Heirs: so … that was unexpected

to school photo toschool_zps7407b0c9.jpgI am incredibly eager to see what happens next week. And that’s about as un-spoil-y as I’m going to get. Spoilers through episode 8 below…

But first… a technical note: I get my screencaps from Hulu because I’m not paying for Dramafever so the pic quality is middling to low. (Unless you catch the episode when it first comes out — then you get all the quality, none of the ads — but your timing must be epic.) For some reason there’s been a delay on Hulu’s end. So this is a sadly screencap lacking post. (I’ll come back and fill in the proper pics when I can get them, promise. Done!) …and now back to our show! 

Let’s jump right to the end and talk about the kiss. It’s by no means romantic. Tan is basically trying to prevent Eun-sang from answering Young-do’s call. His hands are occupied so he plants a kiss on her. It could almost be comic if it wasn’t their first kiss (and I think Eun-sang’s first kiss, ever) and  photo kiss_zpsf00f42cd.jpgif the scene weren’t fraught with fear and desperation and anger.

hope it’s not a method of claiming (“don’t talk to him; you’re mine”). I’m fairly sure it’s not — Tan is driven by fear for Eun-sang, not jealousy. He’s not worried she’s going to fall for Young-do; he is worried she’s going to get hurt by him. But it’s honestly hard to be certain at this point. The scene literally ended with the kiss. It was an immediate freeze frame so it’s impossible to tell what their reactions will be. (Best case scenario? Tan leaps back, full of apologies.)

Hence my eagerness for next week and episode 9. I need to see the fallout. Then I can decide if I’m offended or not.

Other than the confusion of that (huge, lurking elephant of a) scene — I’ve returned to enjoying the drama.

I’ve adjusted my expectations regarding Young-do and am no longer looking for his softer, redeemable side. When he sued Joon Young — using his father’s power and money to grind down someone already powerless — he killed a kitten,as far as I’m concerned. So, when we learned that it was his classism that broke his and Tan’s friendship, I was more sad than shocked. (I’d expected Young-do’s anger to stem from Tan’s lying to him.  photo badyoungdo_zps177f3403.jpgThat it wasn’t Tan lying, but Tan trusting that finished them means I’ve also given up on a healing of that particular breech.)

Which means I can now enjoy the chaotic danger Young-do brings to the table. He’s a formidable foe for Tan and Eun-sang to deal with. He represents the “might is right,” “cheat to win,” killing instinct of the upper elite in the drama’s world. It’s his refusal to let Eun-sang and Tan alone to live their own lives that’s forcing them to face both their personal obstacles and the obstacles to their romance.

(Okay, I’ll admit I’m still hoping for some kind of change with Young-do. He’s so obviously the product of his father’s conditioning, and he so obviously despises his father, and he’s so obviously unhappy despite having all the power and all the things. I don’t expect a full redemption tale, but some kind of epiphany would be nice. If it stemmed from his father’s company going under and a sudden need for Young-do to get a job washing dishes: bonus.)

Which also means, I’m pretty sure the bromance the drama is looking to heal is between actual brothers, Tan and Won. And I want them to form a team so, so badly! I loved it when Tan, in his most adorable and non-threatening fuzzy pink cardigan…

fuzzypink photo fuzzypink_zps290ff40d.jpg

…surprise-hugged his brother.

surprise hug photo surprisehug_zpsf6beeb2e.jpg

I love that they’re both trying to step away from their father’s control (who I think is trying to instill the same killer-instincts Young-do’s learned by turning them on each other).

I hate that Won sees Tan as their father’s weapon and counts Tan being hurt as a win. I’m hopeful Won was disappointed by something Tan did in the past (whatever got him exiled?) and that’s there room for him to reevaluate Tan now.

