Weekly Drama Check-in Post (lamest post ever)

Why lame? Because, other than finishing off Two Weeks, I’ve not watched any k-dramas at all. Not even a doesn’t-quite-count j-drama. Two hours of drama watching… it just seems… lame. One does not blog with such paltry offerings!

cunningadorable photo cunningadorable_zpsbfc8dd35.jpg

Otherwise? Mild judgment. So much mild judgement.

I’ve no choice then but to turn to… the future!!

Oh my gosh, you guys I’m insanely excited for Heirs! I’m easily swayed by marketing and peer-pressure and Lee Min-ho — and Heirs has achieved the trifecta. lmh photo image105_zpsb56062cf.jpgI’d thought it was premiering last week, though. So I was all excited to watch it this weekend. Only it’s not here yet. Which meant I was slightly bummed I still have to wait, but happy I’ll be watching it with the crowd (the sub-requiring crowd, that is — still, a crowd’s a crowd).

And! Apparently Master’s Sun was good? That’s the impression I’m getting, anyway. So I see a marathon in my future. Barring jury-duty. (Long story. And it might not happen.)

hana photo hana_zps8bb4940a.jpgOf course, I must watch the last half of The Queen’s Classroom. Things are too dire for my sweet Ha-na to just leave her hanging in not-watching limbo.

So hopefully next week will be lovely and k-drama filled. And next week’s check in will be filled to the brim with interesting. I’ll see you in the future!! (It doesn’t work if it’s not italicized.)


6 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (lamest post ever)

  1. I feel you, Betsy!! I’m hardly getting any drama in myself, and that’s COUNTING the doesn’t-quite-count j-dorama! XD

    I’m excited for Heirs too!! You, Lee Min Ho.. Me, Kim Woo Bin. Squee!! I just hope I manage to find time to keep up, being in Tokyo & all 😛

    • Late reply is so, so late. Sorry. 😦 But! Heirs!! 😀 (Of course, that’s a discussion for another post. ;))

      (I think I managed to use all my emoticons. Yay?)

  2. Master’s Sun is really good….loved it.

    Eagerly waiting for Heirs while also keeping an eye on Marry Him If You Dare and Answer Me 1994 for future marathons….(or maybe I’ll watch them live)

    Same here..with MS and Two Weeks being over and completing Rich man Poor woman, I don’t have anything to watch…..(actually I have lots of shows to marathon but that doesn’t seem like a wise idea with upcoming premieres)..

    Thought of giving a try to Unemployed Romance but people have mixed reviews so gonna skip it for now….

    • Premier time is the hardest time of all. Everything looks like it’s going to be amazing and there’s this feeling like if you don’t catch it now you’ll miss everything… It’s a fun, frizzy feeling, but not a good predictor of good drama, unfortunately.

  3. Well, my k-drama watching has been pretty spotty lately as well. I need to finish Master’s Sun, which I like though the story isn’t all that special. I’m watching it mainly for the OTP as GHJ and SJS are adorable together. 🙂 I checked out The Suspicious Housekeeper and it has some interesting things going on but I haven’t yet decided if I’ll keep in the roster. We’ll see.

    I’ve no interest what so ever in ‘Heirs’ and all the hype is making me wish it’ll bomb spectacularly. *partypooper* ;P I’m not a fan of KES’ writing and her characters (especially the leads) generally end up annoying the heck out of me at some point but….I am going to watch at least couple of epis for Woobie, cute-pie Min Hyuk and Park Hyung Sik. 😀 Not expecting to last out the whole drama though. I barely managed to finish Secret Garden (team Oska/Seul!) and bailed out on A Gentleman’s Dignity early on.

    • I’m looking forward to Master’s Sun — but in a mild way because people seemed to enjoy it, but not get bowled over by it (like they did with I Hear Your Voice for example). Which is probably a good way to go into a drama, actually.

      I’m definitely excited about Heirs. 😀 I loved Secret Garden (didn’t see A Gentleman’s Dignity, though) and I’m so easy when it comes to good marketing. 😉

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