Two Weeks: the ending

dday photo dday_zpsdd18bf82.jpgI liked it! Which means I recommend this drama as a fun, exciting, and well paced watch. (It was a fun live-watch; I suspect it’ll be even more fun as a marathon.) And I definitely recommend this drama to any fans of Lee Jun-ki. He poured his heart into his role and it showed.

Aaand, everything else I’m going to say will be chock-full-‘o spoilers, so read further at your own risk. [Spoilers for the entire show below]

I loved how Tae-san and Boss Moon practically switched places there at the end. With Tae-san, the master mind, creating Boss Moon, the desperate fugitive.

fugitivemoon photo fugitivemoon_zps9d9983f4.jpg

Same cap… even the same facial wound…

trouble photo trouble_zps919b95a5.jpg

It was really important, though, that Boss Moon brought his desperation onto himself. If he hadn’t been so intent on revenge, if he could have just walked away, he would have succeeded in fleeing to a friendly (or at least disinterested) country. But he brought about his own downfall by being so obsessed with punishing Tae-san.

Ditto Congresswoman Jo, for that matter. If she’d honestly been willing to let the auction go, she could have fled the country, as planned — not as rich as she’d hoped, but surely well funded enough… (At least, I think so? I’ll admit I got confused as to who had what money where. I think Congresswoman Jo scammed Boss Moon by getting him to transfer his funds to her… but I didn’t understand the details. Which I was fine with; those details didn’t really matter.)

That our good guys (Tae-san, Jae-kyung) were able to keep their hands clean while getting the victory made me happy. It was probably a little convenient — that our bad guys self-destructed so spectacularly — but in this sort of story, that’s what I expect and hope for and I’m really glad our storytellers didn’t go for some “interesting” twist that only served to ruin the feel of the whole thing.

Instead, the storytellers concentrated on keeping the pace up. Right into the final episode we had heart-in-throat moments. When Tae-san was chasing Boss Moon into the junk-yard? fightingtaesan photo fightingtaesan_zps55fb9f29.jpgI was wincing the whole time, constantly thinking, “Take care of your body! You’ve got surgery tomorrow!!” That I was worried right up until Boss Moon got wheeled away, still snarling and fighting despite his injuries, is a credit to the show. Maintaining that tension is what made Two Weeks such a compelling watch.

The pace definitely slowed right down for the final scenes — but I was glad of it. (I suspect marathoners will be especially grateful for the chance to catch their breath.) I loved the mirroring images that were used throughout this final section. Tae-san and Su-jin cupping each other’s faces.

peace1 photo peace1_zps0b3ee973.jpg

The ghost (or memory) of Mi-sook cupping Jae-kyung’s face (which I didn’t expect and was surprised and really touched by — I’m really glad they included that moment).

peace2 photo peace2_zps1866c9aa.jpg

*Bonus shots from those scenes!

promisekept photo promisekept_zps3574d8f1.jpg

Ting Tingly returned!

forgiveness photo forgiven_zps8a04d2eb.jpg

Jae-kyung finally begins forgiving herself.

And then there were the prisoner scenes. Boss Moon blinded (literally in the dark) eating what he can while his cell mates steal food from him.

moonend photo moonend_zps04f02f1e.jpg

Congresswoman Jo meditating in a dark corner.

joend photo joend_zps91974874.jpg

And finally Teacher Kim, looking up into the light.

kimend photo kimend_zps68b781f4.jpg

I loved how it encapsulated their various states. And I loved that while Teacher Kim isn’t miraculously redeemed (he’s paying for his crimes) there’s a future and a hope for him — something he’d not had before.

I liked that use of a birth-secret twist, I have to say. fatherson photo fatherson_zpsbed17905.jpgIt showed the depravity of Boss Moon adding weight to Tae-san’s view that a free Boss Moon would be a constant danger to Su-jin and In-hye. And it tied Former-Boss Han more deeply into the story. But I was extremely grateful it was the only birth-secret. I was glad Tae-san’s dad never showed up. I loved that Tae-san reached a certain amount of peace regarding the man without having to actually meet him. And I adored that Former-Boss Han pretty much adopted him — they made for an awesome father-son pairing without needing to actually be father and son. (Honestly, that they were a found-family made their bond more powerful, in my opinion.)

future photo future_zpsf3009b2e.jpgI also liked that Tae-san and In-hye didn’t just fall into each other’s arms. I mean, I think I would have been fine with it (Tae-san deserves all the happy!), but it was a mature decision on his part to give them both some space after the tension of their two week adventure. Especially since he was obviously going to be around for Su-jin — there whenever she needed him. goodbye photo goodbye_zpsae7f0bdb.jpgAnd especially since In-hye and Seung-woo parted ways (which added the bitter to the sweet — but I thought it was gracefully handled there as well). I can easily picture Tae-san and In-hye getting back together down the road — but they’ll need time to rebuild their romance.

family photo family_zps8702f891.jpgThe storytellers did a great job including what was needed but not attempting to end everything with neatly tied bows. Tae-san is alive, his name has been completely cleared, his future is wide open, and he can finally be a good father to his daughter. He’s ready to claim his own happiness and that is an awesome way to end.

smiling photo taesanend_zpsbba32048.jpg


4 thoughts on “Two Weeks: the ending

  1. The ending was perfect… one can get ready in 2 weeks and everyone needed time to adjust their feelings….but there were hints that Tae san and In hye will finally reunite and that’s enough and realistic.
    Loved Two Weeks which was adorable as well as thrilling…..yes, some things were convenient but totally worked in this case….of course my favorite thing was the dad daughter duo 🙂

    • The dad-daughter duo was so, so awesome! They did such a good job with it so when they finally were able to hug each other I was teary-eyed. (The girl who played Su-jin did an excellent job.)

      I’m so certain Tae-san and In-hye will reunite. The hints were more than enough for me, especially since we did get some sweetly romantic bits from their earlier courtship.

  2. Ooooh I like your insight on that similar juxtaposition of fugitive Moon Ilseok on Jang Taesan, and also the added meanings of the lighting effects in the prison scenes. Those details didn’t register in my head when I was watching. This is my first time life-watching a show, and getting to discuss the show with fans like you and @snow_white made this an extra-fun watch!

    • Oh, what a perfect first live-watching show! It’s always fun to watch a good drama and it’s especially fun to watch it with fellow fans to talk about it with. I enjoyed discussing with you as well, Gabby! 🙂

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