I want Won to realize Tan is no longer his father’s pawn. I want Tan to no longer be his father’s pawn. I want Won to see how hard Tan is trying and give him some brotherly help. (With a side assist from Secretary Yoon, who has to have noticed the private-eye guy and his suspicious envelope for a reason.) Then I’d like for them to take down the Zeus Hotel Group and skip off into the sunset together, along with their non-socialite lady loves.

myungjoo photo myungsoo_zps99c1541a.jpg

His happiness worries me…

I’m hoping we get that sort of happy because I’m pretty sure we’re in for some tragedy. The body outline brought up in episode 7 pretty much guarantees a student snapping under the pressure and suiciding. I’m guessing either Hyo-shin or Myung-soo. Right now I’m leaning towards Myung-soo because he seems the happiest (and could well be faking), he’s the one who pointed out that it’s a protest thing, and his death might actually effect Young-do a teeny-tiny bit. But maybe that’s what the drama wants me to believe…


21 thoughts on “Heirs: so … that was unexpected

  1. it didn’t even occur to me that the body outline thing was supposed to foreshadow something so sad T_T my poor second-lead-loving heart just can’t wait for kfangurl’s woobie to realize he really luuurves eun-sang 😉 😉 heheheeee! ^^ but my real OTP: won & hyun-joo. but hyo-shin is SUCH a cutie… gah. too many choices! 😉 😉

    • Of course… I could be wrong! 😀 Perhaps it’s nothing more than guerrilla art to be followed up with a scathing, yet hilarious, protest essay that reveals all the dirty secrets lurking in the school’s hallways. It could be that!!!

      If we could see kfangurl’s woobie go through a heart-expansion moment just like the Grinch, that would be awesome. But he’ll still have to lose the girl. Because he’s got some learning to do. 😉

      Hyun-joo has a difficult choice in front of her indeed. 😉 Though… Hyo-shin’s mom. If she’s part of the package (and I’m pretty sure the mom is always part of the package) that tips the scales to Won. Who comes with Secretary Yoon (which is practically cheating).

      • hahahaa a protest essay would be epically hilarious! ^^
        i know it won’t happen – EVER – but i would just die of happiness of woobie actually got the girl. just something about rebel bad boys whose lives are turned upside down by the love of their lives… heeee!
        i absolutely LOVE the actress who plays hyo-shin’s mom hahahahaaa so i half want things to go down that path just to see her lolol! plus we’d get to see a jealous won. choi jin-hyuk getting all riled and petty would be HILARIOUS. but if he doesn’t ultimately get hyun-joo… and woobie doesn’t either… and secretary yoon doesn’t get esther… i don’t know, i might just have to forever hate on the show. 😉 😉 😉

        • I didn’t get to see enough of Hyo-shin’s mom to get much of impression of her — other than the fact that she’s worried her son is an absolute horn-dog and will be dangerously distracted at the sight of a girls naked ankle. (Which, makes her kind hilarious right there, I’ll admit.)

          I must also admit that I very much enjoyed Won’s stompy jealously when Secretary Yoon dropped Hyun-joo off. And yes, Secretary Yoon and Esther (who is, oddly, one of the better parents — at least she and Rachel talk to each other) need to end up together.

          But Young-do… he has so very, very far to go before I can see him even recognizing love. Which I want to see happen! But I feel like he’s going to need to have his heart broken in order to realize he has one.

  2. I loved this week’s Heirs…..so many good and romantic scenes between tthe OTP..I also liked how Young do defeated his father in his own way…he is bad but his dad is worse….

    I really want that kiss scene to have some satisfying conclusion…I know Tan is a sweet guy and hopefully he’ll not become all dominating now!!

    • I can see why Kim Woo-bin was attracted to the role: Young-do has the best lines. And that bit with his dad, “All anyone will remember about today is that I won,” was pretty darn cool. Between the two, I prefer Young-do. Just… I’m not sure he should be freely moving about the world at this point. Not until he gets his sadism in check and learns that there actually rules of behavior.

