Two Weeks: The end is nigh!!

 photo day2_zps004c379a.jpgI am still breathless and on the edge of my seat and I cannot believe this is actually ending next week! I haven’t felt a moment of lag-time, which is pretty amazing all things considered. And I hope, hope, hope the ending continues the trajectory and sends us screaming over the finish line.

Spoilers through episode 14 below:

First, the breaking news: Ting-tingly lives!!  My (not-so) secret hope is that by her still being around, tingtinglylives photo tingtinglylives_zps28fe623c.jpgTae-san is bound by his promise to return her to big-sister Su-jin. Which can only happen after Su-jin’s surgery. Which means both Tae-san and Su-jin must survive this whole thing. (Unless there’s a “last dying breath, passing the torch” kind of scene. Which there’d better not be! Because this is seriously not that kind of drama. But I’m still nervous.)

Under the “scariest adventure” front, Su-jin finally beat out her daddy. I thought this was going to be the most terrifying image we’d see:

scary1 photo scary1_zps72179012.jpg

Only then we get Su-jin being the cleverest little girl in the world (I seriously adore her — which I did not expect going in) and realizing something’s up and getting away from Boss Moon and hiding in a closet because she’s tiny…

scary2 photo scary2_zpse043c7f4.jpg

Only not tiny enough so there’s a crack and Boss Moon sees her…

scary3 photo scary3_zps0c33c9a0.jpg

…and comes creeping up like the cat that’s cornered the canary…

scary4 photo scary4_zps30e90eee.jpg

And thank goodness for Tae-san being clever himself and swooping in like Superman (per Su-jin, which… adorable!) and scaring Boss Moon away and getting Su-jin back into her sterilized room.

There were some rumblings in the Dramabeans comments that this scene broke believability — no way every single hospital worker drinks the drugged drinks at the same time — but for me? I’m fine with it. Yes, it was a huge risk with too many moving parts and therefore pretty much guaranteed to go wrong (the reason Boss Moon’s smart assistant was so worried about it) but… it did go wrong. And I liked that the disobedient parts weren’t a non-thirsty or alert worker but instead the smarter than expected father/daughter team of Su-jin and Tae-san.

I do agree that everyone drinking and snoozing at the same time takes a certain amount of belief suspension — but I’ve been prepared to give the show those sorts of passes after accepting birth photo birth_zps6d3c025e.jpgTae-san’s incredibly convenient and overly meaningful encounter with the “giving birth now!” pregnant woman. Two Weeks has some gritty elements (Tae-san earns every meal, every shower, every nap) but it’s not a gritty drama on the whole. (Plus, it didn’t work. If it had worked and Boss Moon succeeded in kidnapping Su-jin… I’d probably have different views.)

For the first time in… ever? we did not get a Tae-san and imaginary Su-jin scene. But that’s because we get the even better of Tae-san and actual Su-jin:

fatherdaughter1 photo fatherdaughter1_zps43489d61.jpg

That moment when Su-jin is raising the screen and Tae-san prepares a smile, all nervous and wanting to make a good impression, but as soon as he sees her his prepared smile slips to real emotion daddy photo daddytaesan_zpsedd3b704.jpgbecause this is his daughter and she’s smiling at him and wearing the bow-barrette he bought her… My heart clenched with so much happiness! I adored that entire scene, every single second of it.

Other things happened, too. Apparently Teacher Kim is Former-Boss Han’s long-lost son — which I did not see coming (though a sharp-eyed Dramabeans commenter did). Will this mean a possible redemption arc for Teacher Kim? I… am not sure we have the time. The man did kill many, including Man-seok. That’s a lot to be redeemed for. But it certainly points out the twisted nastiness of Boss Moon. Oh! Maybe Teacher Kim will kill Boss Moon? In a Gollum-type redemption that saves Tae-san from doing the deed but also secures a safe future for Tae-san and his family?

I am strongly rooting for a fully happy ending for Tae-san, redeemed, alive, and living happily with In-hye and Su-jin. Please let it be sunshine and puppies, please!

[Of course the end arrives right while I’m traveling. I’ll be avoiding the internet and waiting for my chance to view the stunning conclusion. Puppies and sunshine, right?]

fatherdaughter2 photo fatherdaughter2_zps1432177a.jpg


2 thoughts on “Two Weeks: The end is nigh!!

  1. I loved that scene between Tae san and Soo jin….especially her wearing that hair pin…
    Finally i marathoned all 14 eps and can’t wait for the finale……hopefully there will be a happy ending for everyone..

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