Weekly Drama Check-in Post (getting over grumpy)

Drama-land hasn’t been the smoothest place for me this week. But! I’ve taken corrective measures and am ending the week happy, which is good.

There’s been a big stall-out on Master’s Sun. I can’t tell if it’s my mood or if there’s an actual issue with the drama itself. I do plan on finishing it. For one I’m over half-way through. For another, I wasn’t so much upset or angry with the story (which I’ve realized is a deal-breaker I need to heed) as I was bored. I kept getting the sense that everything I was seeing, I’d seen before.

My clever solution? I’m re-watching I Hear Your Voice — which, obviously I’ve literally seen before. But, it has a faster romance-pace and a compelling overarching mystery and I found myself absolutely craving those things.

watching tv photo tvwatching_zps5609b6c3.jpg

Park Soo-ha… doesn’t hurt.

So I’m back to happy and will dive back into Master’s Sun once I’ve had my adorableness fill.

As far as live-watching goes, Heirs episode 6 left me grumpy. But I fixed that via the catharsis that is blogging. It was also helpful to poke around the ‘net and see others’ views and realize that the drama is probably just setting us up for the next stage. http://www.clker.com/clipart-squid-cartoon.html photo images_zps3f5b14cf.jpegA view I solidified by chatting with all my fellow Heirs followers in the comments. (Even those who didn’t like it gave me food for thought — which helped immensely.) Hurray for the blogging community!

So grumpy has definitely passed me by. Bring on the drama!


16 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (getting over grumpy)

  1. Su Ha in a tank top never gets old…so says this pervy noona 😉

    As for TMS, I figured that if you’re not 100% feeling this pair, there’s very little that’s going to hold your attention here. And it does enter into a holding-pattern for far too long in the middle. Hope you do finish it though!

    • Man, how lucky were we that they were filming in the hot months? 😀

      (I’m pretty sure I will finish MS. It might take longer than I’d planned, but I still want to see how it all turns out.)

  2. Well, I picked up several dramas to test watch but none of them have that certain addicting factor that makes one go “squeeee!” LOL! I’m putting most of them on hold for a marathon sometime later. Maybe. We’ll see. I haven’t had time to check out Basketball yet but from what I’ve read I’m tentatively hopefull. Fingers crossed.

    Re. TMS…. What DDee said, if the OTP doesn’t keep you watching, there’s nothing much to hold onto as the story itself is pretty flimsy. But then, I’ve said that before, haven’t I? 🙂

    • There’s a definite magic to the “squee” drama. Doesn’t happen a lot, but it’s so, so cool when it does. 😀

      I am keeping such a strong eye on Basketball. It looks like it is so up my alley. It also looks like one that might kill me if I live-watch, so I’m definitely holding out for a marathon. 😀

      In regards to MS, I don’t hate the OTP by any means. But… I may be watching it analytically. 😉

  3. I smiled when I read this post because the same thing happened with me but in the opposite way…

    It took me one full month to finally complete last 4 episodes of IHYV as it didn’t make me feel excited anymore….on the other hand, the OTP of Master’s Sun is enough to make my day and yes, their magic is what made that drama special..

    I feel that the hype also plays an important role…if we hear a LOT of goodies about a show and watch it later than others…it often ends up in making us feel a bit disappointed….


    • Hype can be so, so dangerous. And it may well have done some dirty work here. Because I was live watching Two Weeks when Master’s Sun was getting all the love. And I didn’t think I’d let it affect me. (For one thing, I do realize that MS is a rom-com and TW is not, and I totally get that rom-com’s are k-drama fans’ bread and butter. It’s generally mine as well, with occasional breaks for dark melo or action-adventure.) But… maybe it did a little? In a, “this is what stole all the squee?” kind of way.

      It is also so subjective as to what will hit a viewers’ sweet spot. I’m starting to get a sense for what absolutely works for me (game-masters are my catnip) but I’ve also seen that things I love either don’t quite do it for, or possibly even turn off, other viewers. But! That’s what makes it interesting! And sometimes things will combine and we find ourselves loving the exact same show but for different reasons. 😀

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