Weekly Drama Check-in Post (the insomnia addition)

This post is either reeeaaally late, or somewhat early. Because I missed last week’s check-in post and it’s not quite the weekend yet. But the choice is mine, so… I choose early! This way I’m ahead of the curve. Finally.

This past week has been a dark hole of non-blogging. For which I apologize. I blame insomnia. I could not get to sleep Sunday night, watched dramas instead, and then spent the rest of the week in a sleep-deprived fog. waddams photo waddams_zps710295a7.jpgObviously choosing to watch dramas into the small hours was a good one! (That last sentence is all sarcasm. It was a bad choice! Bad! Never again!! *she lied to herself*)

On the plus side (there is always a plus side) I did watch a lot of drama…

I finished The Queen’s Classroom
queensclassroom photo Queens_Classroom-poster_zpsd25fc55b.jpg
…and it was so, so good. Everything I missed in School 2013 got covered here and was covered amazingly well. The drama did an excellent job diving deep into human psychology and, as far as I could tell, didn’t cut any corners. (Teacher Ma played a very, very dangerous game, but I think we were shown exactly how dangerous it was. Which I appreciated.) And the acting, especially considering we were dealing with a ton of child-actors, was surprisingly compelling.

I started King’s Family.

kingsfamily photo kingsfamily_zps351c08bf.jpg

I swear I meant to just dip my toe in! Just see if it was one that might interest me. But both Kim Hae-sook and Lee Yoon-ji were amusingly watchable (though Kim Hae-sook’s character took an… interesting turn) and next thing I knew… I’d seen all 10 subbed episodes. *sigh* I know, I know. I swore I’d do only one live-watch at a time. My current plan is to wait until the next 10 eps are subbed and do mini-marathons. (I did something similar for Ojakgyo Family and it worked pretty well.)

And I also started Master’s Sun. (Because why start just one?) It’s not nearly as scary as I worried it would be. I think it’s the lighting. The ghosts are juuuust a tiny bit too well lit, so it’s easy to tell it’s makeup. Which I appreciate. (I watched the first 15 minutes of Who Are You? as a comparison and it was definitely scarier. More shadows. And more fear-building music as well.)

masterssun photo masterssunposter_zpscb1c7932.jpg

On the flip side, it’s not as addictive as I’d hoped it would be. It’s amusing. And I enjoy the characters and their various interactions. But… it’s missing a certain something. I can’t put my finger on what’s preventing me from sinking into the drama’s world but something is holding me at arm’s length. Still — it’s quite watchable and I like all the players and it’s early days yet. It may win me over completely by the end.

And finally, there’s Heirs… but that’s a post for another day. (Seriously though, it’s killing me that this is a live-watch. I want episode 5 now!)


13 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (the insomnia addition)

  1. Oh, what you said about Master’s Sun is totally how I felt. I liked it but it didn’t really hook me until we were over halfway through. Very much a slow burn. As to Heirs, also agree, i’m waiting [im]patiently for next week…

  2. Tee hee! I love how you’re always lookin’ on the bright side of everything – and I have to agree that more dramas is always, ALWAYS a good thing! 😉

    I started on Master’s Sun too!! I thought of you as I clicked play on E1 ^^ And yes, like you, I was also thankful that the ghosts weren’t actually very scary in the end. Phew. I’m just 2 eps in, and so far, it’s a fun and easy watch. I’m not quite sucked in yet either, but it’s early days yet, for me. Will see how that goes!

    Heirs – I feel like the story is finally where it’s going to pick up from its super slow set-up, so yes, I’m looking forward to seeing how E5 shakes out. I’m more interested in Tan’s and Young Do’s face-off than the actual OTP. Of course, part of that might be my fixation with KWB.. heh.

    • In some ways, I think it’s good that Master’s Sun hasn’t become an addictive watch. I’m needing some breathing (read, sleeping) space at the moment. 😉 But it does have me thinking about what makes a show a must-watch for me. An interesting exercise. 😀

      Heirs has had a slow setup but… I kind of like it? I mean, as long as things keep progressing and… convenient car breakdowns and surprise co-habitation work for me. 🙂 But yes, I am so, so eager for all our gang to get into the same room. Tan and Young-do and, I’ll admit it, Young-do and Eun-sang. The previews have me so intrigued!! 😀 (Not that I expect to actually ship Young-do and Eun-sang. But, she won’t be easily shaken by him and I think he needs that and there will be such lovely drama.)

      • Oh yes, the potential drama between Young Do and Eun Sang looks promising in E5.. I’m eager for some of that action too. I think I’m lookin’ for some spice. So far all we’ve gotten is a lot of sweet, among the various necessary set-up steps. I’m now ready for sparks to fly as people face off with one another. Bring it on, Show! 😀

  3. I’m in love with Heirs after the second week…..and the CAN’T WAIT for the next episode……And I’ve fallen in love with Lee Min Ho all over again (*okay, right now I think I’ve gone crazy…please understand :P)

    I loved Master’s Sun….I watched it live so can’t say on the addictive thing….but yeah, it didn’t everytime have that “just can’t wait for next” feeling but most of the times, it did….and added So Ji Sub as one of my favorites in rom-coms list 😀

    • Heirs has definitely hit the addictive sweet-spot. 😀 (I’m so, so looking forward to next week when everyone starts interacting together.)

      I’m certainly enjoying Master’s Sun, and the acting is a great deal of fun. It’s just not a must-watch-now! show for me at the moment. But that may well be a good thing. 😉

  4. My current roster once again consists of stuff that ain’t getting much love. 😉

    Medical Top Team isn’t lighting up the world with it’s ingenuity but I like the characters and there seems to be ‘something’ bubbling under the surface. The leading men are neither quite what they seem at first glance and I’m hoping the leading lady gets a bit more depth in the long run as well. The medical stuff surpisingly looks genuine enough to fool someone not in the know. Like me, for instance. On the other hand, I hope they’ll ease up on the ’emergency of the week’ cliffhangers a bit. Those can get old pretty fast if they are not careful.

    Mirae’s Choice turned out to be pretty enjoyable, for a romcom. 😀 It’s also nice to see Lee Dong Gun in my tv again. He’s delightfully grumpy and a-poley, LOL!

    I’m really looking forward to checking out both Answer Me 1994 and Basketball (please be goooood!)

    I STILL haven’t got round to starting Queen’s Classroom but instead I’m watching Saengchori once again (yeah, I know), with my sister this time. I’m picking up few new things too so maybe I will finally get round to writing something about it. I’ve been in a sort of blogging slump for the past months.

    Yup, it took a while for me to warm up to Master’s Sun too but SJS & GHJ won me over in the end. It never got addicting though, it was just a nice, relaxing watch. Those are fine every once in a while.

    • I’m keeping an eye on Mirae’s Choice (now called Marry Him, If You Dare, right?) as a future marathon. Ditto Answer Me: 1994 and Basketball. Only with those last two shows I’m actually looking away from them because I’m afraid they’ll be tough to resist watching as soon as their available.

      You’re right about a nice, relaxing watch being a good thing. I’m kind of enjoying the lack of intensity with Master’s Sun. A nice respite before the next big watch (whatever that might be). 😉

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