Weekly Drama Check-in Post (late, but not forgotten)

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Mother-in-law NOT pictured

I’m off in the land of far and away, visiting my in-laws in Kentucky. I’ve been having a great visit (my mother-in-law is fixing to fry up some chicken — so it’s been a delicious visit as well) but my k-drama viewing has fallen down to nil.  Which means, I’m still waiting to watch the final two episodes of Two Weeks. Which means, I’m just popping in to make a quick report and then flitting right back out again. This is me avoiding spoilers.

Actually — my k-drama viewing fell down to nil all the way back to last week. In a declaration of discipline I’d vowed to not watch another k-drama until I got my “awaiting review” list down. So of course, I watched some j-dramas. (There is always a work around. Always.)

liargame photo liargame_zpsb6a60882.jpgThe first was one I just stumbled across. The name was intriguing and the first few minutes were interesting and next thing I knew I was pulled in. Liar Game was fun. More math than I’d expected and I think probably aimed towards a younger audience — but they knew how to work a cliff-hanger.

The second I deliberately sought out. Jandoe of Blogphilic has a lot of lovely lists regarding j-dramas, and one of them is for crackling chemistry and that’s exactly what I was in the mood for… and thus, Pride. Which I adored and which filled with me so much nostalgia — which of course I wasn’t looking for — pride photo pride_zps9aac751e.jpgand (re)introduced me to Kimura Takuya (who is awesomely intense and whom I’d actually seen before in my very first j-drama ever where he played a psycho-killer *insert hockey-player joke here*). And yeah. Basically I loved it and wished it went on forever — though the ending was perfect.

And that was last week in k-dramas! Not much of a week at all as it turns out. I’ll be home at the end of this week and am looking forward to finishing Two Weeks and I think Heirs is due to start and The Queen’s Classroom is still waiting patiently in the wings. So I’m confident my k-drama dance card will easily fill once I’m ready to start dancing.

Until then… delicious, delicious eating!


16 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post (late, but not forgotten)

  1. After completing Two Weeks, this week I was waiting for Master’s Sun finale….so I tried my very first Jdrama: Rich man, poor woman and it’s so sweet and the couple is sooooo amazing……the hero is terrific….have you seen RMPW??

  2. I am supremely tickled at how we are both working around our self-imposed, very similar no-kdrama-till-the-review-is-done rule, with very similar Japanese solutions!! XD Oh Truffle Betsy, you ARE my kdrama soulmate!! ❤

    Have a wonderfully delicious trip (that fried chicken does sound promising!), and I will see you on the other side!! *blows kisses*

    • Hee! I did not even make that connection but you’re right! We’re obviously members of the “Great Minds” club. 😉

      The fried chicken was awesome. Next up: barbecue! 😀

  3. Two things about this post that struck me: fried chicken and Kentucky. The former, I love but try not to eat too often but I’m imaging all sorts of southern fried goodness…. The latter makes me think of my fave US TV show Justified! If your in-laws live in Harlan Country, I’ll flip my lid! 😉

    • Fried chicken is definitely something to enjoy in moderation — but while in Rome, etc. 😉 Oh, my husband and I loved Justified! (The 4th season left us a little “meh” for some reason, so we’ve given it up to keep our memories of it golden.)

      Sad to say, we’re nowhere near Harlan County. We’re clear on the other side of the state — close up to the Mississippi River. A lot flatter with a lot of good farming land. I was just about to say, “and less drug running,” only I think we’re close to some of the more notorious Meth making regions. So there’s that. 😉

      • Glad you like Justified too, but I could never give up Timothy Olyphant, that tall drink of water ;). Season 2 was the best so far for me as Mags looms large over all.

        Sounds glorious and exotic to me, your description of where you are, while I’m sweating in the heat and humidity of tropical weather. Ugh. I’d much rather be eating fried chicken!

        • Mags was so, so awesome! Season 2 was definitely the best season. (Have you watched The Americans? That actress is in it. Of course, I don’t think anything could top her Mags role.)

