else – but the blogosphere is definitely very chatty (read: opinionated) about it.

    Side note Love that you mentioned the DB comments section. Frankly as much as I like it there, there’s always this tendency/trend of the herd mentality over there and I feel like now that the site is immensely popular. the more common this is. The commenters there are definitely more mature than say, allkpop (ha!) and typically they’re engaging but when they’re not… aye. Really annoying, to say the least. Everyone has An Opinion and it Must Be Said. Just my two cents haha, but then again what do I know…

    • Hi, Jan! *waves madly* I have been a bit quieter. Life’s gotten busy (not in a bad way) so my blogging has slowed down. I think I’m averaging about two a week which is pretty darn low for me. But! I’m still active, just… a little less so. 😉 (Frankly, the end of the year is always like this. I have no idea why. Doesn’t matter what job I have or where I’m living. End of the year is busy. Flip side is, beginning of the year is usually a little quieter. *knocks on wood*)

      There are times when the comment section on DB can be a lot of fun and also informative and insightful. But, for me, it seems to depend on how popular the drama is. The less popular, the more fun the comments. Also — and it seems weird saying this because I’m such a newbie myself — but I feel like it’s gotten more crowded lately. (What a difference two years makes? Is that even possible?) But it also feels like Heirs is bringing out the worst kind of commentators. Ah well — easy enough to just not engage.

      • Just popping right back in to say: those two years make a HUGE difference! I’ve been on that site since 2008/2009 and wow, back then and now.. Wow. Can’t be helped, but sometimes I miss the older feel of the place (although perhaps… not that it’s in my place to say this). But I like your solution, one that I’ve been practicing – just not engage, ha.

        • I suppose change is inevitable. And it means that the quieter dramas are even more fun. 🙂 Otherwise, it’s just like dropping a bad drama — walking away is the best solution. 😀 (I still love the recaps, though. There’s often lovely little cultural nuggets to find there. There’s a reason Dramabeans is so popular.)

  3. The comments over at Dramabeans….OMG…..so annoying….It’s not new that I’m liking a show which is not liked by all…but for Heirs…it’s a different kind of hate…
    maybe they are die hard fans of Secret (which I’m not watching by the way) and are pissed off that no one is discussing or recapping it. LOL 😀
    or they are displeased that Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye are so popular rather than their respective favorite actors!! Ha!! Because the way they are criticising the two….it’s unbelievable….I may not be a good critic but I know that both of them are good actors with lots of charisma…and have chemistry in Heirs as well 🙂

    Finally, for my peace of mind, I’m gonna stay away from those comments for a while…just to enjoy Heirs peacefully 😉

    • Yeah, it struck me as more… bitter or intense or something than I’m used to. And I agree that staying away is probably a good idea. (I can get such a strong urge to argue and in this case I think it’d just serve to rile me up and then I’d say something stupid and… yes, better to walk away. ;))

  4. It’s funny that we’re all saying that about the Dramabeans recaps though. And if we’re all saying that, then where are the commenters from DB coming from? lol. You know what recap has fun commentary? Reply 1994. Hardly any negativity at all, it’s awesome.

    • Hah! Good question! Some secret cave of snark? 😉 (I went back for another peek at the episode 8 comments, just to make sure I wasn’t crazy, and there are some good conversations going on. Mostly amongst commentators whose names I recognize from past dramas. Just, you have to dig past the negativity.)

      I am so looking forward to Reply 1994 — it’s one I’m planning to marathon (that and Basketball). Two Weeks had fun commentary, too. So, at least we can be sure it’s Heirs-specific and will, most likely, pass.

  5. I haven’t watched any k-drama in the past week. None of the dramas on my roster atm are particularly addicting so I keep skipping them if I’m not in the mood. And I haven’t been in the mood lately. 🙂 I still haven’t started Basketball. I guess I’m a leeeettle bit afraid I’ll be disappointed with it too.

    DB has always been popular, as far as I remember and commenters at times highly annoying, LOL! I avoid the posts that get an overwhelming amount of negativity. I’ve got better things to do than read pages of snide, hurtful comments. I’ve never been able to understand hate-watching. If a show offends you that much, it’s better to give it das boot. Life is too short for bad dramas.