      I am so, so eager to see the kiss conclusion! I hope it’s satisfying, too. I got the feeling Tan was waiting for the right moment to kiss Eun-sang (why he pulled back in the pantry) and he’s such a romantic and this wasn’t romantic at all… They both deserved something sweeter. 😦

  3. Yeah, Tan kissing her was definitely a reaction rather than anything else, which I hope means he’ll apologise pretty quick in the next episode. He better, because it’s already out of character for him to be doing that so if he doesn’t immediately apologise, I’ll have to assume he’s had a mild lobotomy…

    And this – “I want Won to realize Tan is no longer his father’s pawn. I want Tan to no longer be his father’s pawn. I want Won to see how hard Tan is trying and give him some brotherly help.” Me too. I really hope that’s where they’re going with the brothers. If we don’t get something like this by the end, its going to be really disappointing.

    • Either an immediate apology or a period of embarrassed blustery fluster… followed by an apology. 🙂

      Earning his brother’s love is Tan’s biggest goal so I feel like it’ll happen. It must! Otherwise the drama would be a tragedy and I don’t think it’s meant to be.

  4. Hmm this week gave me whiplash. On the one hand, stuff happened! Cute stuff! Exciting stuff! And then… the dreaded kiss. Which…UGHHH. I’ve come to believe that it’s the toxic environment that’s bringing out the worst in him, and I hope Eun Sang tells him so, that it’s killing them, all of them!! I want to pull the fire alarm in the school and evacuate everyone. RUN! SAVE YOURSELVES! 😀

    • *hands you the bullhorn* You ain’t lying. 😉

      Seriously, that school is like the distilled essence of all the ugliness of the adult world they’ll be inheriting. I can totally understand how Eun-sang (and even Tan) just want to keep their heads down and get through it. (Of course, there’s Young-do, being the fly in the ointment, the bug in the machine, and loving every minute of it.)

  5. Great review!! 🙂 I was really glad there was still a little sweetness underneath the bullying this week cos last week all the lovely Tan and Eun-sang stuff was really thrown to the wayside for some nasty evilness. I still have hope for Young-do as well even though he spends all his time trying to prove me wrong, but I agree with your comment about him not really seeming to be very happy. I think that alone shows he may change for the better, even if only a little.

    • Thanks! 😀

      Yeah, I’m glad there was more sweetness this time around, too. I got how nasty the school was, and how dangerous for Eun-sang, so I’m glad they eased up on that.

      I think we will see a small change in Young-do, a choice made on the side of loyalty or love or friendship, or something like that. But I think it’ll come at the end, after Tan’s “defeated” him (shown Young-do that his father’s way is no good). And maybe we’ll see a hope for a future friendship — but he’s going to be an antagonist for a good long while. Though… it might come to bother Young-do more and more as we go along — that antagonist role.

      • I think you are right that it will bother him, though i think that even when he is aware that he is not happy about how he interacts with other people he still will have no idea how to go about changing himself. So yeah I totally agree with you that he won’t be making any major changes fast.

        • Yeah, I think Young-do’s not going to have an easy time of it (which — he shouldn’t), and I think whatever causes him to reevaluate his life — it will be something big. I’m rather evilly looking forward to it. 😉

          • Ha ha! Well don’t feel bad, I totally am too! I am dying to see him break and start crying in front of Eun-sang or something. Although if he does do that after constantly coming across all in control all the time I think I will start to love him which is a worry because I am totally shipping Tan. But Young-do is just so damn interesting!! (And more than a little bit sexy which I hate to admit about someone who is so douchey)

  6. Really enjoyed these episodes and agree with your observations.
    Young Do is crazy but definitely one of the most well written characters of the drama. I still want him to realise that he is becoming like his father and change for the better. I’m not sure if his and Tan’s relationship would go back to being friends but I’m hoping to at least be neutral and civilized with each other.
    As for Won and Tan. I really want things to go as you say. Won needs to realise that Tan is his only brother and they do have more things in common than they think.
    About the kiss. I liked the closet scene, it would be a nice moment for their first kiss, but I understand why it didn’t happen. As for the one in the rooftop. It was kind of forced but not forced at the same time. I wouldn’t even consider it a proper kiss but if I don’t watch episode 9, I can’t tell anything really. Yes he should apologize, he is a good person now, or if not then Eun Sang can..slap him? To balance things out. Or maybe not, violence is not the answer I guess..
    And lastly I had made the same thoughts as you about a tragedy coming up. It’s the character of Lee Hyo Shin, who from the first scene shows signs of things that can go terribly wrong. I really hope we would avoid something like that..