          I can’t say I envy you — me and tropical heat are not friends. Which sucks because I’ve read so many stories where women go to the tropics and somehow the heat becomes like this beauty inducer and then there’s a steamy romance and that would never happen to me. 😦 On a different note, the fried chicken was delicious! Even better the next day, cold from the fridge. 😀

          • Nope, not watching The Americans (should I be?), but just started Sleepy Hollow, which is like my new flavour of the month. Heads literally roll, and I love it!! It reminds me of Buffy, but alot less snarky.

            Steamy romance in the tropics?? Like one of those with heroines running off to some British hill station to escape the heat and shacking up with some colonial bastard? Hah. Whoever wrote those never experienced FRIZZ.

            Cold FC is delicious? Like cold pizza somehow is?

          • I think you might like The Americans. The good thing is, the first ep will let you know if it’s your cup of tea or not. I’ve seen Sleepy Hollow! I like it! I loved Ichabod’s outrage over the donut-hole tax. 😉

            And yes, exactly those sort of romances… They lie about the heat and its effects on beauty and grooming. They lie. 😉

            Just like cold pizza! 😀 It’s both delicious and refreshing at the same time and makes for excellent picnic food (assuming you’re bringing something like coleslaw or potato salad and will therefore pack it in a cooler).

            (If someone were to read this comment without reading yours first, I will appear crazy. Or at least a very disjointed thinker. ;))

  4. J-dramas tend to be hit and miss with me but for some reason I’ve watched quite a few this year, the latest one being an oldie called ‘Unfair’ (was prettty good, though I didn’t really care for the movies and SPs). From 2013 batch I’ve seen ‘Itsuka Hi no Ataru Basho de’ (bit simplistic but I liked it) and I’m slow-watching (as in whenever I feel like it) Take Five, Saikou no Rikon (great!) and Tonbi.

    Ah, KimuTaku…. ‘Pride’ was my first j-drama ever and sent me in a longish spin of watching all of his stuff I could get my hands on. XD Besides Pride my favourites are Long Vacation, Gift (wonderfully weired :P), Beautiful Life and Karei naru Ichizoku (his best work to date, imho). Which other Kimura drama have you seen?

    • I am still very much a newbie when it comes to J-dramas. I think I could count the amount I’ve seen on one hand… Be My Pet, One Million Stars Falling From the Sky (my only other Kimura Takuya drama), and of course, Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo. Which means I’ve officially reached my “one hand” limit with these last two! 😀

      I can totally understand the “must watch everything KimuTaku” urge, by the way. He was so, so awesome in Pride. But I enjoyed that drama so much I’m going to take my time. Otherwise I’m afraid I’ll unfairly judge because it’s not the same character. I definitely appreciate your rec’s though! When I dive back in it’ll be good to steered towards his good stuff. (His list of shows is long enough it’s got to include some duds.)

      • Well, the j-dramas of recent years are not as good as lot of the oldies. Too many idol and school dramas plus WAY too many procedurals of which only a handful are worth watching. Japan used to have many nice romantic dramas but not so anymore. I also think that they had the best slice-of-life stories. Unfortunately I haven’t seen many of those in the past few years either. 😦

        My favourite j-drama is still ‘Yasashii Jikan’ (Forest Clock), which is simply lovely. Couple of other faves: Beach Boys (a total feel good drama), Tiger&Dragon (hi-la-rious ^^), Keizoku (the original), Ninkyo Helper, BOSS, JOKER, Love Shuffle, Strawberry Night and SP (weeeell, I have a bit of a thing for Okada Junichi and this was his last drama – in 2007. Boy should get back to tv…. *g*).

        When it comes to Kimura, I’d say forget anything beyond Long Vacation (hard to find anyway), anything were SMAP members were together, Kyosokyoku aka Concerto (just about everyone hated that) and Tsuki no Koibito (a total stinker). 🙂 Apart from ‘Karei naru’ and perhaps ‘Change’ most of his newer stuff hasn’t really been all that good either. What his upcoming drama is going to be like, remains to be seen.

        • The cool thing is, it’s all new to me! (Not helpful for long-time viewers, of course… ;))

          But thank you for all the lovely recs! I never know when the j-drama bug will bite, but I love having rec-lists to refer to when it does. 😀

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