    • I’m trying not to think too hard about Basketball. Otherwise I’ll get too excited and… what if the buzz is bad? O.O

      I learned my lesson so hard on that one! Life is too short, and all bad dramas do is put me in a foul mood. I think, sometimes you can enjoy a crack drama — something so silly and “bad” it tips back into fun because it’s just all too crazy. Boys Over Flowers was like that for me. It was fun to hiss at the evil characters and giggle at the overly earnest characters and sometimes find yourself kind of moved by some of the romantic scenes… only to laugh out loud at the crazy shenanigans that pulled our young lovers apart.

      But that’s a different kind of watch than what’s going on here. And yes, avoidance is the best bet. 🙂

      • Oh yes, watching something so bad it’s almost good can be fun. *g* But only occasionally, teh stoopid gets to you in the long run, especially if you have watched a lot of dramas already.

        Dramas that get a lot of attention (like Hiers) on popular sites tend to draw in the trolls, unfortunately. That leads to other posters of the same ilk to flock in too and hey presto, insta negativity and the bad kind of snark a plenty. It sometimes feels like all the hate a drama gets, begets more hate and so it snowballs into something very unpalatable. ‘Herds’ are never good as that sort of mentality does not promote good discussions including both construcitve crirtique and praise.

        • There’s a fine line between too stupid and just stupid enough, it’s true. 😉

          This is definitely a case of herd encouragement — which is exactly why it’s not discussion friendly. (I’ve seen it operate in the opposite way sometimes — not as often, but it can happen.) But now I know! 🙂 So my expectations have been adjusted accordingly.

  6. My week hasn’t been the best with watching dramas. Not enough time, or at least as much time as I would like. But still catching up with Heirs and Reply 1994 was a good thing. Both drams are amazing and at the same time they make me sad because I have to wait all these days for the next episodes..
    As for the nasty comments. I found them so frustrating because most of them don’t offer any constructive criticism. I’m ok with people don’t like the drama but have a reason for not liking it and be polite about it. I even saw some comments about Park Shin Hye’s kissing skills. Really? How actors kiss in dramas and movies are the result of the writing and what the director tells them to do. So.. And again what that has to do with the story and its execution.
    And lastly so far I haven’t re-watched any drama. I have re-watched scenes on youtube but never the whole thing. Should I try it? I don’t know, I don’t do it with books either.. 🙂

    • Oh, the joy and agony of the live watch! 😀 And you’re doing it with two shows… I’m glad you’re enjoying them both!

      They are frustrating! Because sometimes they’re just pure wrong (the sets and costumes are actually pretty darn stellar — that school really feels like it’s a place where the wealthy are) and other times they’re rather cruelly petty. Yes, it’s totally up to the director on how a kiss is going to go. (I remember a behind-the-scenes of The Bridal Mask where the director chided Joo Won for moving his mouth. And Joo Won protested that he was just trying to breath, which was hilarious — because they were going for the long, dramatic take.) Plus! The episode literally ended with a freeze frame. There was no opportunity to react.

      And, as far as I’ve seen, none of them respond to comments that question or engage. They just converse with those who agree. Or drop their negative comment and disappear. So yes. Frustrating. As my little mini-rant illustrates. 😉 (Sorry about that.)

      As to rewatching… I don’t know — I do reread books I love, so it’s something I’m used to doing. For me, it’s because I really want to see that drama again. I’ll be thinking, “I’m really in the mood for something that’s exactly like X.” And then I realize, I really do mean exactly like X. And then I rewatch. 😀 A fun way to do it is with someone else who hasn’t seen the drama before. (A really good way to maybe hook an unsuspecting drama-innocent. ;)) But it’s totally a personal choice. I enjoy getting the deeper nuance, seeing characters reactions when I know what they’re really thinking, etc. But I could see it being boring if that’s not your thing.

      • Yes yes if you watch the behind the scenes of dramas you can form the opinion that the actors really aren’t very free to do whatever they want. It is the job of the director to decide everything.
        Recently I saw one from the Master’s Sun where they were shooting a kiss scene and he was asking how the director wanted him to act.. In general watching the BTS could give you a better perspective about what it takes to make a drama/movie.
        As for rewatching and rereading. Still not sure, maybe I will give it a try in the future if I found myself at the same situation as you, like I want to watch a drama exactly like one I have watched! Haha.. 🙂
        (And I love rants!!)

        • I find the behind-the-scenes fascinating. It’s so interesting what all goes in to creating a scene, how many different people and skills are involved. How patient everyone has to be! And in the middle of all that busyness and tedium there are the actors emoting… pretty impressive. 🙂

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