    • I have to admit, I’m kind of digging the relish Young-do shows with his evilness. 😉 He’s the king and he enjoys it. But there is depth in that he’s constantly competing with his father and he both hates the man but also follows right along in this footsteps. I feel like if he could see there was another way, if he could see that his father’s way is actually unstable and weak (oh, how strongly I’m hoping his dad’s business crashes to the ground), he’d go after that different way in a heartbeat.

      I feel like Tan could be Young-do’s example. After all, he was the one who setup their bullying ways. And Young-do is trying to compete with Tan like he’s been competing with his father. It’s like Tan has to completely defeat Young-do (not just physically — but take the crown and all it implies) and do it via Tan’s more kind and inclusive philosophy, and then Young-do will respect him. And maybe (maybe) want to learn from him and reestablish their friendship. But I suspect this will be an endgame scenario.

      My hope is that it’ll be figuring out how to earn Won’s trust and respect that will give Tan the tools to defeat Young-do. Like Young-do is the final test? Maybe?

      The closet scene was so cool! And I feel like Tan pulled away because he wanted it to be better, you know? Like he’s planning the perfect romantic moment and this isn’t quite it so he’ll wait… and then the rooftop happened. But I agree, we need to see the fallout in episode 9 to truly get how it was meant and how it was delivered and received. (Dramas will sometimes tweak the final scene of one episode in the opening of the next. And those tweaks can change the scenes a lot. So… opinion on hold until ep. 9. ;))

      I am very worried by all the meds Hyo-shin is taking. Is he dying? Or taking illegal boosters? What?!? He’s constantly talking about his body falling apart. It worries me. 😦 And I hope we can avoid it, too. Like, come close enough to scare some people, but have it all turn out well in the end.

      • But it will be difficult for Tan to gain the respect and trust of Won because it is what Tan said that his mere existence is hat bothers Won. I feel like it is Won that should make the most effort because he is the one that has the problem. He just feels jealous I think because Tan received the affection of their father when they were young. But he should open his eyes and see that their father treats them the same, as far as making their lives miserable is concerned. He is cold with both of them and tries to control both their lives with the same way.. Hopefully the two brothers overcome their issues..
        As for Young Do.. I hope he realises that his father might not be the best example. It would definitely be nice to follow Tan’s example (well not the way he chose to do nothing at the beginning, but you get my point!). I feel like it would be difficult to re-establish a good and deep relationship but hopefully something good happens in the end.
        I’m not sure if the final test for Tan is Young Do. I think his and Young Do’s actually final test will be with their families. They will figure out how to co-exist with each other but the families will be the difficult part.
        And about the kiss I agree that Tan probably was waiting for that perfect moment for their first kiss, probably after he was sure for Eun Sang’s feelings, and then the rooftop happened. He is gonna be hopefully angry with himself but we have to wait and see.. 🙂
        And lastly (sorry for the long comment!) I think Hyo Shin is always taking vitamins and stuff to have more energy to study but we all know that if you cross the line.. Hopefully though we will avoid something very dark and sad..

        • Never apologize for long comments! I love them! (And commit them myself from time to time. ;))

          I agree Won should make the first move, just… I’m not sure that he will. I think he might feel he’s made his move and is now waiting to see what Tan will do. Which isn’t fair, I agree, but it’s Tan who’s the most unhappy with the status-quo so I think he’s going to have to be the one to change it.

          Young-do is such a wild card for me. I change my mind about him and his trajectory so many times. I’m sure I’ll be changing it again later. 😀

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